There’s the saying – “No two snowflakes are alike”. Similarly, I believe no two humans are the same even if both are considered identical twins because each twin may exhibit a slightly different behaviour, taste or preference. Hence, who’s to say there’s only one ticket to happiness in life. In the end, I think each of us experiences joy through multiple paths.

In the longer term, I opine humans will evolve away from needing physical things (e.g. cars, fancy clothes, delicacies, money) to make them feel happy. Likely, the term called enlightenment may imply that the consciousness of oneself has shifted to the state of “needing nothing, but appreciating everything“, where just to exist in life, becomes a joyful experience itself. Spiritual teachers of the past have alluded to this notion too – Everyday Nirvana is a possibility for All.

Smile Always!

“Let your smile change the world. Don’t let the world change your smile.”

– Will Smith, actor, rapper and entertainer.

Shifting Life’s Priorities

Humanity’s priorities are shifting and it’s related to the shift in human consciousness taking place around the world. Humans are slowly awakening to the need to change our lifestyle and mindset, to create a fairer and a more sustainable environment. This shift is one of the main themes of this blog.

In a recent news article, it was reported that BlackRock Inc (supposedly to be the world’s largest asset manager) will ditch investments with high sustainability-related risk, as climate concerns grow stronger. Previously, its CEO, Larry Fink has underscored the theme that profit and social purpose are inextricably linked. This is yet another real life validation of how the collective conciousness is changing for the better.

Over the years, I have written about how people are making strides in correcting imbalances created generations ago. However, I still do come across people who can’t see the positive side of things as they only focus on the chaos and the perceived drama of this world. I believe it’s important to understand that the planet is unlikely to see all its problems resolved in just a short span of time. It takes time and effort from ALL parties.

If people want to accelerate the timeline of this shift to a better future, then it’s imperative for each person to look within and ask themselves “How can I contribute?” instead of resorting to making complaints like -“Life is horrible and I am doomed.”

My parting words for this blogpost:-

“Be an empowered being. Don’t be a victim.”

Potential Of Year 2020

I believe it would be quite accurate to say that the general population of Earth aren’t too optimistic about the future. The fires in California, USA and Australia, the bombing of Iran by President Trump’s government, the trade war between countries, social unrests (e.g. public demonstrations/political standoffs in Hong Kong, Chile,Venezuela,etc ), the Brexit as well as the ever discernible climate change are some of the issues that are likely to demoralise people.

In this respect , I am ever grateful to “gifted” individuals who are able to channel or obtain messages from the Other Side about Earth’s potential future. Several of these people with a good track record of having their “predictions” come true are the psychic twins, Linda & Terry Jamison, channelers Lee Carroll and Brad Johnson. What has been revealed consistently is that there’s a great shift in human consciousness taking place. The attitude of humanity is certainly evolving. Issues of unity, integrity, transparency, equality and sustainability are now being deliberated in the open almost everyday. A balancing of priorities are causing people to split into two distinct groups – those who seek change and those who prefer status quo.

As human consciousness shifts, the Earth’s weather patterns including its magnetic lines shift as well, for both are intertwined. Lee Carroll who accurately channeled such changes years ago, repeatedly said that consciousness affects the physics of the planet. Interestingly Researchers of the Global Consciousness Project (GCP) who have set up monitoring devices around the world have obtained data that seem to infer what Lee Carroll channeled.

The divinely channeled messages that I have read/listened over the past decade speak about the rebirthing of a new consciousness and NOT the end of humanity. But when humans shift from the old paradigm of selfishness, greed & control via politics, religion, economy, media, etc. to one that is fairer to all, resistance is to be expected . Out of that comes the perceived chaos, that we see so prevalent in this world today.

Brad Johnson channeled a message that Year 2020 could be considered as the ‘Year of Exposure’, whereby dark secrets / hidden agendas will be revealed to the public. Although scandals (involving politicians, celebrities, religious people,etc) have surfaced in the past few years, there would seem to be a greater number of such cases happening in the next 365 days than before. When I meditated to obtain the potential of this year, the word “Injustice” popped up in my head. I then went deeper into a trance-like state for more clarification. The theme of 2020 that I received seem to relate to “bringing light to all forms of injustice…to balance that which is not balanced”. Days after that meditation, I listened to Lee Carroll’s channeling in December 2019 about the likely events of this year. Amazingly, he also talked about injustice and how shocking things might be revealed this year. He went on to briefly mention the issue of illegal human/children trafficking and labelled Year 2020 as the ‘Year of Heightened Duality’. Last but not least, a lady who channels angelic messages hinted at the potential of humanity developing a 20/20 vision. That translates into us seeing clearly the root causes behind “dire issues” or drama plaguing the world today.

Afterlife Evidence – Consciousness Beyond 3D World

For a very long time, mainstream science has downplayed afterlife as nothing more than a figment of certain people’s imagination. In other words, when a human dies, its consciousness is supposed to stop existing. However, over the years there have been many documented cases of Near Death Experiences , whereby people were literally pronounced dead by doctors but miraculously came back to life later with profound awareness, altruism and wisdom. The above video is a good summary of such cases with commentaries from doctors as well. This lends credence to the eternal nature of our soul and is the basis of this blog for the past 9 years. In the end, when our consciousness expands beyond the 3D world, our values and behaviour towards self and others shift to become more inclusive and more compassionate.

Reversed Mentality Of Humanity

“People exist to be loved. Objects exist to be used. The world is in chaos because these things are the other way around.”

– quote from Dalai Lama.