Question Everything!

“We have been brainwashed not to think..The evil is a web that went through every area of our lives .. there’s connection everywhere..If someone saw the connections of the web, they probably won’t be able to recover from that. The intention of the group (called Q) is to free the stop the evil.”

– a divine message (from a Quantum Healing session) explaining the need for humans to question and think for themselves during these times of conflicting views and misinformation.

(Note: Q is an anonymous group that has been planting seeds of information to awaken people, by offering a different perspective than those offered by existing political masters and governments.)

Message Of The Day

Inner Peace

“When all we see is chaos in the external world, then the only option left for peace, is to look within. Meditate.”

Being Grounded During Times Of Great Changes.

In these times of the Great Shift of human consciousness on Earth, many events will be seen as chaotic by the masses. More than ever, humanity needs to find some method or modality to stay calm and not cave in to fear because fear can be debilitating. This emotion can and does affect out biology negatively. The immune system of a person can be weakened through sustained fearful thoughts and feelings. A surgeon whom I spoke to years ago concurred with the aforesaid statement.

Returning oneself to peace and calmness can be achieved in many ways, such as via music therapy, qi gong, reiki, yoga, etc. Alternatively one could meditate upon the symbol attached to this blogpost (above) and verbalize:-

“I give intention to connect with the energy associated with the symbol to bring me peace and harmony.

I also choose to release all fear based thoughts and emotions now. I release, I release, I let go.”

The reason for my sharing of this suggested exercise is because it has yielded positive effects on several of my friends. The whole intention of this is to bring about a balance to oneself- physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The Ride Of One’s Life!

There was once a bespectacled man named Pity Pete who lived on Lonely Lane.

For many years , he worked as a private investigator for the firm called Finding Fault.

His favorite eatery was a place called Depression Diner.

On one sunny day, a visiting Carnival opened its gate for business.

Pete was reluctant to go there, but his only friend Nudging Ned persuaded him to do so.

At the entrance, a lovely host by the name of Wonderful Wendy, welcomed Pity Pete.

She insisted that he try their famous Turnaround Roller-coaster.

While at the queue of the Roller-coaster ride, his body language suggested that he wanted to skip the ride.

Noticing Pete’s behavior, the on-duty Taunting TicketMaster, shouted at him “Too chicken for the ride, mister?”

That jibe and the thought of having paid the rather expensive ride, compelled Pete to have a go after all.

During the ride, Pity Pete screamed at the top of his voice as he shivered!

He literally saw his life flashed before his very eyes.

Very clearly he saw himself in his first job as a production worker at Fear Factory.

This was followed by his next occupation as a concierge at Heartbreak Hotel.

Incredibly, he even saw himself on his off-days cycling on his Raging Racer, wearing his favorite Temperamental T-shirt.

At some time during the fast paced ride, his spectacles fell off. He knew his glasses would not survive the fall.

When the roller-coaster stopped, Pity Pete got off, expecting his vision to be blurry especially without his glasses.

Much to his amazement, not only could he see clearly , he even noticed the vibrant colors of the Carnival-colors which did not seem to exist during his entrance!

As he turned his head, he saw smiling faces everywhere . Even a nearby little kid who was pestering his Dad to buy him an ice-cream seemed cute to him.

While making his way to the exit, Wonderful Wendy chased after him.

“Dear Sir, something just fell from your pocket. Here it is.”, said Wendy.

Holding the small object (which opened doors) in his palm, Pity Pete exclaimed “Oh my, this is what I have been searching for a very long time! I thought I had lost it for good.”

Inscribed on that small object were the words ” Key to Liberation”.

In his thoughts,Pity Pete told himself “Had I dug deep into my pocket, I would have found the key much earlier.”

From that day onwards, he shortened his name by dropping the word Pity, and was simply named Pete.