Hurricane Irma ! – A Channeled Message

A channeling by spiritually gifted, Tina Louise Spalding on the hurricanes hitting USA : (Click on the link below)

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Ghost Stories – The Earth Remembers!

Human beings love ghost stories and their fascination towards the subject has led to many horror movies being made for public consumption. A few like Sixth Sense, depict the ghostly realm quite accurately whereas others are over sensationalized. People who possess clairvoyance are able to see these earthbound spirits and I have a few clairvoyant friends who indeed have been approached by the spirits as often, these beings try to make contact with those who can see them. So, we do live in a multi-dimensional world whereby physical and non-physical realms co-exist. Spirits indeed are responsible for some hauntings but not all. What isn’t common knowledge is that some paranormal sightings are actually pseudo-hauntings. Not all visions of ghosts signify the presence of spirits. In some cases, what people saw are just re-plays of past scenes at a location. This is because our Earth remembers human action!

Renowned mediums like James Van Praagh , Lisa Williams and John Holland agree to the above statement and John Holland actually dedicated a whole chapter on pseudo-hauntings in his book, The Spirit Whisperer. He has seen visions that keep repeating themselves like a video player stuck on re-play mode. In these cases, the spirits keep doing the same thing over and over again. This ties in with a case that I read from a book compilation of ghostly sightings. In that story, a person kept seeing a couple jumping off a tall building (committing suicide) at the exact same time every night! Metaphysical experts label this as ‘place memory’. Indigenous people including the Red Indians of the past have been known to be able to ‘read’ the memory of dirt of the Earth.

A gifted person, Lee Carroll has also channeled from divine sources, similar information before. However in his case, he uses the term called ‘crystalline grid.’ He explained that Earth has multiple energetic grids and the most commonly known is our planet’s magnetic grid. The crystalline grid is one that remembers human action and those who are sensitive enough can see or feel the vibes surrounding a particular place. There is much we don’t understand about the dimensions that exist in our world as Earth is far more complicated than what it appears to be. As the vibrations of our planet shift further during the present Ascension of Earth, human beings will start to understand more about multi-dimensionality and quantum scientist will be the ones giving evidence to support revelations by gifted people, such as clairvoyants, channelers and psychics. It has been said that the veil separating our physical world and the invisible realms is getting thinner, and in time to come, we will remember the true nature of our being and our habitat.