Angelic Message For Humanity In 2021.

“So this is the time of grand change in which you all have chosen to participate, to incarnate, but this is a time of consciousness shift , never before experienced in the human experience in the human species and it is a time of grand expansion and the learning of the integration of releasing limiting beliefs…beliefs that have been held about you that are simply untrue… to recognise the magnificence of each and every soul”

“… for all the water in the oceans cannot drown you unless you let it inside you. It had to take a virus for you to see you’re all connected. You collaborate…you are better together than you are apart and you are all the same. You are more than you think you are, and it’s time to discover that ‘more’ .”

– except of angelic messages for humanity as channeled by Sheila Gillette in the above YouTube video interview.

(Note: The reason I shared this post is because the massages relayed by Sheila Gillette is consistent with many other spiritual sources including my own communication with the Archangels and Ascended Masters over the past decade. Thus I opine that Sheila is a credible channeler.)

Wisdom For These Times & Beyond

Reproduced below are 3 wonderful quotes from the best selling author Eckhart Tolle (whose books are ‘Power of Now’ & ‘A New Earth’). I am actually amazed at this author’s success because his material truly has a strong spiritual slant to it, and often such books don’t perform well in sales charts. His teachings/writing are what monks and gurus have taught and are still teaching today, to those people who thirst for a greater understanding of life and methods to empower themselves.

(1) “Some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realize that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge.”
Perhaps this quote is one of the more relevant ones, and synchronistically, it ties in with the divine revelations, which I have shared over the past 2-3 months in my blog. Instead of living in fear or despair, it might serve us better to take this ‘slowing down’ / ‘lockdown’ period as a life review-to see how we can adapt and change for the better. As they say, challenges can lead to innovation.

(2) “The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it.”
Again this quote hits a ‘home run’ for me, as the moment I shift my attention away from all the dire news in mainstream media to what I enjoy (e.g. good music, comedies, jokes) , happiness returns almost immediately. Life is a choice!

(3) “Sometimes letting things go is an act of far greater power than defending or hanging on.”
In my quest for knowledge over the past few decades, I have lost count of the number of times whereby spiritual teachers would say ‘life is impermanent’ or ‘everything changes’. If that is true, then trying to hold onto material possessions, job titles or what is defined as normalcy is going to be futile. At this juncture, I remember a friend of my mine, who told me that a monk she had conversed with, had his whole life’s material belongings contained in only one single sling bag! Yet the monk was living a contented life. So, I guess the greatest power during these times of great challenges, is the power of Letting Go and Allowing things to unfold.

A United Effort! ✨🌎✨

The above song, entitled ‘We Are The World’ was originally released in 1985, as an American benefit single for African famine relief. Amazingly, 35 years later, the lyrics (partially reproduced below) still seem so relevant in Year 2020! Over the years, there have been other singers who did their own rendition but in my opinion, this version certainly ‘packs a punch’. The singers’ voices are so powerful and I am truly impressed.

I believe when meaningful lyrics are sung with passion, it can certainly move people’s 💓 Heart 💓! And so, may this version open our hearts and unite us as One ☝🏼, to overcome the many challenges facing us now.

“There comes a time,
When we heed a certain call,
When the world must come together as One.
There are people dying,
Oh, and it’s time to lend a hand to life-
The greatest gift of all.

We can’t go on
Pretending day-by-day
That someone, somewhere soon will make a change.
We’re all a part of God’s great big family,
And the truth, you know, love is all we need.

We are the world.
We are the children.
We are the ones who make a brighter day, so let’s start giving.
There’s a choice we’re making,
We’re saving our own lives.
It’s true we’ll make a better day, just you and me”

Ghosts Among Us?

I think most people in our world do believe in the Afterlife but their views are likely to differ when it comes to describing where or what Afterlife is like. Many religious people opine that when we die, our soul either goes to Heaven or Hell depending on our deeds while incarnating. What I have personally learned from several gifted people who can sense part of the Afterlife environment including my own personal healing work, is that the after death cases are much more complex than that. To my knowledge,there are souls that still loiter around our physical world after their human demise. World renowned medium, James Van Praagh even wrote a book called ‘Ghosts Among Us’ based upon his psychic senses and encounters with these souls. Like other mediums, James explained that there are multiple reasons why souls don’t go to the higher dimensions called Heaven after their physical lives expired. Certain souls still can’t get over the shock that they have died and as such are still ‘attached’ to the physical world. In cases of murder, some may refuse to cross over to the Other Side because they insist on staying put to see that their perpetrator get caught. Others may also continue to live among us because of their limited belief system e.g. fear of being ‘judged for their sins’ if they access the other dimension.

