Unconditional Love

“If I got locked away
And we lost it all today…
Tell me honestly…
Would you still love me the same?
If I showed you my flaws..
If I couldn’t be strong..
Tell me honestly,
Would you still love me the same?”

The aforementioned lyrics from the hit pop song, Locked Away by R.City & Adam Levine reminds me of what very intuitive and spiritual people describe, as the true meaning of love. Is our love towards someone conditional or otherwise? Mediums and channelers of divine messages have described consistently that our Source/Creator/God is an emanation of Unconditional Love.

Humans lacking sincerity, love others only when they treat them well or pander to their needs. Such people are often known as ‘fair-weather friends’. But people who practise unconditional love, are those who are willing to support their partners/friends come good times or bad ones. They have no ulterior motive in their kindness towards others. And often, those who are capable of such loving acts represent the highest form of our Source, for they see God in every individual regardless of people’s demeanor or belief system.

Hence, I believe, one of the most powerful questions we can ask in life is truly…

“Would you still Love me the Same?”