One Matters

When we look at the mirror, the image we see is our Master.

When we solve our problems and become our saviour, we create a frequency that may benefit others as they can tap into the resonance of solution and apply it in their lives.

This is because we are all living in an energy matrix that intertwines with our consciousness. Some have labelled this as the “butterfly effect”. Others have called it the “100th monkey effect”.

As humans continue to further liberate themselves from oppression of any kind – gender bias, dictatorship, emotional blackmails, religious dogmas, corrupt pratices,etc, the world will ascend and evolve into a new matrix of higher frequencies. In so doing, the behaviors of new humans born will also change in tandem.

And all this starts from our personal effort of solving our daily issues. As such, we should never underestimate our contribution to society at large. Our action creates far reaching ripples that most cannot imagine… and that is the power of a sovereign person.

Thus, even one person does make a difference in this world.

(Note : The above information is derived from many gifted / intuitive people who have been channeling divine messages for many years e.g. Magenta Pixie, Lee Carroll and Wendy Kennedy.)

Our Relationship

Many people enter into and exit from relationships, with great disappointment and pain.

They look for love and a partner to help complete their ‘half’.

Unbeknownst to them, they are already ‘complete’ on their own.

Not apparent to them is also the fact that their relationship with others need not be created …

For this already exists.

Truly we are part of One big family of souls.

The bond is sacred.

The relationship is eternal.

If at all one still desires to search ….

Then let the search begin from within.

In the end, the Love for self ….. is the Love for all.

True love is unconditional.