Awareness Of Our Frequency

Everyone has given off a vibration… everyone has a particular energy signature, and their energy signature is the result of the dominant ideas that they have in their mind…(It) is often said Subconscious Mind..just below your conscious awareness, if you want to use the high-low analogy or example. They are that which drives you…which separates you from the realisation of your true self… Your idea…cause(s) you to emit a frequency.”

“When you are in anger or frustration and you are giving off energy, what do you often meet in your home, with your spouse and your children? What do you meet when you walk in your stores? You meet anger and frustration! You meet the energy that gets reflected back to you. When you are excited and you’re happy, that’s what you meet. And the strength is if you’re able to hold choice, in the midst of another who is frustrated or angry, what happens? If you are strong to hold it, you will tune them to your vibration!

– divinely channeled message by Benny Ferguson Jr. (extracted from the above video.

The above information resonates with me, as in my reiki healing practice, I invoke vibrations of reiki to balance people’s energy (e.g. thoughts and feelings) . So the idea that we are always emitting a type of frequency validates my work. I believe it’s beneficial for the masses to understand this ‘concept’ so that they can literally take charge of their lives by shifting their frequency, consciously. In the spiritual circle, there is a repeated saying – we each create our own reality.

When ‘Death’ Reveals The Truth About Life

“We don’t live in this planet by ourselves. Everything that we do and say has an effect on other people whether we want to admit it or not and when you feel how you make someone else feel, it can really give you a completely different view on the nature of compassion.”

– a quote from Nancy Rynes, a scientist and an atheist (see video above) explaining our human experience after gaining a new perspective of life after she died momentarily (Near Death Experience-NDE) and went through a life review with the presence of a teacher in the Spirit World. Similar to another NDE I shared in my previous blogpost, she realised she did make plans before her birth and her NDE, which was caused by a serious road accident (hit by an SUV). The accident was actually a ‘wake-up call’ compelling her to fulfil her soul’s mission.

Life’s Plan Before Birth

The above is one of numerous Near Death Experience (NDE) cases I have come across over the past few decades. I choose to highlight this particular one (enclosed video above) as it is a prime example of how even horrible experiences were actually chosen before one’s incarnation. This case features a lady who died momentarily and her soul left her body after an overdose of substances. Although she is an atheist, she gained an insightful revelation why she spent most of her life as an addict and led a sexually abusive life. After her soul returned to her physical body, she encountered numerous amazing synchronicities which truly reinforced the notion that we are not victims of life. In my healing practice, the Archangels would pass similar explanations that my clients’ painful or challenging circumstances are part of what they chose in the Spirit World before birth. As they saying goes – there are no accidents in life.

(Note: The video also briefly mentions about the Ascension of Earth from 3D to 5D, which interestingly, is a running theme of my blog.)

Source/Creator – The Light Within All.

“Kuan Yin is a master teacher.. beautiful soul.. She was actually a physical human being that came here on Earth and she exuded love and compassion. She taught patience. Pure love is a part of that lineage of Kuan Yin… Source energy divided itself and separated itself to experience life as a human. We are aspects of Source. We are a piece of Source. We are a piece of Kuan Yin. Everyone has that.. Light. You have a light that is coming through a window and then you have a blind that is covering a window. You open the blind and that light is shining through those slots of blind.. the light is You! The light comes from Source. So all those variations of light coming through the slots.. is connected to Source and those individual slots of light are humans and that should explain it’s connected to Kuan Yin. It’s the same. It’s the same concept.”

– divine explanation channeled during a recent Quantum Hypnosis Regression facilitated by Irene Erin Aslin on how Ascended Masters such as Goddess of Mercy-Kuan Yin , humanity and Source are related. In my own reiki healing practice, it’s not uncommon for such Ascended Masters to appear spontaneously to heal/balance my clients. This just validates the aforementioned explanation how compassionate such Masters are because they know the humans are aspects of Source too. And in these times of awakening, people will start to cognise the concept of ‘We Are One’. In the remembrance this Unity Consciousness, individuals start to exude love for all… unconditionally.

