One Life After Another

Considered as one of the greatest psychics of the 20th century, the late Edgar Cayce had this to share about reincarnation (death and re-birth) on planet Earth:-

“We have lived and died many times. The reason we don’t remember our former lives is because our vast soul memories are not transferred to our baby brains at birth. All we know in this life is what we have learned, most of which is a partial memory of things we learned in past lifetimes. At the beginning of each lifetime, we are cleared of all past prejudices, learning blocks and wrong teachings, and are ready for a fresh start – just like a new term in school – and, like school, when we have learned enough of life’s lessons, we graduate and don’t have to come back to this Earth anymore, except as volunteers to teach stragglers.”

And that … is the Journey of Souls.

Separation – The Great Illusion Of Life

“There is no separation between you and Source or God or the Universe or the name that is given to the energy that supports, nourishes, connects and sustains everyone and everything in the Universe. The judgments that serve to separate humanity from its divinity are only thoughts that cannot erase the truth that is encoded in the light you carry. What you call separation is also known as the dark or as fear and it is the only thing that separates you from the oneness you have with Source.

But this separation exists within humanity because it is impossible for Source to be separate from its own light and you are an emanation of that light. When you remember that ‘You and God are One’ layers of fear that you know as unworthiness and separation are released. Your soul is unburdened and can breathe in light, free from the density of the energy of third dimensional learning. For a moment you can re-member, or rejoin, yourself to God.

There is an inevitable end to the journey of reconnection and it will happen for all of humanity, each person in their own time. The cycle of karma and healing will continue for each soul until it remembers that it is one with Source, can recall its light, embrace love and learn forgiveness. While there is an ascension path within the earth’s cycle, all of humanity will be able to experience reconnection and ascension but it is not a single event. Rather, it is a journey that each soul is on and has been on since the beginning of its third dimensional experience.

See yourself as one with God, know that you are the light of God and that the Source of your light is within you and always with you. There is no separation other than that which you believe you have created and that is not the spiritual truth which is the only truth. Know that ‘I and God are One’, make this your daily affirmation and breathe in the light that is the light, love and truth of who you are.”

(Note: The above message was from Archangel Uriel as channeled via Jennifer Hoffman)

Power of Karma

“Karma is indeed the engine of planetary fulfillment for Earth. What this means is that as you walk through your karmic lessons, you become enlightened, and the planet changes. For each lesson is learned, and with that process comes enlightenment. As your consciousness is raised as a group on the planet, the Earth, the very dirt of the Earth, must respond. For the physical Earth will respond to your changes in consciousness! This is how you raise the vibration of your planet. So as you walk through your karma, you are actually changing Earth. And the individual karma is the most important thing you have; it does the greatest job for all of humanity.”

– An explanation of Karma by entity Kryon as channeled by Mr. Lee Carroll.