We Are All Connected

People of different cultures and faith practice different prayers. During the said prayers, certain people make offerings to honor the Ascended Masters/ Divine Beings whom they pray to. Recently, I was invited to such a ceremony , where the organizer was honoring the beings called Lakshmi (Goddess of Prosperity) and Medicine Buddha. Before the person began leading the gathering to recite certain prayers, I called upon Kwan Yin, Goddess of Mercy and asked her whether any divine spirits were present. Interestingly, I got the message that both Lakshmi and Medicine Buddha were ALREADY there! In addition to that, Archangel Metatron as well as several souls related to those people in that ceremony too have appeared. I found out that one of the souls was the ‘deceased husband’ of the organizer. After the event, I asked three ladies (whose third eye was open) whether they ‘saw’ any divine presence during the prayers. All of them admitted seeing Medicine Buddha (also known as the Blue Buddha) . One of them even said she saw Kwan Yin. This affirms my suspicion that the Divine are always aware of our activities in this physical realm. We are connected all the time but because majority of us can’t see them, we sometimes feel so lost and alone in our journey on Earth.

Recently, a young man came to me to seek reiki healing as he was tired and stressed out. As we were chatting, a clairvoyant who was present saw the presence of Jesus, standing next to my client. He admitted that he resonated with Christianity although he is open to other belief system as well. When he discovered I could make simple contact with the divine, he told me he wanted to know who his guardian angel is, as he was pretty lost. So, I proceeded to ask Archangel Michael (whom I often consult). Interestingly the answer was that his dominant Archangel Guide is Archangel Raphael and his dominant Ascended Master Guide is Jesus. That helped to explain why the clairvoyant saw Jesus even BEFORE we started our reiki healing session! Once again, this validates the saying that we are never alone.

Life as a human can be challenging, because when we incarnate, memories of the Other Side are suppressed and our sixth sense is toned down. However, many spiritual people have channeled that this is by design as it forms part of the test on Earth. In such absence of memory, humans are now given free choice to choose how they wish to live their lives. Do they long to go on a spiritual path or do they succumb to the duality of light and dark? Darkness in this context means caving in to the Ego’s selfishness, greed for power, money, etc. In other words, souls are given the opportunity to evolve. As the consciousness of humanity changes, Earth vibrations alter in conjunction with our direction. Many gifted people have concurred, humanity has gone beyond the point of the Doomsday potential and that is why Year 2012 passed without the destruction of the world despite many catastrophic prophecies surrounding it. As the vibration of humans and Earth continue to ascend, people will start becoming more sensitive to the presence of the Angelic Kingdom and spirit world. Once people are able to connect with the Divine forces from the Other Side, they will feel less separated than before. When that happens to an individual, it will dawn on that person that the prevalent perceived separation has always been …..just an illusion.