And after all is said and done…

Who really knows if there is a right or wrong?

I guess life is like a cup…

Where we just fill it up..and up

With experiences of being sober and sometimes feeling drunk.

And isn’t that why we find ourselves here again?

To quench our thirst for life.

We just love to mix it up…and fill it up.

Like a bartender’s cocktail.

And so, to our love for LIFE..

Let’s drink it up!

(Note: The above writing was inspired by James Blunt’s song called “Bartender”.)


See You Again


> “How can we not talk about family, when family is all that we got?”

When we start to remember that we are all from the same divine family of souls, we can’t help but just relate and care for others.

> “We have come a long way…from where we began.”

Demonstrations taking place throughout the whole world against discrimination towards gender, race, sexual orientations, belief system, etc. are the best signs that humans are awakening. People are understanding that the road to world peace, is seeing similarities instead of differences. Indeed, we have come a long way, since our first incarnations.

> “And every road you take… always lead you Home.”

Although denizens of Earth start with divergent paths, in the end … all paths lead to Home, as all souls come from Source.

This blog post is written in honor of the departed benevolent soul who assumed the name of Paul Walker, the actor in the Fast & Furious movie series and also the founder of Reach Out Worldwide , an organization providing relief efforts for areas affected by natural disasters.

You will be missed, Paul …. See you again.

(Note : The writing was inspired by the song ‘See You Again’ and the emphasis on family in the Fast & Furious movies.)

Lost In Relationships


As I was listening to a song by Pixie Lott called Dancing On My Own, my consciousness drifted into a dream-like state again, with two inner voices having a vivid conversation about people having difficulties maintaining a love relationship…

Voice A: I keep giving and and the other party keeps taking. I’ve been waiting way too long… for that person to return. Sigh… I feel like I’m dancing… on my own.

Voice B: When emptiness is perceived inside, there’s a tendency to fill the void. When there’s a frantic search for external love, there’s always pain. One cannot happen without the other.

Voice A: Why is a relationship so draining?

Voice B: But it doesn’t have to be, dear one. You sing like a broken record. And how can you find the next track, when you are stuck in a groove?

Voice A: So, what do I do?

Voice B: Why don’t you come Home? You are feeling so disconnected … All that waiting… You feel nothing on your own. Trying so hard, yet feeling disrespected.

Voice A: I don’t know where Home is. I’m so disillusioned and lost.

Voice B: When you try to play this game like mating Kings with Queens and finding the right one, you give so much, whilst getting so little. So, why don’t you stop and listen. The one that needs to come Home is you … not the other. And Home is where the heart is – where your Higher Self resides.

Voice A: I don’t comprehend…

Voice B: Until you are comfortable under your own skin, you won’t be with another. Unconditional Love is within. Make a promise to yourself to take some time off, to find yourself, dear one.

Voice A: Maybe I should. I thought I had to give … in order to get.

Voice B: Try not to be too harsh on yourself. Relationships help people to learn. It’s the teacher, and you are the student. Also understand, one of the best relationships you could have is one that is formed …. with your divine self. That’s when you will rejoice… even while dancing alone!


Something incredible is happening to our planet right now. Metaphysical experts explain that the infusion of electromagnetic signals in the form of solar flares are affecting us physically, emotionally, mentally as well as spiritually, causing a shift internally, sometimes causing a feeling of being lost. On a related note, a profound message from Divine Ascended Master Saint Germain has been channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe for humanity right now. The following is an excerpt :

“In your awakening you’ll find that it’s very important to have time with yourself. In the past, many of you needed to be with other people in order to feel safe or comfortable. Some of you had a difficult time being alone … Now you will need time by yourself.

Allow yourself to have this time. It’s very important because this is when you bring divine energy into your life. When you have a lot of commotion around you-city noises, people, traffic, offices-it’s more difficult to bring in the divine. Make sure to give this to yourself….

There are spiritual physics at work within you at very beautiful and deep levels. It’s important to listen and not ignore them anymore… Listen with your heart. It’s a beautiful, amazing transformation process… The call is for you to come Home to you, now. It’s the call for integration, with no agenda other than to reunite with you.”

On A Night With A Sky Full Of Stars

Happiness requires no reason…
Just as Love needs no justification.
It’s real and palpable.
And that’s all that matters.

