2013 – Year of Insanity?

Year of the unbalanced – that’s the description of Year 2013. Metaphysical experts have explained that there are many streams/waves of energies coming to Earth this year that are caused by intense solar flares from the Sun and the many significant planetary alignments. A channeler of divine information has even labelled 2013 as the Year of Full Moons. Full moons are actually associated with amplified energies that can affect the human psyche. It has been said that there is a correlation between crime rates and the occurrence of full moons. The former seems to take a spike during such times.

The bombardment of energies within this year could be the reason for a slew of random shootings and other violent activities. Psychics have also labelled this year as a year whereby mental health issues pose a great concern. Very likely, such people are disturbed by the infusion of these energies. Intuitive healers have spoken about the importance of grounding during this period. When we are exposed to too much intense vibrations, we can become unstable and cause us to do things that we normally won’t do. Mental breakdown is one of the possible negative effects. Mood swings are another common symptom. (As for myself, I’m experiencing a high pitch buzzing in my ears. A specialist doctor could not detect anything wrong with me physically.)

Grounding exercise is one that allows excess energy from our body to be released to Mother Earth. A common suggestion is to go out to nature and stand barefooted on the grass or earth. Another is to literally hug a tree, to allow a channelling of energies to the soil via the roots of the trees. If we live in concrete jungles, we could opt for a visualization process- to visualize roots extending out from our feet to reach the ground beneath and anchor ourselves to the core of the planet. Many people who practice energy work, such as reiki often ground themselves after a healing therapy to keep them balanced. If not, often such people might feel dizzy or floaty.

For some people, the absorption of such energies are not detrimental but instead beneficial as they develop a greater sense of creativity. Many people have moved on to their passion in making a living. Conventional jobs don’t seem to appeal to them anymore. What worked for them previously doesn’t seem to hold their attention now. Some of these people even move into a new circle of friends as if their personal preferences have altered. Indeed times have changed. The resonance of Earth is increasing and knowledge needs to be shared so that people are aware of the changes at hand.

If you have similar stories/healing methods to share, please do so for the benefit of others. May your blessings be many.