Living & Loving Every Minute Of Life

A: Hey, Jay. You are looking radiant these days!
J : Ha..ha.. Thank you. I love your compliment. I really do.
A : What gives?
J : A few self-help books and a pop song turned my life around…ha..ha!
A : Books I can understand, but a pop song?
J : Yea, you remember the recent hit song ‘Feel This Moment’ ?
A : Ah… the one by Pitbull and Christina with the infectious A-ha sampling!
J : That’s the one … I am moved by the chorus which goes “But until the gates are open, I just want to feel this moment.” It reminds me that life is impermanent … so until my time is up, I just want to cherish every moment.
A : Oooo… Very Zen like approach!
J : Ha..ha.. You know, our society has focused so much on the intelligence of the brain to the extent that our heart intelligence is ignored. I believe we now think more than we feel. As such, people have become over analytical.
A : Er..your point is?
J : Well, this understanding has helped change my approach in life. These days, I’m more spontaneous than before. I do the things that I feel like doing. And every time I do that, I feel engulfed in joy. It’s as if time has stopped … and I’m just feeling the goodness of the moment.
A : Wow!
J : Wow, indeed! I realize that our heart has the answer, literally.
A : Don’t stop now, Jay. Go on.
J : Well, not too long ago, I got so sick of driving to work. So, I just felt like taking the train, for a change. And so..I honored my feelings and took the public train the very next day.
A : Did you feel better doing that?
J : Well, the opposite was true … Ha..ha. After queuing for the ticket, I had to queue again to enter the train, during the morning peak hours. When I managed to go in, there were no more seats left. So, I had to stand for most of my journey. Worse still, there was this guy who had an awful B.O. standing next to me.
A : Ha..ha..! So much for trusting your feelings, bro!
J : On the contrary. Because of that experience, I now resort to driving to work again. This time around…. I LOVE doing it. I don’t dread it anymore. I appreciate not having to queue again and having my own seat with lots of personal space left. Also, I don’t suffocate from bad B.O. anymore..ha..ha. So you see, by following my heart, it had led me to different experiences. In the end, it showed me joy in things that I had taken for granted.
A : That’s an interesting way of seeing life!
J : Yes, it is. I resist much less these days and just go with the flow.
A : Aah… just to feel this moment?
J : Rightly so, my friend. My heart lives for the moment and the future can wait..ha..ha!