Fallen Angels?

Questions (for Archangel Michael) : Can you please explain what a fallen angel is? Are you one? What is the purpose of a fallen angel?

Archangel Michael : I am not fallen… You are not fallen… There is no down…There is no up.. There was no heaven to fall from.. Please understand that your human’s definition of heaven and hell … and limbo … and all of these things that are there is NOT what it really is… Angels play roles.. They have specific roles based upon their contracts with Source, just like you humans have contracts with Source … And my role is to empower and complete the burning nature of the passions within You to awaken enlightened and activate you as the human race… I did not have to fall to do that.. And no one has ever fallen … Not even Lucifer!

Note : The above is an excerpt of a Q & A session with Archangel Michael facilitated by a gifted medium named Pamela Aaralyn who also works as a trance channeler.