Things become even more complicated when some of these souls attach themselves to the people still incarnating. A proportion of these souls do so because they continue to hunger for the pleasures of the physical body. In such cases, an alcoholic soul may influence the human host to consume glass after glass of liquor in a bar. This is what mediums describe as ‘vicarious enjoyment’. In many healing Hypnosis sessions, practitioners do discover such souls that cling on to the body of their clients! Quite a few of these practitioners have recorded and uploaded these hypnotic sessions on YouTube . Examples of these sessions are called Quantum Soul Healing Integration (QSHI) conducted by Suzanne Bertolas, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) created by the late Dolores Cannon including Spiritual Journey of Forgiveness sessions by Alba Weinman. Personally, I am not fond of lengthy names used to describe these modalities but I do acknowledge that the findings and soul attachments are possible because in my own reiki healing work, a proportion of my clients also have ‘lost souls’ attached to them. Archangel Michael would often inform me that these souls should be escorted away as they interfere or sap my clients’ energy. I remember vividly a case whereby a man asked for a healing session because he felt so lethargic. Archangel Michael explained that this person “picked up “ an Earthbound soul , when he attended a funeral wake recently and the said soul was draining my client’s life force. With that angel’s help, the soul was guided to leave my client to the higher dimensions where it belonged. After the session, my client reported feeling much better and lighter.

Scientists are now discovering that our surrounding environment is much more complex than they previously thought, as it seems to be made up of multiple dimensions. This gives credit to the spiritual belief that souls may occupy many planes of existence. I believe humans need to go beyond their conventional 3D beliefs in order to understand life and our nature. To evolve as a species, I opine that it is better to admit that there is much we don’t know and be willing to explore and learn. In so doing, our consciousness can expand further.

Who Am I?

“You can’t be a victim and a master at the same time.”

– Paul Selig, clairvoyant / renowned channeler of divine messages.

I totally agree with the above quote through my observation in my healing work with my clients over the past years. We are either seeing ourselves as victims of life or masters of our own destiny. Awareness is what’s important. Introspection helps us to remember that we always have freedom to choose our present state of being. By affirming who we choose to be, the Universe responds correspondingly by the Law of Attraction. In that sense, life is always fair. The Universal consciousness plays no favouritism to anyone. Ultimately, we are as powerful as we allow ourselves to be. Creation starts from being…

Dealing With Depression And Suppressed Emotions

It’s quite ironic that we as a modern society living in the Information Age, still have so many cases of depression being diagnosed by doctors or medical practitioners. Often such people having depression actually report feeling lonely, lost, sad or hopeless. In my reiki healing practice, I too detect quite a few people with trapped emotions. Such people really need an outlet or ought to express themselves openly rather than keeping it all bottled inside. However, as a proportion of them fear being judged as dysfunctional, they resort to putting up a brave front by not admitting their emotional issues. Others remain silent due to the absence of a “willing listener”. Over a period of time, such debilitating emotions can turn out to be a silent killer.

In my healing work, I often rely on angelic/spirit guidance. On most occasions, I am asked by the Divine to practice reiki on my clients. However, there have been cases, whereby Archangel Michael asked me to teach them the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – a healing modality using acupressure, so that they could help themselves. In one particular case, as I guided my client to practice the EFT, a clairvoyant who was sitting nearby reported seeing the person’s aura brighten up! Initially the clairvoyant described this person’s aura as dark ( implying lack of energy). In other words by freeing trapped emotions within, the said person’s energy started to flow better.

In another unique case, I was asked to pass a message from the Goddess of Mercy (Quan Yin) to a lady who was carrying a lot sadness and frustration. Instead of being asked to do healing (reiki) for this said person, the divine advice was for this person to write down all the pent up feelings within herself on a piece of paper. Apparently, apart from verbalising, writing was another good way of expressing ourselves- to get emotions out of our chest. The lady did what was suggested and later replied joyfully to me that she actually felt much better! (Note: Interestingly, that day happened to fall on a Super Moon day, which is an excellent day for releasing things that do not serve us anymore, as the moon amplifies the healing effect.)

Yet another case involved a male friend of mine who was taking anti-depressant pills to heal his condition. When I asked Archangel Michael to ‘scan’ him, I was told that the root cause of his condition was his procrastination in living out his true life purpose. Apparently, he was well paid in his present job, but that occupation didn’t yield the satisfaction that his inner soul was yearning. My divine reading tied in with his own personal consultation with a psychic medium who said that he needs to change his career path, to something more fulfilling. As such, taking those medicine only provided him a temporary relief but was not a lasting solution. Again, this problem is about people not expressing their true self or inner desires.

Depression is real health problem and not something to be mocked about. Not admitting or avoiding it can lead to severe consequences, in the long term. Those dealing with people suffering from depression also need to be patient and considerate. From my experience, the key elements to returning to good health are honesty and openness. In the end, I believe there is no shame in people admitting that they need help or seeking help.

A More United World?

The last quarter of a century has displayed several significant signs that validate spiritual and telepathic peoples’ messages from the Other Side. Seemingly, Unity Consciousness is returning to Earth in the sense that people are slowly looking past differences of nationality, race, gender and religion. Although it may take several more generations for further reconciliations to take place, the potential of seeing ourselves as a global citizen is quite evident now. Ever since the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 (a well known turning point of humanity), major unexpected events have happened. As a recap, the following transpired..

