Productive Use Of Time & Energy

I just read an article concerning the lead singer of the successful band called Imagine Dragons, lamenting how bands often criticize one another. He couldn’t comprehend why people do such things. Although I am not really a big fan of this group, I am aware that cristicisms and crude sarcasms are so prevalent these days and it’s not just in the entertainment industry but also in the political arena. The lead singer, Dan Reynolds said “We have a finite amount of time while we are here to create change and to do great things, to do big things. It’s just to me, counterproductive to all of us as artistes to engage in menial, self-indulgent conversation..”.

Dan added that he attended a seminar whereby Oprah Winfrey described how she got to where she is today. Apparently Oprah expressed that it was all about our intention i.e. “Where do we spend our time?” , “How do we spend our words?” and “What are we going to do with our finite time on Earth?” . In my opinion many people don’t use their time and energy productively. Interestingly, this ties in with the messages channeled from the Other Side by Mr. Lee Carroll which described the general population as little kids in a playground making a lot of noises. Sometime ago, an Archangel described to me the Soul Age (not human age) of most humans here and it seems that the majority of people are just Young Souls, with lower levels of wisdom. Hence many humans are immature and their behavior tends to be self-serving. Lee Carroll’s channeled messages suggested that the more mature souls ought not force these inexperienced Young Souls to change as compulsion often does not lead to desired results. Instead, such people are asked to lead by example – by being tolerant, compassionate and peaceful. As one maintains calmness in the midst of chaos, it is going to cause others to wonder how such a person could achieve that. At some point in time, these younger souls may want to seek advice or help in developing these traits in themselves.

However, one needs to remember that a change in Consciousness takes time. For the moment, I believe it is better for us to do a Life Review of ourselves by asking ourselves questions like the following:

“AM I living to my fullest potential?” and if not, “How can I be the best version of myself?” Such contemplation may lead us to action that utilizes our personal time and energy more productively.

The Radiance Of Freddie Mercury!

“Never try to fit in…Try to stand out..Be true to yourself …Find your own uniqueness.”

The aforementioned advice was from the spirit of Freddie Mercury (of the legendary band Queen) as recently received by psychic medium Emamuelle McIntosh for musicians , singers & performers.

The advice makes a lot sense and I believe it is also applicable to anyone who seeks success in living out their dreams, whatever these may be.

The spirit of the late singer went on to explain that to succeed, one needs to believe in oneself. He asked rhetorically, “How can we expect other people to see the potential in us, if we don’t see it in ourselves?”

Freddie also explained that the AIDS he had was part of his soul purpose to plant a seed of compassion in the masses. Back then even certain doctors were afraid to be close to such patients and dared not touch them. In addition, the general public were so afraid of contracting AIDS that they literally shunned such people. However things have changed for the better since then as there is much more support now.

Freddie’s revelation doesn’t surprise me as we do come to Earth to live out our soul purpose. Deep within, we know what our mission is. Life is always purposeful and meaningful.. especially if we become the catalyst for growth of others.

Messages From Beyond – Michael Jackson

There are many gifted people who are able to talk to ‘the departed’ and the more established mediums are people like John Edwards, James Van Praagh, Lisa Williams and Teresa Caputo, who have all done live readings on TV shows and have written best selling books. However , not too long ago, a lesser known medium by the name of Emanuelle McIntosh has impressed me with her mediumship ‘talent’ . One of her more interesting sessions (recorded on YouTube) is her spirit communication with the legendary Michael Jackson. I was so touched by that reading and the information revealed by the late singer about his personal life. Interestingly, while watching the video, I received a divine nudge to write about that session. Hence, the reason for this blogpost.

As most people would already know, Michael was a talented but extremely private person. In the aforesaid spirit communication, Michael revealed that he had no one to really open up to during his incarnation and was also suspicious of the motives of those who appeared to be supportive of him. He explained that his strict and harsh upbringing by his father Joseph, had a huge negative impact on his character. He lamented that he didn’t have the time to grow up naturally like other children. He was forced to train hard and was put into the limelight at an early age. Because of all the scolding and beating by his father when he didn’t lived up to his expectation, he was in constant fear and his self-worth was diminished. He also felt guilty when his brothers were punished by his father, when they didn’t perform as well as him during training. All the trauma led him to become a guarded and reclusive adult. When he was alone, he spent a lot of time day-dreaming and that ironically helped him receive divine inspiration for his songs easily. As such, he didn’t need to sit down and struggle to write the next song, like other artistes.

According to the spirit of Michael, his happiest moments came when he was playing with children, because he felt those children were just being themselves and had no filters like adults. He also clarified that he had never abused the kids. His biggest regret was that he never got a chance to find his true self, because he was forced to become an adult at an early age. Also, he was never taught to express his emotions and as such, had to keep his feelings all to himself. Despite the turmoil he went through, the millions of lives who were touched by his effort made his struggle worth it. His parting words were for parents to give ample room and time to their children to grow and discover themselves gradually. Even if the children made mistakes, he explained that every set back, should be viewed as a step up. This last statement reminds me of the advice by many holistic healers that it is imperative for everyone to nurture their inner child…to always live, play and grow at his/her own pace.

