Escaping The Illusion Of Life

“When you are immersed in the process of life, it can be difficult to remember that it is all an illusion. The incarnation process is a structure, designed to allow life lessons to be learned, and karmic obligations to be addressed. Yet, once an individual is living a life, temporary amnesia about this structure often kicks in, causing many to forget the bigger picture of what is taking place. Everything around you is there for a reason; you designed it that way. Sometimes, you may not want to accept this; as it can be difficult to understand why you placed a certain set of circumstances in your own life. But, even if you do not see the reasons now, you will understand them upon your life review.

The illusion of life is one that is built upon your stress, worry, anger, sadness, anxiety, obligation, fear and so forth. As you learn to release and move beyond these emotions, you are more able to experience moments of living outside of the illusion. When you are able to escape the illusion, whether for seconds, minutes, days, or longer, you will discover that everything falls into place even better than you could have expected.

You are both the Creator and action-taker in your life. No one else creates the situations or experiences around you, only you. You may not always witness this process, but none-the-less, you are the one in charge of your own life. In order to escape the illusion, all you have to do is remember two things:

Stay in the now moment
You are the Creator of your reality.
When you are truly living in the moment of now, you are always able to recognize what to focus your time and energy on. Life is nothing more than a string of moments laid one after the other. How you handle each moment, lays the foundation for the next moment to appear. That is how you create your experiences. It is much like a choose-your-own adventure book, where certain scenarios are available, but the pathway to move from one to the next is dictated by your choices.

Creation of experiences and situations does not happen with force, might or will. It happens through choice. Choice is what makes Earth so special in its ability for learning to take place. Now, the choices presented to you may not always be easy, sometimes you may not even be able to recognize that there are choices available at all.

Whenever you are bogged down with stress, worry, anxiety, or over-analyzing the experiences around you, take a step back and ask yourself this simple question. “What is most important for me to do right now?” You may not receive an answer, but that is the answer in it of itself. There will be certain times where the best action to take is no action at all (Often because the Universe is facilitating something already). Other times, you will feel, see, or hear clear guidance to take a specific action.

It is only your expectations and desire to control the circumstances around you that create stress. Once you let go of your expectations of opinions, reactions, something going wrong, doing well, doing poorly, etc., you begin to conserve your energy. By conserving your energy, you have more energy and intention to focus on the area of life where your energy can be best used.

It sounds simple, but the application of this shift in thinking is very difficult. Start by becoming aware of what your mental energy is focused on, and if it is drawing you into the illusion, use an affirmation to bring you back to present. Some simple and easy affirmations to accomplish this aim are:

“I am at peace.”
“I trust in the Universe to always fulfill my best and highest good.”
“I feel safe and supported.”
“I am calm and relaxed.”
Choose the affirmation that you resonate with most, and repeat it until you feel your body return to a sense of peace. The more that you become aware of how you are reacting, the easier it will be to shift yourself back into peace. In that place of peace, you are always able to remember your role in what is happening around you. If you are faced with a big decision to make, a peaceful state of mind will give you the clarity to discern what to do next. That peace of mind and clarity is the key to escape from the illusion of life.”

– a divine message from Aurora as channeled by Karen Downing.

What Matters Most

“Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful, that’s what matters to me.”

– words of wisdom from the late Steve Jobs.

The Year 2014 Predictions

Year 2014 , according to zodiac studies, is the Year of the Horse. This zodiac sign signifies strength,adventure and progress. In numerology, this is the year of 7 (2+0+1+4) or Year of Divinity/Spirituality. Apparently, the energetic potentials seem to be about speeding up or moving forward in creating the lives we crave for based on divine principles e.g. compassion, truth and fairness . By now, many gifted people have given their predictions for this year and the following probabilities were gathered from clairvoyants such as Doreen Virtue; psychic sisters, Linda & Terry Jamison; energy intuitive, Dana Mrkich; channelers , Steve Rother & Lee Carroll and numerologist Glynis McCants.


World Weather/Energy
– Major storms, hurricanes, typhoons are likely to continue, as Earth has moved into a new cycle that is leading the world to a phenomenon called Global Cooling. Relocation would be necessary for many people due to devastation of properties. The cooling is part of a longer weather cycle that takes place on the planet and it will eventually lead to a mini Ice Age. (Note: It has to be emphasized that the violent weather fluctuations Earth has been seeing the past years do not signify the end of humanity. The Doomsday prophecies have already been invalidated by a shift in human consciousness on the planet.)
– As far as infusion of energies from the Sun is concerned, it is claimed that there will be lesser intensity of solar flares since the Sun’s magnetic polarity has already flipped/reversed after completing its 11-year cycle in 2013. (Last year saw an incredible amount of X-class solar flares which affected human’s psyche. Hence, grounding was extremely important in that year.)

– A continuation of the collapsing of governing systems is also predicted, due to further revelations of corruption and scandals in 2014. We are literally living in a new paradigm of ‘No More Secrets’ as the pervasiveness of the Internet has ensured a free flow of information, which is affecting the livelihood of corrupted leaders/officials. As such there will be a great resistance from those in power to give up their posts. Due to this resistance to change, more public demonstrations are very likely to continue.
– New leaders of the future will tend to display greater Divine Feminine energy i.e. co-operative/compassionate than authoritative . More women will assume top positions too.

– Groups of people would likely be formed to fight for a common cause. In other words, activism would be the continuing trend of 2014.

Terrorism/Cyber Attacks
– Terrorists (both domestic and foreign) would seem to be more diverse and intelligent in plotting their acts. Attacks in places with lower security levels are likely to be targeted.
– Cyber attacks on financial institutions would likely occur again this year.

Medical/Health scene
– It is predicted that medical breakthroughs will take place in fertility treatments, breast & lung cancer, advancement in stem cell research and mental health/depression cures.
– More people are estimated to seek complementary healing modalities (e.g homeopathy) and consume greater amount of organic food, as they realise the negative effects of preservatives/artificial coloring found in ‘modern food’ . Mental and emotional detoxification will likely be emphasized too.

Personal experiences
– This year could be labelled as the year of divine introspection – unpleasant/major events that take place this year may nudge us into asking questions – “Who am I?’, ‘What is the meaning of Life?’ . There is a high probability that this will lead people into a spiritual path, which they have avoided for so long. Epiphanies would likely be encountered too, as many people start to look inward for answers.
– People will also likely find themselves experiencing a greater number of synchronicities as well as prophetic dreams.
– Year 2014 carries the potential of greater success than last year, especially for those who are not averse to risk-taking. The key would be to let go the fear of the unknown, and do things that give us the greatest joy in life.
– Metaphysicians have been stressing over the last two decades, that our bodies are shifting away from being carbon-based to crystalline-based, due to the Ascension process that has been taking place since 1987’s Harmonic Convergence. It means that we are becoming more of a spiritual being than a dense physical being by carrying more light energy than before. (Note: Interestingly, a healer friend of mine, related that a clairvoyant actually saw the atoms inside the human body vibrating faster than before). This translates into us being more sensitive, telepathic and intuitive. Apart from that, our DNAs will tend to respond to our consciousness better, leading to more cases of natural/spontaneous remissions.


Only a year has passed since the significant marker Year 2012. As such greater transformation will take place at all levels – personal , societal and global. Unresolved issues or those suppressed matters will continue to surface for humanity to deal with. Increased chaos, polarization, economic/business failures merely imply that in order for things to get better, it has to reach breaking point for people to come up with new ideas to tackle the long standing matters. And that… is laying the foundation for the New Earth.

Blessed are the human beings who see chaos as opportunities for changing the environment for the better.

And so it is.