Dissolving Judgment Over Different Religions

“Millions of Human Beings believe certain spiritual things that you don’t necessarily ascribe to. How do you see them? In their zeal they tell you God will punish you if you don’t do what they are doing exactly as they are doing it. So, what do you see when you come into contact with them?

I’ll tell you what the masters see, and let this be your test. The masters will say, ‘Blessed is the Human Being who finds God anywhere in any way, for that is appropriate for their path. Do not judge the one who does not find God the way you have found God… For whatever they find is good enough for their path now. Celebrate the fact that they even want to find the Creator inside in the way they do. If they want to climb steps and crawl and cry to have their spirit soothed, it is their way. If they want to assign creative source to a prophet, it is still honored. For they are looking for the same thing that you have looked for and all humanity is still looking for. Each Human has his own path in his own time. Look at all with honor and compassion, understanding and joy. That’s how God sees them… It is time you understood this and did the same.’

I wouldn’t tell you these things if they were not accurate. This is the Human spiritual system at its best. Practice that which is mastery with the examples you have been given over history from the masters. Start to change who you are in order to move into who you will be. This is what is going to change Earth….. And so it is.”

– excerpt from the book “The Recalibration of Humanity” , a compilation of Kryon channelings by Lee Carroll.

On A Night With A Sky Full Of Stars

Happiness requires no reason…
Just as Love needs no justification.
It’s real and palpable.
And that’s all that matters.

To be simply in awe with life &
At peace with Self,
In a sky full of stars.

And I don’t care if world events try to tear me apart,
‘Cause in my heart,
It’s such a heavenly view.
It gets lighter as the night gets darker,
In a sky full of stars.

Though apart,
I think I still see you…

*The above writing is dedicated to anyone who has lost loved ones and who is longing for them to make a connection. Though no longer in a corporeal body, the departed are just a thought away. Love is a tie that binds and never dies.
**Writing inspired by Coldplay’s hit song, ‘A Sky Full Of Stars.’ The energy of this song can heal deep seated wounds and lift one’s spirit.

Being A Conscious Creator Of Reality

“Stay conscious of the choices that you are now making and be conscious of what you are creating. There have been many changes in the electromagnetic field of your planet over the last 30 years of your time because individuals such as you have consistently chosen to modify the way in which they think, and modify the way they use their emotions. You are reacting less, because some of the fear around creating something different has been displaced by the excitement of creating something new. This is important for you to recognize because you are very powerful creators, and when you are more conscious of your thoughts and the way you use your emotions, you create more precisely what you intend.

This helps the world greatly, because you begin to remove some of the anomalies that are interwoven in the collective consciousness. One of those anomalies that many of you have changed is the fear of change itself. Many are recognizing that they are the creators of their reality and are moving to create a reality that is more harmonious. This brings up all of the situations that are not harmonious for you to see and then create a change. Do not be taken back into a fearful state, but embrace the opportunity to create solutions to what is generating the disharmony. This applies to each of you individually as well as to you collectively.

You may not be able to exert complete change at a worldwide level but, understand, that you do have an effect on it, because of the light that you hold and the perfected image that you consciously carry. This eventually will influence a change in those who control some world events, because many more individuals also are holding an image of harmony and peace. There will come a time when individuals come together to exert pressure on world leaders to institute changes that benefit humanity and the Earth. You can have a direct impact at a local level, as well regional. Start there, but hold the vision for the world and all of humanity clearly and consistently in your intention.

Your clear intentions empower you to make very specific changes, and modify the way in which you lead your life. Many of you do not recognize how you impact others in your life, and we ask you now to recognize the benefits that you provide to others so that they could also make changes in their life experience. When you are compassionate and understanding of others you no longer participate in gossip or judgment of them. This is such powerful way to exemplify your light through using the element of love.”

– A message from Archangel Michael, as channeled by Joan Walker.

Coincidences And Luck

“We need to be more inquisitive about our coincidences, as there is no such thing as accident or luck. Our Universe, although perceived by many as chaotic and out of control, is a perfectly run system governed by spiritual laws. The next time a coincidence occurs in your life, investigate it and dig a little deeper into what it might mean. There is always something underneath a chance meeting or a lucky break.”

– James Van Praagh, clairvoyant and author of New York Times’ bestseller ‘Talking To Heaven’.