To be simply in awe with life &
At peace with Self,
In a sky full of stars.

And I don’t care if world events try to tear me apart,
‘Cause in my heart,
It’s such a heavenly view.
It gets lighter as the night gets darker,
In a sky full of stars.

Though apart,
I think I still see you…

*The above writing is dedicated to anyone who has lost loved ones and who is longing for them to make a connection. Though no longer in a corporeal body, the departed are just a thought away. Love is a tie that binds and never dies.
**Writing inspired by Coldplay’s hit song, ‘A Sky Full Of Stars.’ The energy of this song can heal deep seated wounds and lift one’s spirit.

Time To See Life Differently

And I used to opine :-

“The rain got me….
The Streets hushed me …
Events dazed me…
Time aged me…
The world overwhelmed me.”

Time and again, I realized …
That which I choose to see …
And that which I choose to believe…
Becomes my reality.

But in the end…
Only Love saved me …
Thus when Faith brushed me …
The clouds faded before me …
To help me see …
That I can be …
As strong as I choose to be …

And that’s the Time …
When Life truly touched me …
And never again,
Will I lose sight …
Of the great central Sun –
That is the Light within me …
As radiant as Love can ever be …

And now,
I shall always see …
The beauty in Life …
That has always been there …
For all to see … externally.

And that was how …
I made peace …
With my Reality –
The Unconditional Love …
That has always resided …
Within you and me …
And that which lasts …
An eternity.

With an open heart …
I now see differently :

“The rain actually cleansed me …
The Streets taught me …
Events amazed me …
Timed graced me …
The world enlightened me.”

(Note : The writing above was inspired by the touching song called “Time & Again” by the pop group , A-ha.)

Reconnecting With Beauty

“A man should hear a little music, read a little poetry, and see a fine picture every day of his life, in order that worldly cares may not obliterate the sense of the beautiful which God has implanted in the human soul.”

― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Living & Loving Every Minute Of Life

A: Hey, Jay. You are looking radiant these days!
J : Ha..ha.. Thank you. I love your compliment. I really do.
A : What gives?
J : A few self-help books and a pop song turned my life around…ha..ha!
A : Books I can understand, but a pop song?
J : Yea, you remember the recent hit song ‘Feel This Moment’ ?
A : Ah… the one by Pitbull and Christina with the infectious A-ha sampling!
J : That’s the one … I am moved by the chorus which goes “But until the gates are open, I just want to feel this moment.” It reminds me that life is impermanent … so until my time is up, I just want to cherish every moment.
A : Oooo… Very Zen like approach!
J : Ha..ha.. You know, our society has focused so much on the intelligence of the brain to the extent that our heart intelligence is ignored. I believe we now think more than we feel. As such, people have become over analytical.
A : Er..your point is?
J : Well, this understanding has helped change my approach in life. These days, I’m more spontaneous than before. I do the things that I feel like doing. And every time I do that, I feel engulfed in joy. It’s as if time has stopped … and I’m just feeling the goodness of the moment.
A : Wow!
J : Wow, indeed! I realize that our heart has the answer, literally.
A : Don’t stop now, Jay. Go on.
J : Well, not too long ago, I got so sick of driving to work. So, I just felt like taking the train, for a change. And so..I honored my feelings and took the public train the very next day.
A : Did you feel better doing that?
J : Well, the opposite was true … Ha..ha. After queuing for the ticket, I had to queue again to enter the train, during the morning peak hours. When I managed to go in, there were no more seats left. So, I had to stand for most of my journey. Worse still, there was this guy who had an awful B.O. standing next to me.
A : Ha..ha..! So much for trusting your feelings, bro!
J : On the contrary. Because of that experience, I now resort to driving to work again. This time around…. I LOVE doing it. I don’t dread it anymore. I appreciate not having to queue again and having my own seat with lots of personal space left. Also, I don’t suffocate from bad B.O. anymore..ha..ha. So you see, by following my heart, it had led me to different experiences. In the end, it showed me joy in things that I had taken for granted.
A : That’s an interesting way of seeing life!
J : Yes, it is. I resist much less these days and just go with the flow.
A : Aah… just to feel this moment?
J : Rightly so, my friend. My heart lives for the moment and the future can wait..ha..ha!

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