Death By Agreement!

“Remember too that when it comes to death, this is an agreed-upon choice between your soul, your guides, and God; it’s not entirely God’s call, as so many of my clients assume. The end of your life usually occurs when that soul, not the human, chooses to leave within a window of time called destiny. I’m told that this is also the case with children who get sick or die young. Their souls agreed to take on an illness for their growth or that of the loved ones connected to them. A lot of times when I sit with a client, they’ll say, “I asked God not to take my mom/brother/child yet, and He did!” But God isn’t kicking back in Heaven like, I’ll take . . . that one! Now this one! He’s not calling back souls the way you pluck chocolates out of a box—this truffle first, then that caramel. In fact, God isn’t doing anything to us, but for us, and even then your soul is involved.”

― Theresa Caputo, medium and author of the book “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up: Life Changing Lessons from Heaven”. She also has a popular TV show called Long Island Medium whereby she is shown to give profound and touching readings/messages from the departed souls that bring closure to those still living.

(Note: In my opinion, Theresa is one of the best mediums out there, and is within the league of famous mediums like John Edwards, James Van Praagh and Lisa Williams.)

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