Ancient Wisdom

“Speech which enables argument is not worthy.

Courage that is violent is pointless.”

– Chinese philosopher, Chuang Tzu.

The Spiritual Perspective Of Major World News

“In issues where divisiveness in perceptions and attitudes runs deep, discussions to bridge the extremes will zigzag until there is such a profusion of light on the planet that cooperation comes naturally to the negotiators on both sides. All countries in the Mideast, several in Africa, North Korea, Ukraine, Chechnya and Hong Kong are most often mentioned, and citizens elsewhere also have asked when they will see beneficial changes in their countries. If we knew when unrest anywhere will end, it would be our joy to tell you—in previous messages we have explained why it isn’t possible for us to know. What we can tell you with complete assurance is, every kind of oppressiveness and corruption in your world will cease incrementally. In the meantime, a multitude of souls are experiencing what they chose to complete karmic lessons and evolve into fourth density spiritually and consciously.

“Do you approve of releasing the CIA report about torturing ‘detainees’ after 9/11?” Souls at this station neither approve nor disapprove of any decisions made on Earth, but in our awareness of what is developing, we say that releasing the report was essential. Although word about the harsh interrogation techniques came out some time ago, officially acknowledging what took place is a step toward the truth about “9/11,” and that exposure will be a catalyst for “bringing to light” other major deceptions and betrayals long hidden from public knowledge.

As for abusive behavior by some celebrity figures, all individuals agreed at soul level to participate in the various situations for two reasons: to further publicize the pain and anguish of all persons subjected to those kinds of treatment, and to show the folly of elevating popular sports figures and entertainers to idol status. The larger importance that will emerge is recognizing that every person in your society has equal value in the family of souls; and a byproduct, so to say, will be sufficient remuneration for workers in all fields of endeavor so everyone can share in Earth’s abundance.

In short, everything happening in your world is purposeful! Knowing that every volatile, disappointing or highly-charged issue is a step toward peace, fairness and justness lets you view all situations and individuals without judgment or condemnation. Indeed, a great deal more is needed to materialize the fullness of the Golden Age, and it is coming. The change that starts within each person is creating the groundswell of love that is transforming your world, and behind-the-scene efforts in this respect will start blooming unmistakably.”

– information from the Other Side about current world events, as channeled by Suzanne Ward.

Live Like There’s No Tomorrow!

“You know, if I were to get hit by a bus tomorrow, I would have lived a great life. There are no regrets and that is what I always tell kids… to go out there and live your life because everyday is that last day of your life. You don’t want to have regrets. Just go out there and do what you want and experience life.

Life is great. I am a very positive person. You must live everyday as though it’s your last day.”

– Tony Fernandes, founder of AirAsia (budget airline).


The above philosophy resonates with me very much and I acknowledge that we are all souls having a human experience. I also believe that most if not all of our limitations, are self imposed. James Van Praagh, a born clairvoyant who acts as a medium by relaying messages from the departed has revealed that majority of the souls on the Other Side have reminded us of the same message i.e. not to regret this lifetime!

Many souls who have left this Earth plane have voiced their regrets to James about the things that they could have done but didn’t do. As such, these benevolent souls don’t want us to make the same mistakes as them, by wasting this incarnation. In the end, we are the ones who judge ourselves during the Life Review (often described as ‘Judgment Day’ in religions) on the Other Side. In my opinion, the best way to live … is one that is in accordance with our own expectations and not that of others.