Just Quit Complaining!

“What you have or what you don’t have is not caused by others.
You are responsible for it.”

“If you don’t like a particular experience, then choose another.”

The above messages channeled from the Other Side by intuitive people resonate with me especially in my present healing work. Quite often, upon mediation I realize that the problems my clients face are attributable to themselves in some way. This reminds me of the basis of Law of Attraction. A common scenario would be a client complaining how bad his situation is but who ironically refuses to change his attitude/approach towards resolving the matter. Hence, I can see the person is stuck in a time loop of self-fulfilling prophecy. Many of my clients don’t seem to understand that the more they complain about life, the more issues there will be for them to complain about in the future. It’s because of the vibrations they are exuding and the Universe just responds accordingly by sending them back similar ones.

Years ago, the same scenario happened to me when I frequently lamented about the never ending list of problems I had to solve in my previous employment. At that time, my work problems kept piling up despite my all the effort to solve them. Then one day, a thought just came to me which said ” Stop complaining. Just focus on solving the issues at hand.” I had no idea where it came from but my gut feeling then was just to adhere to it. As I focussed on solving the issues diligently while resisting the temptation to complain about them, I then noticed the outstanding list became shorter. Fewer and fewer complications arose and I then found my workload much more manageable. It was indeed a huge lesson for me. It is as though the world is a huge mirror reflecting back to us the picture we project on it.

With the above knowledge, I understand why spiritual people insist that life is fair. To complain is just to misuse our personal power, thereby perpetuating unpleasant scenarios. On the hand, if we expand our consciousness to happiness, then that is what we will draw into our lives. However I am not implying that challenges will totally cease to surface in the future if we do so, because our souls did choose certain lessons to learn while incarnating. Projecting positive thoughts merely paves the way for solutions to arrive instead of attracting more complications. As I am finishing this blog post, a thought just came and it goes something like this…

“Move out of human drama… and you will drop your negative karma.”

Life’s Journey

Life can be such a mystery,
Much seems hidden like there is no destiny,
Sometimes it’s like an emergency,
With all the noise,
That has no congruency,
Just like a fallacy,
But when my mind has made up,
I just want to be,
Who I choose to be,
With none of the hypocrisy,
That permeates society,
And that shall end up,
In the annals of history,
As my personal legacy.

A More United World?

The last quarter of a century has displayed several significant signs that validate spiritual and telepathic peoples’ messages from the Other Side. Seemingly, Unity Consciousness is returning to Earth in the sense that people are slowly looking past differences of nationality, race, gender and religion. Although it may take several more generations for further reconciliations to take place, the potential of seeing ourselves as a global citizen is quite evident now. Ever since the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 (a well known turning point of humanity), major unexpected events have happened. As a recap, the following transpired..

– End of the several decades long Cold War between U.S.A and U.S.S.R. which literally dissolved the potential of a nuclear World War (the basis of World Armageddon, which was hinted by past prophets).
– The fall of Berlin Wall which united East and West Germany.
– Formation of the European Union’s Euro. Because of the shared currency, European countries such as Germany are unlikely to launch battles with their neighboring countries, like it did in World War II.
– Election of Obama as the president of U.S.A. (a sign of willingness of the voters to allow a colored person to lead the most powerful country in the world – i.e. looking past race)
– Election of many world female leaders for first time in their respective countries’ history (e.g. Brazil, Thailand, Australia, South Korea) , although several of them have lost their post later. Nevertheless , these are signs of the public willing to look past a person’s gender. In religion, the Church of England has made a major decision to allow women to assume the role of a Bishop. In corporations around the world, women too have been appointed CEOs for the first time in the organizations’ history.
– World leaders from a whopping 175 countries signed the historic Paris climate accord in 2016 using Earth Day , to slow the rise of harmful greenhouse gases. This clearly signifies co-operation on a global scale like never before.

Even very recently, a Muslim was elected as the mayor of London for the first time … again creating history. This is an indication of the willingness to go beyond religion. Indeed, times have changed and humans are evolving.

However, the Unity Consciousness that has been channeled by gifted people is not about having the world’s population behaving in exactly the same manner. Rather it is about a greater level of tolerance towards differences…i.e. how to live in harmony without going into battle/war over dissimilarity. In other words, wisdom is slowing permeating society to move away from extremism. It has also been channeled, that certain civilizations on other planets have literally wiped themselves out through violence and destruction. Thankfully, the test of duality on this planet is yielding a positive change.

Indeed, we are living in wonderful unprecedented times. Instead of complaining how many unresolved issues there still are in this world, I believe it is good to express gratitude to how far humanity has changed for the better in the last 25 years or so. The remembrance of how connected we are … is the key to our own salvation.