Is Peace On Earth Possible?

“It’s not only possible, it’s probable… even in your lifetime, perhaps. Oh, there will always be dissension. Free will is like that. But true peace on Earth is when hatred is no longer there as you see it today, and where the large issues have been settled and there’s a consensus of humanity that to exist is to have peace. Believe me when I tell you that there may even come a day when a peaceful existence and the health of populations may even be considered a virtue of humanity.

Things may seem to get worse before they get better, for that is the ‘scraping of the foundation’ as you rebuild the structure of your civilization. It’s not a pleasant experience to have some of these ugly and very old energies brought into focus, is it? Yet that’s one of the attributes of turning on the light in a place that has harbored so much ugliness and darkness. Blessed is the Human Being who looks upon these things and understands the entire scope of what’s taking place, yet still has joy.”

– Angelic (Kryon) message , as channeled by Lee Carroll.