Pointless Arguments

Certain wise and spiritual individuals have explained that lower Consciousness cannot look up to the level of higher Consciousness. However, higher Consciousness can look down at the level of lower Consciousness. Also not all humans are at the same level of Enlightenment. What this implies is that every human has a different perspective of life based upon their experiences. Often people who have undergone much trials and tribulations in Life would tend to have a broader understanding of what it’s all about. Their expanded level of wisdom and empathy, helps them deal with daily drama with compassion. Such people understand that arguing with someone is often counter-productive especially if that person is of a lower Consciousness. Trying to compel others who lack awareness, to see things from their point of view is like trying to describe colors to a blind person. Hence, a more experienced person would prefer to take the proverbial high road to avoid confrontation and afford others time to learn and grow at their own pace. And so in their mind, they agree to disagree.

Accumulating wisdom in Life teaches one to see the futility of arguments as one recognizes these as a non-productive use of personal energy. Instead, making peace with others would create a much more harmonious social environment for all. When we disengage from the wheel of arguments, the gear of Life shifts into neutral. And neutrality paves the path for Peace on Earth.


Nurturing Mother Earth

Most people in this world tend to have the opinion that Earth is just a physical planet revolving around the Sun, with no Consciousness. However to the indigenous and gifted people whose sensitivity level is above average, they will insist that there’s a living consciousness (often called Gaia) within it just like there is a soul inside the human body. This is because such people can and have communicated with Earth’s sentience before.

Not too long ago, when haze caused by the annual land clearing through burning in Indonesia created great air pollution to its neighboring countries, I organized several group prayers and energy healing sessions to counteract them. Our activities included the appealing to the forces of nature to assist. Interestingly, one of the participants was a gifted lady who actually received a message from Gaia, during our sessions. Apparently, Gaia lamented the way humans treated her. There was hardly any gratitude for all she provided to humanity. In other words, most humans have taken her resources for granted. When we received that message, our group offered our love and appreciation to Gaia and apologized on behalf of humanity. At this juncture, skeptics may laugh when they read this blogpost… but after one of our sessions, rain poured the very next day which cleared the haze in the atmosphere of our housing area. One of my friends, who opted not to participate in our group energy work, was amazed that our collective effort yielded positive results!

Most humans today are not grounded and have lost their connection with Gaia. We forget that every single atom of our physical body came from the dirt of the Earth. Also, we forget that although the material things that we own might have been bought with our hard earned salary, these things still belong to Earth. When we die, our soul will have to part ways with these, so we are merely borrowing them for a finite period.

I believe it’s the greed and arrogance of humanity that is causing the quick depletion of natural resources, which in turn is creating a karmic boomerang back to humanity such as soil erosion and flood due to uncontrolled deforestation.

I feel it is very appropriate that in April, the 4th month of the year, for humanity to acknowledge and appreciate Mother Earth. In numerology, the number 4 connotes Gaia. Conservation and recycling would also go a long way in sustaining Earth’s resources, apart from turning off the lights on April 22 (termed Earth Day).

Just as humans are to learn to live in harmony with each other, we also need to nurture our relationship with Mother Earth, for the existence of both are deeply intertwined.

The Radiance Of Freddie Mercury!

“Never try to fit in…Try to stand out..Be true to yourself …Find your own uniqueness.”

The aforementioned advice was from the spirit of Freddie Mercury (of the legendary band Queen) as recently received by psychic medium Emamuelle McIntosh for musicians , singers & performers.

The advice makes a lot sense and I believe it is also applicable to anyone who seeks success in living out their dreams, whatever these may be.

The spirit of the late singer went on to explain that to succeed, one needs to believe in oneself. He asked rhetorically, “How can we expect other people to see the potential in us, if we don’t see it in ourselves?”

Freddie also explained that the AIDS he had was part of his soul purpose to plant a seed of compassion in the masses. Back then even certain doctors were afraid to be close to such patients and dared not touch them. In addition, the general public were so afraid of contracting AIDS that they literally shunned such people. However things have changed for the better since then as there is much more support now.

Freddie’s revelation doesn’t surprise me as we do come to Earth to live out our soul purpose. Deep within, we know what our mission is. Life is always purposeful and meaningful.. especially if we become the catalyst for growth of others.

Honoring The Trinity.

Three great souls have left our plane of existence in the Year 2011. As the year comes to an end, gratitude of the highest order is expressed to the following three souls who have created a major impact in the lives of humankind.

Steve Jobs ~
The great entrepreneur who encouraged people to think outside the box. A soul who persistently reminded people to live a life fueled by passion and not a life of regret. Without that burning desire of passion, nothing truly great is ever achieved in life. When we dim our fire of passion with fears and doubts, our potential diminishes accordingly.

Jerry Hicks ~
One half of the couple whose teaching have been based on the channeling of Divine Abraham, which highlighted to us the presence of Law of Attraction and how all of humanity could benefit from it. The teachings constantly prompted us to understand that we attract the people who come into our lives. The masses were taught to be aware of the flow of life and the suffering that ensues when people opt to go against it.

Sai Baba ~
The spiritual guru with great manifestation powers, who was labelled the Living God, taught the world to see that we are One. He reminded us that challenges are part and parcel of life. As such, he advised everyone not to fret over the difficulties but instead to find courage within ourselves to deal with them. He also explained that the many religions of the world are different paths to God as nothing in this world is not of the essence of the divine Creator.

The physical selves of the Trinity may have left our world but their teachings and wisdom remain very much alive as their light continues to illuminate our consciousness.

We thank them for having lived a meaningful life and in the process, aiding us in finding the meaning in ours, as well.

Blessings to them!

What Do You See?

Student: Master, I think we must increase our frequency of prayers.

Master: May I ask why?

Student: Don’t you read the news? The world is falling apart.

Master: May I ask how?

Student: So many horrible events have taken place – I don’t even know where to begin.

Master: Focus not on the severity of problems and just begin.

Student: Well, so many earthquakes have taken place. Look at the wreckage the tsunami has caused Japan. The affected nuclear power plants pose huge risks now!

Master: Did volunteers not spring up from everywhere to help out during these occasions? Did it not cause the masses to clamor for safer forms of energy?

Student: Er.. Yes , on both accounts. But master, the situation in the Middle East is unthinkable. So many lives have been lost. The revolution is scary!

Master: And what is the reason for the revolution? For dominance or for liberation?

Student: I suppose it is the latter…. Master, there is great turmoil in the financial situations of USA, Europe and other countries. They are calling it a meltdown!

Master: How did we come to this state? Were they operating their business on the basis of integrity or greed? Did they embrace sustainability or quick gains?

Student: Hmm… I think I understand what you are trying to say. So, we should not worry about it right?

Master: On the contrary. We should worry when the masses still do not see the big picture. The biggest lessons are upon us. When we own up to the problems we have created, we start to understand accountability. Freedom is a given on this planet. When we take this gift of free will for granted, we will have to face its divine brother.

Student: Divine brother?

Master: In one word – “Consequence”.

Purpose Of Our Journey

“On a spiritual level, we have promises to keep and lessons to master.

As life’s road twists and turns, there are always moments to learn about ourselves.

We come here so that our souls may evolve.

That is the only journey that is worthwhile.”

– A quote from James Van Praagh , clairvoyant & co-executive producer of the hit TV series “Ghost Whisperer”.