To those who wish to listen to the Youtube clip, just click on the link below.

(Note: Because Earth is a planet of free will, it’s entirely up to the viewer to believe the content of the aforementioned video or otherwise.)

Fame & Fortune

I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer.

– quote of wisdom from the famous actor/comedian Jim Carrey.

One Matters

When we look at the mirror, the image we see is our Master.

When we solve our problems and become our saviour, we create a frequency that may benefit others as they can tap into the resonance of solution and apply it in their lives.

This is because we are all living in an energy matrix that intertwines with our consciousness. Some have labelled this as the “butterfly effect”. Others have called it the “100th monkey effect”.

As humans continue to further liberate themselves from oppression of any kind – gender bias, dictatorship, emotional blackmails, religious dogmas, corrupt pratices,etc, the world will ascend and evolve into a new matrix of higher frequencies. In so doing, the behaviors of new humans born will also change in tandem.

And all this starts from our personal effort of solving our daily issues. As such, we should never underestimate our contribution to society at large. Our action creates far reaching ripples that most cannot imagine… and that is the power of a sovereign person.

Thus, even one person does make a difference in this world.

(Note : The above information is derived from many gifted / intuitive people who have been channeling divine messages for many years e.g. Magenta Pixie, Lee Carroll and Wendy Kennedy.)

… And Why We Get Married

Many people in this world, have been brought up with this notion that there is need for one to get married when a person reaches adulthood. Girls, especially, have been fed with stories of how a man would someday be their romantic partner who will ‘complete’ their lives. Even till today, a lot of people are looking for their soul mates. My reiki healing cases have validated revelations from the Other Side that each person’s marriage or romantic life partner, fulfills a purpose that can be quite different from the aforesaid general opinion. Often it is about the life lessons that a soul has chosen to undergo when a person enters a marriage. Sometimes it’s about karma, especially when relationships are problematic. Many divorcees feel disillusioned or cheated that marriage isn’t what it was made up to be, by their parents or society.

World famous entertainer and divorcee, Jennifer Lopez who does not want to get remarried was quoted as saying –
“As girls, I think we are taught from a very young age that someone is going to bring us our happiness. Everybody that I met was going to be the guy I was going to spend my life with.

And then you realize. : ‘I am strong, I am my own keeper…my own saviour’. That has been the journey for me.”

Jennifer’s self-observation is a good testimony about how we should not stereotype marriages. I opine that the best reflection one could go through, when one is in a relationship, is to ask the question …

‘What can I learn from or contribute to this relationship?’

By going deep within our consciousness, our own inner wisdom can help us save ourselves from heartaches, if the relationship goes south. Apart from giving us emotional comfort, marriages also create for us many scenarios that serve different purposes, such as opportunities for :

Practicing tolerance and compassion,
Learning perseverance,
Supporting each other,
Being empathetic,
Building up courage (especially in an abusive relationship),
Working for a common cause, etc..

Many gifted mediums and psychics, have channeled consistent information that souls on the Other Side don’t get married , unlike humans, because they are aware that every single being is already part of the same family from Source. As such, they feel no need to create ‘loving relationships or bonds’ , because a benevolent relationship already exists with all of them. It is one that speaks of Unconditional Love, and not a relationship that is so fragile that an ego can shatter it easily by way of divorce. This is because, in the spiritual realm, souls cognize the meaning of Oneness and know that there is no separation between themselves.

And I believe, this is one of the greatest challenges on planet Earth. Incarnated souls like us, need to recover from spiritual amnesia and understand what relationships are for. Out of that comes growth in our character.

Much to learn from life’s experiences, there is…

Honoring Each Other


(Note : Derived from Sanskrit , Namaste is a greeting often practiced in India as well as by other spiritual people around the world. Usually performed with a slight bow and palms held together.)

Life Starts With Self

“My Perception is my present Reality,

My Belief …. eventually becomes my Destiny.”

Global Terrorism – The Darkest Humans

Astrologers and experts in esoteric studies speak of Life as being cyclical instead of linear. Some scientists are also now talking about time fractals and former senior computer systems designer and author Gregg Braden even merged ancient and modern world views into a powerful new model of time in his book, Fractal Time. It has been concurred by many, that humanity is now experiencing a new cycle of times – the new Golden Age or the Age of Aquarius, that implies freedom , self-empowerment and technology. One may even describe it as the Age of Enlightenment.

Many years ago, gifted Lee Carroll channeled a divine message that there will come a time when everyone can speak to each other and when that happens, there can be no more secrets. Later another intuitive person by the name of Steve Rother also channeled a similar message. What was inferred was the Internet. As we recognize now, so many leaders of countries, corporations and even celebrities who lack integrity have fallen from grace through the exposure of scandals via the World Wide Web. As such, the Internet is the tool to correct darkness.

