The Purging

To many people the daily world news isn’t something that’s pleasant to digest. It’s because the headlines are filled with chaotic stories such as public shootings, frantic elections, exposure of scandals, uncertainty of world currencies, acts of racism , terrorism and gender inequality, etc.. However to a relatively small group of people who listen/read information channeled by very intuitive people over the last two decades, they understand that all the perceived chaos was already anticipated. The underlying message is that humanity cannot carry on living in the same manner as before . Basically a purging is taking place in all aspects of life to allow unresolved issues to surface so that people can confront them head-on, instead of ignoring them, like in the past.

Mr Lee Carrol who has been delivering divine messages about our potential future for the last 28-29 years, has described current times as a time of recalibration for politics, religion, economy, etc.. Basically anything that does not serve the highest good of humanity has to be transmuted. The very foundation of all these areas have to be broken down and re-built from ground zero but this appears to be very daunting to the masses. It’s akin to a person taking a long hard look at one’s own shortcomings and acknowledging them. The conscience has to rise above the ego self so that one could change one’s present behaviour or attitude for the better.

In my contact with Archangel Metatron in January, the year 2018 seems to carry the numerology reading of 11 (2+0+1+8) signifying the potential of further illumination or awakening of the masses. In addition it also has the potential of 2 (1+1) which denotes co-operation. What this hints is that the world events will likely create further awareness of ‘hidden secrets’ and exposure of scandals/weaknesses and compel people to co-operate so that these issues could resolved once and for all. As such, the short term view won’t seem to be pleasant due to knee-jerk reactions to those matters but in the long run , when groups of people set aside their differences to resolve them, a brighter future for humanity will emerge. Another intuitive channeler of divine messages, Steve Rother described such times as taking two steps forward and one step backwards. In other words, there will be hiccups along the way but overall , humanity will shift to a more united and evolved consciousness.

In the meantime, the purging of what does not work, will continue. It is therefore imperative during these times for us not to succumb to fear but to find courage and resolve within to change. And change is truly the only constant in life.

Where The Good News Is

Do you get depressed by news reported by the local newspapers and its equivalent web portals? The proportion of ‘bad news’ to ‘good news’ is incredibly lopsided towards the former, yes? News of economic slowdown, terrorism, accidents, destructive weather, etc. bombard the headlines as though nothing ever good happens on planet Earth.

In my reiki healing practice, I find that people do get agitated or depressed from reading such news daily. One of my clients even admitted that his hot temper can directly be attributed to reading such content. A friend of mine, who works as a doctor even advised her patient to lay off reading newspapers for 1 month to facilitate her recovery! Ironically, most people seem to like human drama and as such, owners of papers or news portals gladly fill their pages with dire news, to sustain their business. In the end, it’s just about making money to these corporate people. They aren’t interested in delivering a balanced reporting, where ‘good news’ are given just as much attention as ‘bad’ ones.

Fortunately, a slow shift in human consciousness in our world is seeing groups of people who provide happy/inspiring news on the internet. Reading their articles just confirms my suspicion that a lot of good events do happen such as acts of kindness by people around the world. I list down three links below, for those who are not aware that such wonderful portals exist.

It’s my fervent belief that good news need to be shared as these provide hope for humanity at large. And in our times of deepest despair, hope is just what an individual needs to hang onto, right?

Dream Into Action!

“All men dream… but not equally.
Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds,
Wake up in the day to find that it was vanity.

But the dreamers of the day are dangerous men,
For they may act on their dreams with open eyes to make them possible.”

– the late Thomas Edward Lawrence (often known as Lawrence of Arabia)

The Chinese around the world are ushering the Chinese New Year (CNY) during these times. For Year 2016, CNY starts on Feb 8. This first day of the CNY is also a new moon day that signifies new beginnings. It has been said that new moon days are suitable for starting new projects/ventures. Coincidentally, in divine numerology, the number 8 means ‘manifestation/abundance’. As such, may those celebrating these times, have their dreams come into fruition this New Year.

Dictating Our Lives

“When You Write the Story of Your Life,

Don’t Let Anyone Else Hold the Pen.”

– a quote found in a Harley Davidson ad.

Predictions For Year 2016

In the study of numerology, Year 2016 (2+0+1+6 = 9) is considered the Year of 9. This number is considered a very special number as out of the numbers 1 to 9, only 9 gives a summation equal to its own, when multiplied by any of the other remaining eight numbers. E.g. 2×9 = 18 and 1+8= 9 . 8×9=72 and 7+2=9. Even the compass bearing of a complete circle of 360 degrees (3+6+0=9) is a factor of 9!

