Solar Flares ! Are You Affected?

Currently there is a great solar activity taking place in our central Sun causing events like Aurora Borealis to occur. Experts in metaphysics are aware of its significance and ordinary people can feel the effects of the increased solar flares.

According to the experts, solar activity can influence human consciousness. It has a bearing on our Central Nervous System and brain activity. This in turn impacts the human behavior patterns and may also lead to many physical symptoms. As such physical, mental and emotional effects could be felt when the solar wind hits Earth’s magnetosphere. The common symptoms are listed below:-

– anxiousness
– dizziness
– prone to agitations/flares of temper
– lethargy
– unexplained irritations
– digestion problems
– encountering strange dreams
– changes in sleep patterns
– increased short term memory
– heart palpitations
– prolonged head pressure and headaches
– hot flashes

Energy waves such as photon waves from the sun exert a powerful effect on our cells. The waves in an intricate manner activate our ‘inner’ memories. As such, unpleasant episodes of the past, such as previous traumas may resurface. Energy from the sun during these times are essentially helping us lift and transmute lower vibrations of emotions from the past such as fear, guilt, anger and shame. During such a process, people may experience a greater number of mood swings.

The longer term effect is one that is positive. It causes the awakening of the Soul. As such, more people during this period will start to seek the true meaning of life, as they slowly abandon old habits, end unfulfilling relationships including changing jobs which do not resonate with them any longer. Certain people may even experience an inner urge to relocate.

Indeed the increased solar activity and the massive awakening and uprising of the silent majority (e.g. revolution in the Middle East and Occupy movements) are very much part of the planetary ascension process which Earth has been experiencing since 1987’s Harmonic Convergence. Truly it is a cosmic milestone to be recognized and not to be feared. Alas, a unity consciousness is being created.


Separation – The Great Illusion Of Life

“There is no separation between you and Source or God or the Universe or the name that is given to the energy that supports, nourishes, connects and sustains everyone and everything in the Universe. The judgments that serve to separate humanity from its divinity are only thoughts that cannot erase the truth that is encoded in the light you carry. What you call separation is also known as the dark or as fear and it is the only thing that separates you from the oneness you have with Source.

But this separation exists within humanity because it is impossible for Source to be separate from its own light and you are an emanation of that light. When you remember that ‘You and God are One’ layers of fear that you know as unworthiness and separation are released. Your soul is unburdened and can breathe in light, free from the density of the energy of third dimensional learning. For a moment you can re-member, or rejoin, yourself to God.

There is an inevitable end to the journey of reconnection and it will happen for all of humanity, each person in their own time. The cycle of karma and healing will continue for each soul until it remembers that it is one with Source, can recall its light, embrace love and learn forgiveness. While there is an ascension path within the earth’s cycle, all of humanity will be able to experience reconnection and ascension but it is not a single event. Rather, it is a journey that each soul is on and has been on since the beginning of its third dimensional experience.

See yourself as one with God, know that you are the light of God and that the Source of your light is within you and always with you. There is no separation other than that which you believe you have created and that is not the spiritual truth which is the only truth. Know that ‘I and God are One’, make this your daily affirmation and breathe in the light that is the light, love and truth of who you are.”

(Note: The above message was from Archangel Uriel as channeled via Jennifer Hoffman)

Spirituality – Balancing of Energies

The Ascension process on Earth is gaining momentum every day.

Much Divine information has already been disseminated to our environment via the electro-magnetic field of the planet which in turn induces the magnetics of our multi-dimensional DNAs.

One of the core messages delivered is the balancing of the predominant Masculine energy (e.g. Dictatorial and Authoritative traits) with Feminine energy (e.g. Consultative and Compassionate traits). As such, there have been many firsts in recent times.

In 2010, Australia elected their fist ever female Prime Minister. In the beginning of 2011, Brazilians voted in their first female President. Months later, history was again created when Thailand received their first female Prime Minister. In October 2011, the first female President of Argentina won by a landslide victory and again made history by her re-election into power.

The balancing of the Yang with Yin energies is an integral process of the Great Shift in human consciousness.

It announces the emergence of equality in spirit i.e. Spirituality at it’s highest level of non-discrimination!

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