Finding Peace Within

“Dedicating some time to meditation is a meaningful expression of caring for yourself that can help you move through the mire of feeling unworthy of recovery. As your mind grows quieter and more spacious, you can begin to see self-defeating thought patterns for what they are, and open up to other, more positive options.”

– Sharon Salzberg, author & teacher of meditations.

Predictions For Year 2015

Rome was not built in a day. Often that phrase is used to remind us that our desired reality is manifested through a passage of time and is not instantaneous. However, many people who read metaphysical sources that inform them of the wonderful new energies coming to Earth after Year 2012 are sorely disappointed with the state of our world, where violence including inexplicable random shootings still prevail. In truth, energies coming from the Universe only carry potential influences in the form of informational signals to the human psyche. As such, one has to understand that the human will is greater than any astrological influences.

Unfortunately many people are resisting the new energies of unity, integrity and equality and as such, the unresolved issues from Year 2014 that include past karma, suppression of secrets/scandals, inequality & discrimination (e.g. towards race/gender) and extremism will continue to play out in 2015. Channeler , Lee Carroll has already mentioned before that as Earth continues to ascend with more infusion of light, the ‘Dark’ will be exposed and they will fight back. The Dark Ones are those who are obsessed with power/control and money and they would do anything including using their greatest weapons called ‘Fear’ and ‘Hatred’ to propagate disunity and chaos.

It also important to note that often major tragedies such as those in Year 2014 (e.g. flight MH 370, Ebola virus outbreak, shooting in France) serve to awaken the need for co-operation, compassion and courage. Our positive reaction to such events raises the vibrations/energy of the planet. Anger, panic, disillusionment & apathy on the other hand lower its frequency. As such, it’s the shift in human consciousness that changes the future of the New Earth.

Numerology wise, 2015 is the year of ‘8’ (2+0+1+5). To the Chinese, it is a number signifying abundance, prosperity and finances. The 8 is also the infinity symbol when rotated 90 degrees in either direction (clockwise or anti-clockwise). As such, this year is about infinite possibilities -an abundance of opportunities to the masses to tackle/resolve their issues of wealth, health, and relationships. Therefore it is considered a Year of Action / Empowerment. (Note: This seems to be especially true for people bearing the signs of Pisces, Aries and Aquarius according to astrologer Maya White.)

Numerologist Alison Baughman, explains that 8 is also a karmic number i.e. Year of 8 seems to be a year of reaping what we sow. So, those who had built their business over the years with great passion and integrity will likely see handsome rewards this year.

However the infinite aspect of 8 (ups & downs/Yin & Yang) also brings about much volatility. Alison and the world famous psychic twins, Linda and Terry Jamison predict great fluctuations in the global stock market this year. As such, those with limited funds are advised to be careful with their stock exchange investments. The same applies to trading world currencies.

Cyber attacks ( not unlike the Sony hacking incident ), phone scams, email scams are also predicted to prevail. The silver lining to this is that IT companies dealing with cyber security will flourish due to a greater demand for their services.

Terrorism is expected to rear its ugly head again this year. There seems to be a tendency for transport systems (railway/airlines) and utilities (water/power supply) to be hit by it. More self-radicalized , ‘lone-wolf’ and well plotted attacks are predicted. (Note: With regard to group terrorism, the divine advice is not to fight violence with violence. Instead humanity is advised to find their money trail to cut their funding.)

The severe fluctuations of weather (typhoon, hurricane,drought) and seismic activities are also predicted to continue. Earthquakes are not just expected to take place in the ‘Ring of Fire’ but also in places not normally associated with them.

Because of the volatility of these times, paranoia, depression, fear & insecurity will be prevalent and as such, there will be great business/career opportunities for individuals or companies dabbling in health care and social work/support.

Some of the positive predictions for Year 2015 seem to be medical breakthroughs in various types of research on cancers, stem cell and diabetes. Innovations will likely crop up too where science fiction of the past becomes a reality (e.g. Robotics) , this year.

The general advice for each person from the metaphysical experts (including those listed above) is to meditate more this year, in order to determine their best plan of action. Essentially meditation involves the quieting of the mind to allow one’s Higher Self deliver answers to our questions in life. World renowned clairvoyant James Van Praagh has described our prayers as asking for help and that meditation is an act of listening for answers/guidance. Another word for that is intuition!

In this Year of Action (2015) and the Age of Aquarius, self-empowerment is the key theme. Where governments and corporations have failed the people, the silent majority need to step-up and take responsibility for their lives. It is through the collective action of humanity that issues of discrimination, extremism, poverty and violence can end on Earth. Also, instead of relying on governments for jobs that have been lost over the years, the new year message is for the individuals to discover their inner strengths/talents/creativity to create their own jobs/start their own companies i.e. to consider self-employment. This may create new unconventional occupations for others to emulate in the future.

Again…Rome wasn’t built in a day. Likewise, creating Heaven on Earth takes time/ effort and … patience is the key. Last but not least, I would like to share a message from the Spirit World that came to me as it might resonate with others:

“Be strong and be true to your Heart. Don’t hold back and…. Make This Life Count!”

Beauty Of New Year Resolutions

Answers are found in trying,
But mistakes are part of the answers.
Fearing and avoiding mistakes, ends the trying…
And the flow of answers as well!
Such is the irony of trying.
Disappointing yet rewarding.
And does that not sum up the reason for living?
To have lived and to have tried –
The greatest accomplishment of being a human.
And so…the annual New Year resolutions,
Set the course in determining..
The meaning of being a human, to every individual.
On that note, “I resolve to try… come what may!”