Pointless Arguments

Certain wise and spiritual individuals have explained that lower Consciousness cannot look up to the level of higher Consciousness. However, higher Consciousness can look down at the level of lower Consciousness. Also not all humans are at the same level of Enlightenment. What this implies is that every human has a different perspective of life based upon their experiences. Often people who have undergone much trials and tribulations in Life would tend to have a broader understanding of what it’s all about. Their expanded level of wisdom and empathy, helps them deal with daily drama with compassion. Such people understand that arguing with someone is often counter-productive especially if that person is of a lower Consciousness. Trying to compel others who lack awareness, to see things from their point of view is like trying to describe colors to a blind person. Hence, a more experienced person would prefer to take the proverbial high road to avoid confrontation and afford others time to learn and grow at their own pace. And so in their mind, they agree to disagree.

Accumulating wisdom in Life teaches one to see the futility of arguments as one recognizes these as a non-productive use of personal energy. Instead, making peace with others would create a much more harmonious social environment for all. When we disengage from the wheel of arguments, the gear of Life shifts into neutral. And neutrality paves the path for Peace on Earth.

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  1. Govardhan
    Jul 05, 2019 @ 07:40:19

    Reblogged this on Vijayagiri views.


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  3. Barbara Franken
    Jul 05, 2019 @ 08:05:55

    Great and clear post, it’s something I didn’t understand for many years on my journey… it keeps us all unique and sovereign in this wsy❤️ much love Barbara x


    • passionfortruths
      Jul 05, 2019 @ 09:28:25

      Thanks for the visit and comments, Barbara. If my contact with Archangel Michael is accurate, then this angelic being seems to think that you have fulfilled a lot of what your soul chose to accomplish in this life. Congrats!!!😍


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