Global Terrorism – The Darkest Humans

Astrologers and experts in esoteric studies speak of Life as being cyclical instead of linear. Some scientists are also now talking about time fractals and former senior computer systems designer and author Gregg Braden even merged ancient and modern world views into a powerful new model of time in his book, Fractal Time. It has been concurred by many, that humanity is now experiencing a new cycle of times – the new Golden Age or the Age of Aquarius, that implies freedom , self-empowerment and technology. One may even describe it as the Age of Enlightenment.

Many years ago, gifted Lee Carroll channeled a divine message that there will come a time when everyone can speak to each other and when that happens, there can be no more secrets. Later another intuitive person by the name of Steve Rother also channeled a similar message. What was inferred was the Internet. As we recognize now, so many leaders of countries, corporations and even celebrities who lack integrity have fallen from grace through the exposure of scandals via the World Wide Web. As such, the Internet is the tool to correct darkness.

Thus, it can be discerned that there is now greater liberation of truths, for the betterment of societies. However, certain quarters are not in favor of such transparency, as it affects their livelihood. These are known as the darkest humans – those who have intense greed for power, control and money. They have also been given names like Illuminati and Cabal. A day after the horrific attacks in Paris (November 2015), an angelic group (Kryon) channeled through Lee Carroll, that because there is an infusion of metaphoric light (integrity, equality, transparency) on the planet, the dark ones are fighting back aggressively. The message emphasized that the apparent terrorism is not really a battle of religions. Instead the acts of terror are funded by those who wish the world to be in a chaotic environment, so that greed and corruption could prevail. Lee’s divine advice to fight the dark humans is not by way force, as violence begets violence. Instead, governments are asked to find the money trail to cut off the funding to the terrorists and hinted a term called ‘International Transparent Forensic Accounting’. Also, Kryon explained that some politicians are aware of the despicable funding and have been asked to do the right thing, to set things straight.

People who don’t believe that humans can channel messages from the Other Side, may opine that the explanation above is nonsensical and prefer to buy into the fear of religion, instead. At this point, it is good to note that not too long ago, a major bank has been charged with ‘organizational deficiencies’ that enabled money laundering by its clients. It has been said that the clients are associated with criminal activities and even terrorism. This lends credence to the aforementioned channelings. Nevertheless, humans have free choice to react in whatever manner they choose to. Those who believe the issue is a religious battle, will continue to propagate Islamophobia and polarization. And such is the challenge on planet Earth – a test of free will.

The Aquarian Age has indeed delivered new technologies to facilitate worldwide communications and this in turn is creating an awakening of the masses. The battle of Light and Dark that so many religions speak of is actually not about God vs Demon/Satan. Instead it is a metaphor of the opposing choices of Dark and Light, that are available to each Soul that inhabits a human vehicle. Hence, a human can be as dark as Hitler or as light/radiant as Mother Teresa/Gandhi. This new Age that is upon us, carries the potential that supports the Light of integrity and unity far better than the preceding Age. Blessed are those who discern and capitalise on it and move away from blaming God for forsaking them in intermittent periods of darkness. It has been said by many spiritual teachers, that we ARE the ones we have been waiting for, to create a more peaceful and benevolent world, through mindful and wise choices.

And so it is.

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