Returning To Simplicity

And what a strange dream it was … It was as if I were floating in and out of consciousness that saw me experiencing a surreal conversation with divine beings labelled as angels. They appeared to be many but spoke in unison. So calming were the messages that these were almost hypnotic and it went something like the following:-

Angels : And so we meet again, dear one.
Me : Sorry, have we met before? And who are you?
Angels : We are light beings that humanity has termed as angels, though we don’t have physical wings as shown in your artists’ depictions. Indeed we have met before the winds of birth.
Me : Well that I don’t recall ….
Angels : And that’s how life was designed …. The illusion will come to an end when everything is revealed , would it not?
Me : Well, I’m sure if the divine plan was made clearer, there certainly would be less confusion right?
Angels : Therein lies the challenge, dear one. We have so much admiration for all of you as you possess great courage to leave our side of the veil, to come to a dense planet like Earth, not knowing who you are and why you came.
Me : Seriously …. ? We chose to come on our own accord? Still… I would have preferred if greater clarity in life was made known to humanity.
Angels : The revelations that you speak of, have been given time and again throughout the history of human incarnations.
Me : Well, then such revelations must have bypassed me and millions of people in this world! Can you please elaborate?
Angel : Dear one, humanity has created religions and teachings surrounding these revelations. From the enlightened Buddha and the compassionate Christ … to even Masters whom lived in your 21st century such as Sai Baba – they all have delivered answers to your questions before.
Me : But…but.. not all of the teachings resonate with me.
Angels : And that is because humanity has filtered those messages and introduced dogmas that do not speak the highest truths. Let us explain – human beings tend to complicate simple truths. They add layers and layers of complexity upon messages of harmony. Even in this day and age, humanity loves conspiracy theories , does it not? You also seem to have a propensity for drama too. Even, your tabloids’ success hinges upon juicy news!
Me : If you divine beings are cognizant of this from Day One, then why didn’t you help us out?
Angels : Earth is known as the planet of free choice and the purpose of your Earthly existence revolves around this freedom. As such, we respect your action or inaction, however inappropriate that may seem from the Divine’s perspective.
Me : Well….. why are you appearing in my dreams now … if this really is happening at all?
Angels : There are things that we are allowed to help you with … as we have seen you struggling with seemingly conflicting truths spewed by your so-called leaders. We have one advice for humanity … and that is to SIMPLIFY. And do remember, each person has the free will to chart his own life. As the individual breaks down the complexity of structures and dogmas, so shall he return to the ways of living in simple joy.
Me : Please enlighten further…
Angels : Anchor the Light of pure compassion and unity, dear one … and not the darkness of hatred, suspicion, jealousy and division. The ancient Yin-Yang symbol of Taoism illustrates your world so succinctly – that you live in a world of polarities. As you use your divine discernment and act accordingly, the reality of this world changes bit by bit. So, have patience and do not underestimate your effort – that which you can dream, you can also manifest.
Me : That’s encouraging but still ….changing the world is a tall order!
Angels : And that’s why we honor the billions of souls here on earth. As you work out the grand puzzle of life, you reclaim your Mastery! There will come a day, when you will fully remember but for now , just enjoy the mystery that lies ahead. And blessed is the human being who understands that we are simply ONE!

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  1. inspirationsofapril
    Apr 22, 2014 @ 19:58:49



  2. There Are No Victims
    May 05, 2014 @ 02:22:16

    Is this a conversation you actually had in a dream with angels? If so, you are so blessed to receive such divine revelation! Wow!!


    • passionfortruths
      May 05, 2014 @ 05:56:07

      You could call it a waking dream – sometimes I’m moved to write but since I don’t consciously choose to write I call it a dream state. Also I never how it will end – words just flow through my writing. I get goosebumps and tears too..ha..ha. Only when it ends, do I then decide to post it on my blog.


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