Honoring The Trinity.

Three great souls have left our plane of existence in the Year 2011. As the year comes to an end, gratitude of the highest order is expressed to the following three souls who have created a major impact in the lives of humankind.

Steve Jobs ~
The great entrepreneur who encouraged people to think outside the box. A soul who persistently reminded people to live a life fueled by passion and not a life of regret. Without that burning desire of passion, nothing truly great is ever achieved in life. When we dim our fire of passion with fears and doubts, our potential diminishes accordingly.

Jerry Hicks ~
One half of the couple whose teaching have been based on the channeling of Divine Abraham, which highlighted to us the presence of Law of Attraction and how all of humanity could benefit from it. The teachings constantly prompted us to understand that we attract the people who come into our lives. The masses were taught to be aware of the flow of life and the suffering that ensues when people opt to go against it.

Sai Baba ~
The spiritual guru with great manifestation powers, who was labelled the Living God, taught the world to see that we are One. He reminded us that challenges are part and parcel of life. As such, he advised everyone not to fret over the difficulties but instead to find courage within ourselves to deal with them. He also explained that the many religions of the world are different paths to God as nothing in this world is not of the essence of the divine Creator.

The physical selves of the Trinity may have left our world but their teachings and wisdom remain very much alive as their light continues to illuminate our consciousness.

We thank them for having lived a meaningful life and in the process, aiding us in finding the meaning in ours, as well.

Blessings to them!