Art Of Teaching

Disciple : Master, I’m having a great difficulty trying to change my family’s attitude, with the new found knowledge that I’ve learned from you.

Master : Hmm… Why did you embark on that?

Disciple : Well, if we’re going to change the world for the better, then the best place to start is at home, right?

Master : Yes, but how did you go about that?

Disciple : Well, I talked about karma, compassion and told them about the do’s & don’t’s ..

Master (Interjects) : You basically instructed them?

Disciple : Well…. in a way I guess.

Master : Therein lies the difficulty that you described earlier.

Disciple : I don’t understand.

Master : Humans born on this planet are bestowed with freedom to believe and decide. Although karma is real and compassion is indeed the key to resolving conflicts of the world, honoring the choices of others is still essential.

Disciple : What are you implying, Master?

Master : Compassion can never be taught, dear one. It has to be lived…Yes, it can be explained but true compassion is shown by our daily benevolent action. And when those around us notice our kind demeanor, they will then ask us how we manage that, in this world of chaos.

Disciple : Er….So basically you are saying….

Master : Compassion by example… Not by compulsion. In so doing, our integrity is left intact. Masters who walked the planet many generations ago, also taught about it. Was it not the late Gandhi who said, “Be the change you want to see in this world” ? He didn’t go around telling people to “change the world as they see fit” , yes?

Disciple : Oh… I guess so.

Master : Best it would be, if our desire to control others, is left aside. Allow the purity of God within to permeate our thoughts, words and deeds- this is what I would say to those who seek a better way of living.

Disciple : Thank you for clarifying!

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  1. misifusa
    Nov 11, 2015 @ 17:33:32

    Beautiful example! ♥


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