Won’t You Stay?

I know this world ain’t perfect.

Not by a long shot.

I know not everyone has good intentions..

In their hearts.

I know that sometimes things..

Just never seem to turn up right.

But even then,

Won’t you consider to stay?

I know you yearn for peace..

I know you yearn to be loved..

Many do as well..

For you are not alone.

Better days are coming,

Though you may not think so.

The tides are turning,

The seas are roaring,

Not to bring devastation,

But to clear the floating debris…

Of hate and discrimination.

So, won’t you just stay?

I know you want to see the light,

At the end of the tunnel.

But now you only see a glimmer..

Not enough to convince you.

But dear one,

Everyone is given a torch.

And we are supposed to shine the light together.

Collectively we make it brighter.

Don’t you remember?

I can’t tell you..

When the darkness will fade away.

But I can assure you,

It will stay much longer,

If you and others,

Choose the other way.

So, please..

Won’t you just stay?

Stay with me…a little bit longer.

Know that one day,

We will return safely to harbour,

To restore the original Divine Order…

That is…

A world without borders.

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