Restructuring Of The Economy

Volatility in the world economy is creating a lot of fear in humanity. Most are not aware of the shift that is going on energetically, that metaphysical experts are privy to. People who are adept in astrology or the Mayan calendar, channelers of angelic beings/ascended masters, psychics etc. know that the present financial turmoil is very much part of the restructuring that Earth is undergoing. It has been emphasized, that for things to get better, the foundation has to be broken down and rebuilt to sustain a new economy that is to be based on Integrity. At the present moment the rich are still getting richer, and they are doing so at the expense of the poor. And such has been the scenario for a very long time.

In this new age, things are coming to a breaking point. In fact , several countries have already hit rock bottom. It’s causing a lot of strife and tension, especially to the lower income group. This compels them to vent their anger at the Elites , who were not able to control the fall. The situation throws light to the disparity of CEOs of big firms earning mega bonus, while most of the employees endure a pay cut, or worse – face retrenchment. This is causing waves of people to cry ‘Injustice’ ! Many are resorting to street demonstrations, and even a greater number are using social media tools , like Facebook and Twitter to expose the unfairness of it all. Due to this immense pressure, cracks are developing in these large corporations. A few governments have already been toppled, for similar reasons.

However, there is light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. In the midst of a bad economy, people have less money to be wasteful. Survival issues take precedence over personal indulgence. In short, people become better stewards of their money. In a way, consumers are forced to become less materialistic and make do with what they have. (The keyword ‘Sustainability’ comes to mind.) That in turn, would ease the rate of consumption of Earth’s natural resources. Also, some people are compelled to move back in with their parents/family members, which in turn brings the families closer together. Humanity will discover that they will have to turn inwards for answers, in order to create a better tomorrow. Each will have to take immediate action, instead of waiting for others to bring them solutions. When they do that, they collectively reshape the economy and their lives. In so doing, many people will recognize that they can actually be Masters … of their own destiny. And that is why, many metaphysicians celebrate these times. The ancient Mayan calendar never prophesized Doomsday during these moments. Instead the Mayans saw these times as a great potential for the dawn of a Higher Consciousness – one that Earth hasn’t seen for a very long time. A channeler of the divine has also summarized that the coming years would be a period for planting the seeds for a better future.

And so it is.