An Angelic Discourse

Master : I bid you a good day, dear one. How was your sleep last night?
Disciple : Good morning! I have to be honest, Master… I couldn’t sleep that well.
Master : What might be the issue?
Disciple : Well, the world news … The chaos that seems to grow daily..Sigh..
Master : Is there more you wish to express?
Disciple : It is as though all our prayers we performed amounted to nothing.
Master : I see… Well, change is slow, dear one. When we pray, it’s our intent that things manifest based upon Universal Laws and on Earth, free will of every being has to be honored.
Disciple : I don’t think I understand …
Master : Well, just as you don’t wish things to be imposed upon you, the world’s population too does not desire so. In other words, when we hold the vision for world peace, we send light to transmute the lower vibrations surrounding individuals. And what people do next with a clearer vision, is entirely up to them.
Disciple: Well, looks like things are still not changing for the better..
Master : Because there are more public demonstrations/protests than before?
Disciple : Precisely!
Master : Dear one, isn’t that a sign that many pople have reached their breaking point of tolerance? That which do not serve humanity such as injustice, corruption, extremism are now brought to the world’s attention for their leaders to resolve.
Disciple : Well, you could say that… but some leaders still refuse to change and listen.
Master : But over the past decade , many of such leaders were ousted right? Either through elections or ‘more aggressive physical’ means.
Disciple : Hmm… I guess so.
Master : So, can you please suspend your desire for world peace to happen instantly just for this moment…. and reflect how the masses have awakened from being controlled? Over the years, country by country, citizens have started reclaiming their personal power by wanting to have a bigger say in how their country is managed. Isn’t that beautiful to witness? Don’t you see a positive shift in human consciousness taking place?
Disciple : Yes, I think do…
Master : And that’s why we are called Lightworkers. We are holders of light of peace and benevolence. But in order to continue to do what we do, our foundation must be strong.
Disciple : What might that be Master?
Master : Patience…. Nothing truly great is achieved without it. And is that not the ultimate test of Self-Mastery?
Disciple : Wow.. I guess I am easily distracted or de-motivated when things don’t happen as fast as I wish them. Thanks for clarifying !
Master : Remember to be gentle on yourself, dear one. As the saying goes, all will happen in good time. And so it is.

How Times Have Changed!


In an effort to accommodate those who just can’t tear themselves away from their smartphones as they walk around campus, Utah Valley University has added a “texting lane” inside its student center.

The stairways are now divided into lanes for walking, running and texting.

The special designation is a clever way to promote safety and was created by a team of students charged with enhancing the center’s design through the use of art and graphics.

“We used that fact to engage our students, to catch their attention and to let them know we are aware of who they are and where they’re coming from,” said Matt Bambrough, the university’s creative director. “The design was meant for people to laugh at, rather than a real attempt to direct traffic flow.”

(Note: This post is an excerpt from the website GoodNewsNetwork. It was included in this blog because I love humor, observing human behaviors and appreciate creativity.)

The Awakened One

In a world without borders,
Many still behave in very limiting ways.

In an existence of many potentials,
Still there are those who choose dramatic ones.

In a ray of light,
With a spectrum of many colors,
Individuals still prefer,
A monochromatic view of life.

But to those who have awakened,
Peace is always attainable,
And Joy is a dancing partner that is constantly available,
Wherever one is.. whatever the season may be.

Akin to a soul,
Who has graduated…
To a new level of consciousness,
That is separated from nothing,
But connected with Everything!