Thus, it can be discerned that there is now greater liberation of truths, for the betterment of societies. However, certain quarters are not in favor of such transparency, as it affects their livelihood. These are known as the darkest humans – those who have intense greed for power, control and money. They have also been given names like Illuminati and Cabal. A day after the horrific attacks in Paris (November 2015), an angelic group (Kryon) channeled through Lee Carroll, that because there is an infusion of metaphoric light (integrity, equality, transparency) on the planet, the dark ones are fighting back aggressively. The message emphasized that the apparent terrorism is not really a battle of religions. Instead the acts of terror are funded by those who wish the world to be in a chaotic environment, so that greed and corruption could prevail. Lee’s divine advice to fight the dark humans is not by way force, as violence begets violence. Instead, governments are asked to find the money trail to cut off the funding to the terrorists and hinted a term called ‘International Transparent Forensic Accounting’. Also, Kryon explained that some politicians are aware of the despicable funding and have been asked to do the right thing, to set things straight.

People who don’t believe that humans can channel messages from the Other Side, may opine that the explanation above is nonsensical and prefer to buy into the fear of religion, instead. At this point, it is good to note that not too long ago, a major bank has been charged with ‘organizational deficiencies’ that enabled money laundering by its clients. It has been said that the clients are associated with criminal activities and even terrorism. This lends credence to the aforementioned channelings. Nevertheless, humans have free choice to react in whatever manner they choose to. Those who believe the issue is a religious battle, will continue to propagate Islamophobia and polarization. And such is the challenge on planet Earth – a test of free will.

The Aquarian Age has indeed delivered new technologies to facilitate worldwide communications and this in turn is creating an awakening of the masses. The battle of Light and Dark that so many religions speak of is actually not about God vs Demon/Satan. Instead it is a metaphor of the opposing choices of Dark and Light, that are available to each Soul that inhabits a human vehicle. Hence, a human can be as dark as Hitler or as light/radiant as Mother Teresa/Gandhi. This new Age that is upon us, carries the potential that supports the Light of integrity and unity far better than the preceding Age. Blessed are those who discern and capitalise on it and move away from blaming God for forsaking them in intermittent periods of darkness. It has been said by many spiritual teachers, that we ARE the ones we have been waiting for, to create a more peaceful and benevolent world, through mindful and wise choices.

And so it is.

Dissolution Of Gender Bias

On Dec 12, Saudi Arabia held its first-ever election open to female voters and candidates, for seats on municipal councils, the kingdom’s sole elected public chambers. It is reported that this is the last country where only men had been allowed to vote.

“To tell you the truth, I’m not running to win,” said Dr Amal Badreldin al-Sawari, 60, a female candidate.

“I think I have done the winning by running.” – referring to the change that is finally taking place in her country, that pre-dominantly favors the males.

The event is definitely significant and is one of the many examples of the recalibration of humanity that has been going on in the last two decades, whereby the wisdom within recognizes the equality of genders. Other well-known cases are where females have secured the top post of their country i.e. the post of Prime Minister / President. Even in the entertainment industry, women are gaining more recognition.

Many gifted people who channel messages from the Other Side have already revealed this many years ago about the balancing of masculine and feminine energies potential on Earth. They emphasized that it is NOT really about the balancing of physical gender but of the characteristics associated with the two energies. Masculine generally represents brute strength, dominance and leadership whereas feminine relates to diplomacy, compassion and co-operation. Clairvoyants and other gifted people who see and communicate with Spirits have described consistently that each person has a combination of both masculine and feminine energies, although women generally tend to carry more feminine energy, and men, the masculine. However, none is better than the other and a balance of both is what we should strive for, on this planet of duality (Yin & Yang).

Hence, the aforesaid groundbreaking news in Saudi Arabia is indeed pleasant to my ears as equality is slowly being created in that country. Although I support certain feminists, I disagree with some of their speeches that demonize the males. Criticising the men in general to uplight the rights of the women is not the ideal way to seek balance, I believe i.e. two ‘wrongs’ don’t make a ‘right’. It is imperative to understand not all men behave like brutes. And so… the emergence of the term ‘metrosexual’ is also another good sign in our present times, as it honors the feminine qualities or ‘softness’ in men.

For a very long time, the feminine energy has been suppressed on the planet through free choice of the humans, leading to a great imbalance in societies. The masculine energy has been so prevalent that it had led humans to go into war with one another for the last few centuries or more. It has been said that the Nothern Hemisphere represents the Masculine energy, whereas the Southern represents the Feminine and that probably explains why most wars were started by countries above the equator. But during these times, a balancing is finally taking place as revealed by many spiritual people including Drunvalo Melchizedek , author (of Serpent of Light: Beyond 2012) and teacher of our human light body (the Mer-Ka-Ba). Accordingly, the Kundalini (life force) of the planet has shifted from India/Tibet to South America. So, it is not a coincidence that the current Pope Francis hails from the south and is seemingly more inclusive and compassionate in his teachings and leadership, than his predecessor.

May Equality prevail for the highest good of All.

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