Rise Of The New Generation

I see hope in the future of humanity as I realize what I learnt from metaphysicians is coming into fruition. Our world has been seeing a new generation of people being born into the world with a different attitude and character. Such people I refer to are those born after 1987 (Harmonic Convergence). In the circle of spiritual people, the term Indigo Children has been used to describe such young people because of the late Nancy Anne Tappe’s exceptional ability in seeing the color Indigo surrounding the aura of them. Before her passing over, she has described that colors represent people’s life mission amongst other things. The Indigos’ purpose seem to revolve around bringing back a balance to our lop-sided masculine world and left brain thinkers. Gifted Mr. Lee Carroll who has been channeling divine information from the Other Side for more than 25 years, has described these people as humans of the new consciousness , who are generally more conceptual than majority of the world’s population. They also have been known to exhibit common traits such as the following:

1) They feel they are different … that they don’t fit into society or they opine no one seems to understand them. Many withdraw and end up as loners, when people don’t relate to them.

2) They possess great resistance to authority – can’t stand rules/structure. The kids have been giving teachers all around the world headaches. My friends who are teachers also acknowledge that the present students are so different from the past. Often these children feel bored with the present method of teaching which is very much authoritative than consultative. A mother of an Indigo reported to me that her young son responded so much better to home schooling than conventional classes.

3) Most of them are considered ‘highly charged’ people as they have so much energy in them that they are literally restless and have many thoughts going through their minds all the time. A lot of them end up being diagnosed
as ADD/ADHD cases. They also want things to be done quickly and can be very impatient.

4) Quite often, such people are very sensitive to others’ emotions. Due to their empathy, they may even feel physical pain when picking people’s negative vibes. In my reiki healing cases, I’ve actually met such young and sensitive ones. They also seem to know who lacks integrity/honesty. At times they can be very intuitive and telepathic (i.e. in touch with their multi-dimensional selves). In one case, a young client of mine became a clairvoyant immediately after I taught/attuned him to reiki!

5) They don’t like to pretend or put on a mask in front of others, so they can be brutally honest. As such, it’s not uncommon for them to be regarded as lacking tack or non-team players in social groupings or in corporate sectors.

6) They tend to have a strong dislike for violence and are extremely concerned about justice and fairness. A lot of these young people are those who have demonstrated on the streets in the Arab Spring as well as in the Occupy movements around the world, including the latest , Occupy Hong Kong.

The older Indigos are now in their twenties and have entered the workforce. Channeled information has revealed that when these people assume top corporate posts or governmental jobs, they will solve existing problems by thinking outside the box and devising new and unconventional methods/policies/laws to bring about a positive change. Some will also excel in the field of technology and arts and may be labelled as child prodigies. This is due to their more balanced use of their left and right brain as well as their highly activated DNAs.

It has been said that the Indigos have been imprinted with a different consciousness due to the significant shift of Earth’s magnetic grid and the increase of vibrations of the planet, over the last two decades. Regardless of the cause, there is a need for an understanding of this new generation. Nurturing them, I believe, will also help them fulfill their life purpose. In so doing the world can tap into their gifts/talents, to help improve our lives in the long run. As they say, children are the hope of our future.

(Note: I’ve written an earlier blog post about the Indigos but feel the need to add to that, because quite a few of them are lost without much guidance. As I’m seeing more of these Indigos appearing in my healing practice, I feel the message has to be repeated. Once they have been told that there is nothing wrong with their ‘eccentricities’ and that they are many others like them, I can see they feel a sense of relief. After they have done more research about the Indigos, they seem to be more at peace with themselves and no longer think they are weird. Sometimes, I feel that the drugs they have been prescribed for their ADD/ADHD symptoms could be avoided by substituting them with more physical exercises to allow them to use up their pent-up energies. Also, grounding , being out in mother nature/parks, adopting pets seem to have a calming effect on them too)

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