When The Human Angels Sing!

“Where a million angels sing, in an amazing harmony. And the words of love they bring…the never ending story.”

– excerpt of lyrics from the song wonderfully delivered by the choir in the above YouTube video.

Staying Connected

“The way the world is set up right now – we live in a box. A house is a box .. in the concrete and that’s why we have been tricked (i.e. resulting in separation) . Togetherness is everything. Because if we’re not connecting with each other, we’re not expanding. Connecting expands. (If not) we stagnate. It’s ok to be yourself sometimes but you also have to connect so that you can learn .. expand.”

– excerpt of a divine advice channeled during a recent Quantum Healing Hypnosis session facilitated by Naomi.

The above message really resonates with me as I intuitively knew the suggested global lockdown to tackle the pandemic way back in 2020 would backfire. In the end , many people did suffer mentally and emotionally due to the physical separation and disconnecting from one another. Suicidal and depression cases went up tremendously too. Over the last decade, I have learned and shared about an existing malevolent agenda to separate humanity. In this new Age of Aquarius, I believe more humans will start to awaken and see the truth behind all forms of control put in place to keep the ‘ordinary’ citizen compliant and disempowered. When we truly connect and co-operate, I feel there is no problem plaguing the world that can’t be solved.

A Whale Of A Time!

A kayaker who set off hoping to encounter some beluga whales by literally singing at the top of his voice in the ocean actually managed to draw in a pod of these whales to his kayak. He then dove, swam and sang near the mammals, and they “sang” back to him! The above video captures these incredible moments.

Lee Carroll who has been channeling accurate spiritual messages about Earth changes for the past 3 decades has said that whales are the living portions of an actual grid-system and they contain the “history of Earth” within their beings, and they coordinate and cooperate with the crystalline grid of our planet. Perhaps that’s why humans are drawn to them and vice versa.

Ascending Consciousness

That’s the plan for everyone. It’s like steps. Life is about steps. You go though a traumatic time, you work through it, you go up a step. You work something out, you are able get through it, you will see what it’s about, you understand the message, you take another step. Maybe you are sick and you get a healing from something or somebody or you heal yourself, you take another step. You take a class and you learn something, you take a step. So life is all about getting to the next step.. getting to the next level… and that’s what the goal is. We all want to get to a higher level.”

– excerpt of divine messages about life, channeled during a recent QHHT (hypnotherapy session) , facilitated by Suzanne Spooner.

Love Who You Are!

“”You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” —Buddha

The above quote resounds with wisdom, I opine. Accordingly, I also feel that unless we truly love and appreciate ourselves, we won’t have the capacity to love others authentically. Periodically in my healing practice, I come across clients with low self-esteem or lack of self-love. There’s an inner voice in them that says things like “I’m not capable”, “I’m overweight and unattractive”, “I’m weak, I can’t change”, “I’m not worthy.” And often harsh words and criticisms from others who are overly judgmental perpetuate this dilemma. Hence, when I came across the above meaningful song by Andy Grammer (see YouTube music video above), I felt it’s a good content to add to my blog, as it’s consistent with my intention of promoting self-empowerment.

Life’s Many Lessons

“Anything that annoys you, is teaching you patience.”

“Anyone who abandons you is teaching you how to stand up on your own two feet.”

“Anything that angers you is teaching you forgiveness and compassion.

“Anything has power over you, is teaching you how to take your power back.”

“Anything you hate is teaching you unconditional love.”

“Anything you fear, is teaching you courage to overcome your fear.”

“Anything you can’t control, is teaching you how to let go.

“Everything In Life Is Teaching You Something!”

– quotes from a social media feed that I just read today. Since those quotes seem to summarise all the things that I have learned from other sources or experienced myself over the years, I just felt like reproducing them in my blog. Intuitively, I just know that as souls, we never stop learning or evolving. Earth, as revealed by many spiritual sources, is considered a tough school, not for the faint hearted. The fact that we have incarnated implies that all of us have what it takes to master the lessons of life. I opine that if we don’t give up on ourselves, life will not give up on us.

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