… And Why We Get Married

Many people in this world, have been brought up with this notion that there is need for one to get married when a person reaches adulthood. Girls, especially, have been fed with stories of how a man would someday be their romantic partner who will ‘complete’ their lives. Even till today, a lot of people are looking for their soul mates. My reiki healing cases have validated revelations from the Other Side that each person’s marriage or romantic life partner, fulfills a purpose that can be quite different from the aforesaid general opinion. Often it is about the life lessons that a soul has chosen to undergo when a person enters a marriage. Sometimes it’s about karma, especially when relationships are problematic. Many divorcees feel disillusioned or cheated that marriage isn’t what it was made up to be, by their parents or society.

World famous entertainer and divorcee, Jennifer Lopez who does not want to get remarried was quoted as saying –
“As girls, I think we are taught from a very young age that someone is going to bring us our happiness. Everybody that I met was going to be the guy I was going to spend my life with.

And then you realize. : ‘I am strong, I am my own keeper…my own saviour’. That has been the journey for me.”

Jennifer’s self-observation is a good testimony about how we should not stereotype marriages. I opine that the best reflection one could go through, when one is in a relationship, is to ask the question …

‘What can I learn from or contribute to this relationship?’

By going deep within our consciousness, our own inner wisdom can help us save ourselves from heartaches, if the relationship goes south. Apart from giving us emotional comfort, marriages also create for us many scenarios that serve different purposes, such as opportunities for :

Practicing tolerance and compassion,
Learning perseverance,
Supporting each other,
Being empathetic,
Building up courage (especially in an abusive relationship),
Working for a common cause, etc..

Many gifted mediums and psychics, have channeled consistent information that souls on the Other Side don’t get married , unlike humans, because they are aware that every single being is already part of the same family from Source. As such, they feel no need to create ‘loving relationships or bonds’ , because a benevolent relationship already exists with all of them. It is one that speaks of Unconditional Love, and not a relationship that is so fragile that an ego can shatter it easily by way of divorce. This is because, in the spiritual realm, souls cognize the meaning of Oneness and know that there is no separation between themselves.

And I believe, this is one of the greatest challenges on planet Earth. Incarnated souls like us, need to recover from spiritual amnesia and understand what relationships are for. Out of that comes growth in our character.

Much to learn from life’s experiences, there is…

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  1. midlandshouseofhealing
    Jan 16, 2016 @ 06:11:46

    Reblogged this on Midlands House of Healing Blog.


  2. SingingBones
    Jan 17, 2016 @ 18:47:42

    Thanks for writing these good words about marriage and what its purpose is on this side of the veil. Appreciate this post!!


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