The 9 in numerology connotes the theme of Completion or Finality. In addition, this number is said to be associated with humanitarian causes. What this implies is that a cycle of times is coming to an end. From a spiritual point of view, anything that does not serve the highest good for humanity, will continue to surface for humans to deal with, be it poor governance/administration or immoral/unethical activities ( not unlike 2015’s Volkswagen emission cheating). As such, this year carries a strong potential for closure or resolution, or a change in our lifestyle/attitudes.

The information that I gathered from numerologist Allison Baughman; psychic mediums Joseph Tittel, Linda & Terry Jamison and divine channeler, Lee Carroll from their predictions for Year 2016 is the possible recurrence of earthquakes/tsunami, sink holes, extreme weather cycles (of drought, storms, typhoons, flooding) as well as plots for individual & group terrorist attacks around the world. Freaky automobile accidents , sea and air disasters, sadly were predicted too and we have been advised to exercise caution when travelling this year.

Apart from that, other major dramatic events will very likely unfold. However, Joseph who has made accurate predictions in the past (e.g. Japan’s tsunami of Year 2011) was quick to emphasize that things are often not what they seem to be. Frequently, such events are initially viewed with fear, frustration or disgust, but we’re asked to try to discern the possible underlying reasons. Some events may revolve around the exposure of scandals as well as long withheld secrets (e.g. by governments, corporations, religious bodies). As such, it is forecast that there will be many cases of public outrage, civil unrest and demonstrations. Another channeler of divine messages, Daryl Anka also highlighted that something impactful will indeed happen this year, and the major changes that follow in subsequent years thereafter will have its origins in 2016.

Allison’s opinion for this year, coincides with Lee Carroll’s divine channeling years ago, that events that happen this year will compel humanity to take action. In other words, no one can be unaffected anymore. Sitting on the sidelines won’t seem to be a plausible option . Also, because of the far-reaching effects, she feels more people are likely to be unbalanced and some will go to extremes in their behavior. She hopes people will stay positive, grounded and help each other when it matters, as the energy of 9 also rewards those who are benevolent, in the long run.

Oddly, apart from compiling 2016 predictions from other people, I had an impulse to obtain an oracle card message for humanity from Archangel Michael for the very first time. (Note: In the past, I have done many card readings for people with that angel’s help, but it’s always about personal messages and never on a global scale.) For the said purpose, I used a deck called Angel Tarot Cards, and the card that came up was Major Arcana Card No. 20 entitled ‘RENEWAL’ . The key message says that we are at a crossroads / near the end / on the threshold of making an important change! The card prompts us to review what needs to be transformed, healed or released. Looking at these messages, it seems very consistent with that from the aforementioned information by others.

On a positive tone, predictions have also been made that there will be more advanced technology introduced this year. One of the fields that will benefit from it, is the medical line, where non-invasive / non-surgical procedures are said to be introduced, that will help eliminate the risks of surgery. There might also be some progress in the technology of sea water desalination.

Despite most of the above predictions sounding very ominous, Lee Carroll has mentioned before that it is somewhat akin to pruning a tree. Things may look ugly before it gets better. As such, I believe tolerance, compassion and perseverance are the 3 key ingredients to cross this threshold of Recalibration of humanity. In summary, this Year of 9 seems to be an imperative year for tying loose ends and that may necessitate reviewing things (e.g. career, relationships, governance, laws, belief systems) from a higher vantage point. Possibly, everyone needs to take a long hard look at why things happen as they do and see unfolding events as opportunities for our input to make living on Earth fairer, kinder, more harmonious and sustainable. The era of being a passive observer and blindly accepting information from ‘people in power’ as truths, is slowly fading away. It has been shared by many gifted and intuitive people, that business (personal or global) CANNOT be as usual, as the energy of these times does not support status quo, especially if there is no integrity or honesty. Lessons not acknowledged now, will likely repeat themselves and may appear more frequently in various circumstances.

… And this will then lead to a new cycle in Year 2017 (2+0+1+7=10 & 1+0=1) , the Year of 1 that spells new beginnings…another step towards the Ascension of Humanity to Unity Consciousness.


