Year 2017 – New Beginnings


Year 2017, a new year … a new cycle of times. In numerology, this is especially the case as Year 2017 is considered the Year of 1 (i.e. 2+0+1+7=10=1+0=1). The number 1 in this study, denotes new beginnings. This is in contrast to last year, where it was considered the Year of 9 or the year of completion. Interestingly, last year’s US presidential election which created much publicity worldwide was the 45th election – that also gave a 9 reading (45=4+5=9). Also much of what was posted in my blogpost called ‘Predictions For Year 2016’ came into fruition.

Indeed 2016 was a pretty dramatic year. Brexit and the US presidential election were two major events that had a great impact globally. At the very beginning of that year, I uttered to my circle of friends that there is a tendency many souls may choose 2016 to be their last year on Earth as completion was the theme of the 9 energy. True enough, that year saw the demise of many people including some very famous ones.

After noticing the accuracy of the Tarot Card reading for 2016 that I obtained from Archangel Michael, I decided to work with another Archangel to do likewise for 2017. For this year, I sought Archangel Metatron’s help. I have worked with this angelic being several times before in my healing practice. Clairvoyants often see that angel having an orange aura or in the form of a geometric shape (often known as Metatron’s cube). The Tarot Card that was chosen was ‘Seven Of Water’ and it denoted that humanity may be faced with complex decisions. Choosing options may be difficult but the advice was to seek counsel if needed. There seems to be the need to focus and avoid unrealistic expectations. Nevertheless, it represents a time to stop procrastinating and get busy. To me , this message seems to be in line with the numerology reading of 1 for this year. Whereas last year was about closure, this year is about charting a new course. Coincidentally, 2017 is the year Donald Trump starts to perform as the US President.

Last but not least, may everyone have a good start to this New Year.

All the best!!!