And The Solution Is LOVE!

“The most important lesson is to Love. There’s no other lesson than to love. Love is a gift. Love is from Source. Source is in everyone and everyone is from Source. Therefore everyone should be loved... therefore actions which don’t express love are ones that should be changed. Whether it is driving and being angry with a circumstance, whether it’s being sad at someone’s circumstance of making poor choices, whether it’s sad at failing to make an optimal choice, these should all be converted to LOVE.”

“Everything is about love. Change brings opportunity to love more. Loss is a form of change. Love can survive change and there will be changes. Loss is any change of expectation. It can be personal. It can be emotional. It can be physical. But the right reaction is to understand that Love survives everything. This is a lesson to be learned.”

– excerpt of divine messages channeled during a recent past life regression (hypnotherapy) conducted by Laron G.S. which also seem to apply to humanity at large during these times of great changes.

Remembering The Light Within

“You truly are not human.You are pure potential. You are pure light and love. If you tap into that instead of your humanness, you can go so much further and expand so much faster. Remember who you really are..And that will change the entire Earth.”

– an excerpt of divine messages to humanity from one of Marla Kelly’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) sessions.

Of Beauty And Aging

“To grow old is to grow to evolve..and you are not meant to be a youth forever. There’s great wisdom in aging. When we are aging, there’s like a revolution happening within us and that NEEDS to happen so that we can go through all the different cycles of life. Especially for women, you don’t always want to be the maiden. The maiden is youthful folly..But..there’s something special about being the mother..There’s something even more beautiful about being the crown..It’s a season ..(The best way to embrace aging) is to accept it , and to understand that there’s beauty at every age..and that to be old, to be wise, to understand things is beautiful. To have stories to tell is beautiful.”

– Wise messages channeled by a higher consciousness (Pleiadian) during a hypnosis session by Sarah Breskman Cosme. In the hypnosis, Sarah helped her client bypass the logical and conscious mind and that allowed a higher Consciousness to channel the aforesaid messages.

Last but not least, when Sarah asked her client what if people wanted to look more youthful, the reply was the following statement:

“By being playful, because even if you are eighty years old, and you are playful, joyful and kind and have an open heart, you will still have a young aura.”

Why Hatred Is Unnecessary

The famous quote – “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts” which came from William Shakespeare surmises our lives very well. This has literally been validated by many experts in the metaphysical field. One such person is the renowned Dolores Cannon, a lady in her 80’s who has conducted thousands of past-life regressions in the last three decades. From her cases, we know people who come into our lives appear for a reason including those who give us the most number of headaches! And the following is what she has concluded from her years of work :-

“Remember that when you were on the Spirit side, you made a plan of what you hoped to accomplish in this life. You made contracts with various souls to play various parts in your scenario on Earth. Some of your greatest enemies or challenges during your life were your greatest friends on the Spirit side. They volunteered to come and play the villain in your Earthly scenario. And some play them very well !”

As such, from that perspective, we realize there’s no necessity to harbor perpetual hatred towards those whom have given us the most challenges in life. After all, at the core of those human beings, are divine souls that have the same essence of Love, that is within ourselves. Therein lies the profundity of the ancient Sanskrit greeting ‘ Namaste ‘ which is still in everyday use in India. Translated roughly, it means “The Spirit within me honors the Spirit in you” – a knowing that we are all made from the same One Divine Consciousness. Therefore to despise others is akin to condemning our own lineage.

The wise will not equate the act with the actor. Although life’s lessons are necessary ……. hatred is optional.

The Many Reasons For Our Lives

Past-life regressions via hypnosis have uncovered many reasons for the way people live their lives. Truly, all the revelations shared by different hypnotherapists from around the world, including world famous Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Michael Newton and Dolores Cannon indicate that our life paths are not accidental. Indeed, there are benevolent reasons for us being here in this life time, and these include karma, soul lessons and divine objectives.

For example, even within the same group of people called ‘the disabled’ or ‘the disadvantaged’ , different reasons may underpin their incarnation. People who have a shallow knowledge of reincarnation and karma, might quickly attribute present disabilities to ‘bad karma’ of one’s past life. Though this is not an invalid reason, past-life regressions have shown that it is just one of many possible explanations.

Some souls do not necessarily come into the world to ‘repay their karmic debt’. Instead, they could be souls who had agreed to have these disabilities to evoke a sense of compassion from the masses. In other words, they help create opportunities for an outpouring of love from others.

In other cases, souls may have planned their disabilities to prevent them from falling back to their past aggressive traits of their previous incarnations. These are the ones who were involved in battles in many of their past lives. With such disabilities, they would be prevented from joining armed forces to engage in battles, in their present lives.

Yet another scenario could be this- some disabled people maybe courageous and determined souls who would eventually attain great success against all odds. Their mission in life is to inspire other similar people to move away from self-pity and be independent. As such, they are the great teachers of self-empowerment.

Hence, there is always a higher purpose for our existence. Though world events may display chaos, it does not imply there is an absence of a divine plan. As such, we have been reminded time and again by the wise ones not to be quick to judge. Through playing our roles on Earth, life lessons are learnt , experiences are had, and in that process, the energy of this planet itself, is changed.

And blessed are those who remember.