[Note: As mentioned in my e-book , Passion For Truths, released years ago, the Arab Spring of Year 2011 that saw the fall of many dictators in the Middle East, will lead to something that is better despite the chaos perceived by many. Indeed some positive effect has come into fruition, as last year’s Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet, a small group of influential individuals who helped restore the democratic governance in Tunisia. The country has since adopted a new constitution. The Chairman of the Nobel Committee even described it as “the most egalitarian and democratic constitution in the Arab world”. Thus, Darkness can certainly be a seed for Light, and Year 2016 may just provide more of such seeds. ]

The Year 2014 Predictions

Year 2014 , according to zodiac studies, is the Year of the Horse. This zodiac sign signifies strength,adventure and progress. In numerology, this is the year of 7 (2+0+1+4) or Year of Divinity/Spirituality. Apparently, the energetic potentials seem to be about speeding up or moving forward in creating the lives we crave for based on divine principles e.g. compassion, truth and fairness . By now, many gifted people have given their predictions for this year and the following probabilities were gathered from clairvoyants such as Doreen Virtue; psychic sisters, Linda & Terry Jamison; energy intuitive, Dana Mrkich; channelers , Steve Rother & Lee Carroll and numerologist Glynis McCants.


World Weather/Energy
– Major storms, hurricanes, typhoons are likely to continue, as Earth has moved into a new cycle that is leading the world to a phenomenon called Global Cooling. Relocation would be necessary for many people due to devastation of properties. The cooling is part of a longer weather cycle that takes place on the planet and it will eventually lead to a mini Ice Age. (Note: It has to be emphasized that the violent weather fluctuations Earth has been seeing the past years do not signify the end of humanity. The Doomsday prophecies have already been invalidated by a shift in human consciousness on the planet.)
– As far as infusion of energies from the Sun is concerned, it is claimed that there will be lesser intensity of solar flares since the Sun’s magnetic polarity has already flipped/reversed after completing its 11-year cycle in 2013. (Last year saw an incredible amount of X-class solar flares which affected human’s psyche. Hence, grounding was extremely important in that year.)

– A continuation of the collapsing of governing systems is also predicted, due to further revelations of corruption and scandals in 2014. We are literally living in a new paradigm of ‘No More Secrets’ as the pervasiveness of the Internet has ensured a free flow of information, which is affecting the livelihood of corrupted leaders/officials. As such there will be a great resistance from those in power to give up their posts. Due to this resistance to change, more public demonstrations are very likely to continue.
– New leaders of the future will tend to display greater Divine Feminine energy i.e. co-operative/compassionate than authoritative . More women will assume top positions too.

– Groups of people would likely be formed to fight for a common cause. In other words, activism would be the continuing trend of 2014.

Terrorism/Cyber Attacks
– Terrorists (both domestic and foreign) would seem to be more diverse and intelligent in plotting their acts. Attacks in places with lower security levels are likely to be targeted.
– Cyber attacks on financial institutions would likely occur again this year.

Medical/Health scene
– It is predicted that medical breakthroughs will take place in fertility treatments, breast & lung cancer, advancement in stem cell research and mental health/depression cures.
– More people are estimated to seek complementary healing modalities (e.g homeopathy) and consume greater amount of organic food, as they realise the negative effects of preservatives/artificial coloring found in ‘modern food’ . Mental and emotional detoxification will likely be emphasized too.

Personal experiences
– This year could be labelled as the year of divine introspection – unpleasant/major events that take place this year may nudge us into asking questions – “Who am I?’, ‘What is the meaning of Life?’ . There is a high probability that this will lead people into a spiritual path, which they have avoided for so long. Epiphanies would likely be encountered too, as many people start to look inward for answers.
– People will also likely find themselves experiencing a greater number of synchronicities as well as prophetic dreams.
– Year 2014 carries the potential of greater success than last year, especially for those who are not averse to risk-taking. The key would be to let go the fear of the unknown, and do things that give us the greatest joy in life.
– Metaphysicians have been stressing over the last two decades, that our bodies are shifting away from being carbon-based to crystalline-based, due to the Ascension process that has been taking place since 1987’s Harmonic Convergence. It means that we are becoming more of a spiritual being than a dense physical being by carrying more light energy than before. (Note: Interestingly, a healer friend of mine, related that a clairvoyant actually saw the atoms inside the human body vibrating faster than before). This translates into us being more sensitive, telepathic and intuitive. Apart from that, our DNAs will tend to respond to our consciousness better, leading to more cases of natural/spontaneous remissions.


Only a year has passed since the significant marker Year 2012. As such greater transformation will take place at all levels – personal , societal and global. Unresolved issues or those suppressed matters will continue to surface for humanity to deal with. Increased chaos, polarization, economic/business failures merely imply that in order for things to get better, it has to reach breaking point for people to come up with new ideas to tackle the long standing matters. And that… is laying the foundation for the New Earth.

Blessed are the human beings who see chaos as opportunities for changing the environment for the better.

And so it is.