– End of the several decades long Cold War between U.S.A and U.S.S.R. which literally dissolved the potential of a nuclear World War (the basis of World Armageddon, which was hinted by past prophets).
– The fall of Berlin Wall which united East and West Germany.
– Formation of the European Union’s Euro. Because of the shared currency, European countries such as Germany are unlikely to launch battles with their neighboring countries, like it did in World War II.
– Election of Obama as the president of U.S.A. (a sign of willingness of the voters to allow a colored person to lead the most powerful country in the world – i.e. looking past race)
– Election of many world female leaders for first time in their respective countries’ history (e.g. Brazil, Thailand, Australia, South Korea) , although several of them have lost their post later. Nevertheless , these are signs of the public willing to look past a person’s gender. In religion, the Church of England has made a major decision to allow women to assume the role of a Bishop. In corporations around the world, women too have been appointed CEOs for the first time in the organizations’ history.
– World leaders from a whopping 175 countries signed the historic Paris climate accord in 2016 using Earth Day , to slow the rise of harmful greenhouse gases. This clearly signifies co-operation on a global scale like never before.

Even very recently, a Muslim was elected as the mayor of London for the first time … again creating history. This is an indication of the willingness to go beyond religion. Indeed, times have changed and humans are evolving.

However, the Unity Consciousness that has been channeled by gifted people is not about having the world’s population behaving in exactly the same manner. Rather it is about a greater level of tolerance towards differences…i.e. how to live in harmony without going into battle/war over dissimilarity. In other words, wisdom is slowing permeating society to move away from extremism. It has also been channeled, that certain civilizations on other planets have literally wiped themselves out through violence and destruction. Thankfully, the test of duality on this planet is yielding a positive change.

Indeed, we are living in wonderful unprecedented times. Instead of complaining how many unresolved issues there still are in this world, I believe it is good to express gratitude to how far humanity has changed for the better in the last 25 years or so. The remembrance of how connected we are … is the key to our own salvation.

An Angelic Discourse

Master : I bid you a good day, dear one. How was your sleep last night?
Disciple : Good morning! I have to be honest, Master… I couldn’t sleep that well.
Master : What might be the issue?
Disciple : Well, the world news … The chaos that seems to grow daily..Sigh..
Master : Is there more you wish to express?
Disciple : It is as though all our prayers we performed amounted to nothing.
Master : I see… Well, change is slow, dear one. When we pray, it’s our intent that things manifest based upon Universal Laws and on Earth, free will of every being has to be honored.
Disciple : I don’t think I understand …
Master : Well, just as you don’t wish things to be imposed upon you, the world’s population too does not desire so. In other words, when we hold the vision for world peace, we send light to transmute the lower vibrations surrounding individuals. And what people do next with a clearer vision, is entirely up to them.
Disciple: Well, looks like things are still not changing for the better..
Master : Because there are more public demonstrations/protests than before?
Disciple : Precisely!
Master : Dear one, isn’t that a sign that many pople have reached their breaking point of tolerance? That which do not serve humanity such as injustice, corruption, extremism are now brought to the world’s attention for their leaders to resolve.
Disciple : Well, you could say that… but some leaders still refuse to change and listen.
Master : But over the past decade , many of such leaders were ousted right? Either through elections or ‘more aggressive physical’ means.
Disciple : Hmm… I guess so.
Master : So, can you please suspend your desire for world peace to happen instantly just for this moment…. and reflect how the masses have awakened from being controlled? Over the years, country by country, citizens have started reclaiming their personal power by wanting to have a bigger say in how their country is managed. Isn’t that beautiful to witness? Don’t you see a positive shift in human consciousness taking place?
Disciple : Yes, I think do…
Master : And that’s why we are called Lightworkers. We are holders of light of peace and benevolence. But in order to continue to do what we do, our foundation must be strong.
Disciple : What might that be Master?
Master : Patience…. Nothing truly great is achieved without it. And is that not the ultimate test of Self-Mastery?
Disciple : Wow.. I guess I am easily distracted or de-motivated when things don’t happen as fast as I wish them. Thanks for clarifying !
Master : Remember to be gentle on yourself, dear one. As the saying goes, all will happen in good time. And so it is.

How Times Have Changed!


In an effort to accommodate those who just can’t tear themselves away from their smartphones as they walk around campus, Utah Valley University has added a “texting lane” inside its student center.

The stairways are now divided into lanes for walking, running and texting.

The special designation is a clever way to promote safety and was created by a team of students charged with enhancing the center’s design through the use of art and graphics.

“We used that fact to engage our students, to catch their attention and to let them know we are aware of who they are and where they’re coming from,” said Matt Bambrough, the university’s creative director. “The design was meant for people to laugh at, rather than a real attempt to direct traffic flow.”

(Note: This post is an excerpt from the website GoodNewsNetwork. It was included in this blog because I love humor, observing human behaviors and appreciate creativity.)

The Awakened One

In a world without borders,
Many still behave in very limiting ways.

In an existence of many potentials,
Still there are those who choose dramatic ones.

In a ray of light,
With a spectrum of many colors,
Individuals still prefer,
A monochromatic view of life.

But to those who have awakened,
Peace is always attainable,
And Joy is a dancing partner that is constantly available,
Wherever one is.. whatever the season may be.

Akin to a soul,
Who has graduated…
To a new level of consciousness,
That is separated from nothing,
But connected with Everything!

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