Melding Of Business With Spirituality

“Understand this: Your feeling of abundance in business is the way contests work on your planet-someone wins and someone loses. It’s an old paradigm that has nothing to do with your inter dimensional life, and does not represent the way things work inter dimensionally. No, your life is much different from this, and so is business. I want to talk about business and money challenges for some of you. First, you don’t think Spirit knows about this, do you? Spirit is a master business partner and knows how it all works! But we know you don’t really think so…

Perhaps you are a good businessperson. You might not want to consult Spirit because you think God is about things that are spiritual-and business is not! I have news for you-the best business people in the world are the ones on the Other Side of the veil, sitting next to you,called your guides! They know more about business than you ever will … That’s where the source is and where the synchronicitiy comes from, you know. Why would you separate business from energy? Why would you separate business from spirituality? …..

Here’s how interdimensionality business works. It’s done with visualization in a very special way….And did I mention that it takes compassion? First visualize your competitors… Visualize them with more customers than they could ever handle… Give away the fear, fill the pockets of your competitors with your visualization. Then see yourself abundant as well, and feel the same joy as they do. See both of you successful.Then watch what happens in your life…. You see, we are looking at an inter dimensional situation where the game ends with a win-win. There’s no finite amount of abundance. It comes from many sources that you never knew were there!

When you have a room filled with humans who need healing, is there a fear that there isn’t enough to go around? No! There is never a question about the abundance of Spirit’s gift. Then why is there a problem with business or money? It’s from the same Source!”

– a message from Kryon as channeled by Mr. Lee Carroll.

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