Inner Child’s Desire

“Joy is not overrated, for it is the glue of balance for a Human seeking a way out of the darkness of depression and suffering. A moment of joy can erase months of uncertainty and sorrow for a Human who is desperate to see the light of laughter. Joy is the staple of children, who seek it out, demand it, and use it to its fullest. The natural state of children is laughter and all that steps on it is inappropriate…

The ‘inner child’ is not your history necessarily, but that of humanity in general. If you had a wonderful childhood, then use it to remember what it was like to have no problems… It represents the overall childlike attitude, joy, play and peace. If you didn’t have it, you still knew about it! You wanted it so badly that the fact you didn’t get it wounded you! So, now I ask you to create it as though it happened. This not only helps you to relax in the now ,but also helps to…bring you to a place of forgiveness to those who seemed to have taken it away.

A true inner child experience melts the heart and creates a light where no darkness or hatred can exist.”

– A message from Kryon as channeled by Lee Carroll.

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  1. spiritsatnight
    Mar 18, 2014 @ 00:33:15

    Amazing message.


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