Where The Good News Is

Do you get depressed by news reported by the local newspapers and its equivalent web portals? The proportion of ‘bad news’ to ‘good news’ is incredibly lopsided towards the former, yes? News of economic slowdown, terrorism, accidents, destructive weather, etc. bombard the headlines as though nothing ever good happens on planet Earth.

In my reiki healing practice, I find that people do get agitated or depressed from reading such news daily. One of my clients even admitted that his hot temper can directly be attributed to reading such content. A friend of mine, who works as a doctor even advised her patient to lay off reading newspapers for 1 month to facilitate her recovery! Ironically, most people seem to like human drama and as such, owners of papers or news portals gladly fill their pages with dire news, to sustain their business. In the end, it’s just about making money to these corporate people. They aren’t interested in delivering a balanced reporting, where ‘good news’ are given just as much attention as ‘bad’ ones.

Fortunately, a slow shift in human consciousness in our world is seeing groups of people who provide happy/inspiring news on the internet. Reading their articles just confirms my suspicion that a lot of good events do happen such as acts of kindness by people around the world. I list down three links below, for those who are not aware that such wonderful portals exist.




It’s my fervent belief that good news need to be shared as these provide hope for humanity at large. And in our times of deepest despair, hope is just what an individual needs to hang onto, right?