Impact Of 5G?

At present there’s some debate about the emerging 5G technology. Depending on who one listens to, the answer as to whether it’s good for humanity or not seems contrasting. As I am no engineer but just a curious person, I listened to a recent contact with a spirit on the Other Side about the effects of 5G, recorded in the above YouTube video.

The bespectacled lady (Elisa Medhus) in the said video, is a doctor who lost her son (Erik) when the latter committed suicide several years ago. As with any grieving parent, she wanted answers and closure. Since she couldn’t find answers relying purely on science and logic, she turned to mediums who have this unique sense to connect with the departed. Since then she had received many answers and revelations from her son’s spirit. Presently, she has given up a lucrative job in the medical profession to focus on sharing wisdom and knowledge to humanity, from his son via gifted mediums that she engages.

From the aforementioned video, Erik explained through the medium Jennifer, that technology always has its pros and cons. The most obvious advantage of 5G is its higher speed. However, it was also revealed that it can have negative side effects in the long run though it would be difficult to scientifically link it to its health hazards. Some of its ill effects would be migraine, fertility problems, heart issues and even anti-social behaviour. The pitituatary gland will also be impacted by the radiation. 5G will especially affect people who are already predispositioned to some type of illness, adversely. When asked how to avoid it, the answer is to relocate oneself to nature/mountain areas far from 5G signals. To mitigate it, Erik suggests looking into orgonite material.

Although I am aware that there are certain mediums who are fake/ con-men capitalizing on people’s insecurities, the said medium Jennifer seems authentic to me. When I connected with Archangel Raziel (angel of alchemy), I was told that 5G will likely have a negative impact particularly on our 3rd eye chakra/energy vortice at our forehead. (This ties in with Erik’s message about the pituitary gland being affected.) Raziel elaborated that this will cause humanity’s intuition to be weakened. In addition, it is likely to impair a person’s focus or concentration. That angelic being also explained that orgonite material, clear quartz and selenite crystals can assist in mitigating the vibrations of 5G.

Last but not least, Erik explained that 5G will be very pervasive in the future and humanity in general will just have to live with it. Nevertheless, he also cautioned people not to go into fear mode because it will just make things worse. This reminds me of hypochondriacs i.e.humans who manifest dire situations/illnesses in which they fear often. In the end, I believe that technology is something humanity will continue to experiment with. The ideal scenario is of course, to explore the pros and cons of whatever that’s created for highest good of everyone involved. After all, the human experience on Earth is itself a grand experiment of Consciousness.

What Do You See?

Student: Master, I think we must increase our frequency of prayers.

Master: May I ask why?

Student: Don’t you read the news? The world is falling apart.

Master: May I ask how?

Student: So many horrible events have taken place – I don’t even know where to begin.

Master: Focus not on the severity of problems and just begin.

Student: Well, so many earthquakes have taken place. Look at the wreckage the tsunami has caused Japan. The affected nuclear power plants pose huge risks now!

Master: Did volunteers not spring up from everywhere to help out during these occasions? Did it not cause the masses to clamor for safer forms of energy?

Student: Er.. Yes , on both accounts. But master, the situation in the Middle East is unthinkable. So many lives have been lost. The revolution is scary!

Master: And what is the reason for the revolution? For dominance or for liberation?

Student: I suppose it is the latter…. Master, there is great turmoil in the financial situations of USA, Europe and other countries. They are calling it a meltdown!

Master: How did we come to this state? Were they operating their business on the basis of integrity or greed? Did they embrace sustainability or quick gains?

Student: Hmm… I think I understand what you are trying to say. So, we should not worry about it right?

Master: On the contrary. We should worry when the masses still do not see the big picture. The biggest lessons are upon us. When we own up to the problems we have created, we start to understand accountability. Freedom is a given on this planet. When we take this gift of free will for granted, we will have to face its divine brother.

Student: Divine brother?

Master: In one word – “Consequence”.