Music Heals

“Being human is hard and we need every tool and resource we can get to ease our fears and concerns; music is a very powerful medicine that can help us do that. So in the music that I make, I put into it the ingredients and the thoughts and wisdom and knowledge that I have acquired or heard in my life. I put it together in the song so that when I sing it, I can always drink that medicine of love, forgiveness, hope, patience and peace….

Because everybody needs a hug and I want my music to be a hug. The world is so competitive and the news can show us so many bad things. I want to use media as a positive tool.”

– singer/songwriter Jason Mraz

Death Separates Us Not

“Over Mountains,

Over Trees,

Over Oceans,

Over Seas,

I’ll be there.

In a whisper on the wind,

On the smile of a new friend,

Just think of me,

And I’ll be there.

Don’t be afraid, oh my love..

I’ll be watching you from above,

And I’d give all the world tonight,

To be with you.

‘Cause I’m on your side,

And I still care,

I may have died,

But I’ve gone nowhere.

Just think of me,

And I’ll be there.”


The above are part of the lyrics of a hauntingly beautiful hit song called “I’ll be there” by the group, The Escape Club. Its meaningful lyrics accurately depict how souls of deceased still care for the living. I say this with conviction because quite recently Archangel Raphael ( often known as the Healing Angel ) , visited and informed me that a male spirit requires assistance in crossing over to the Other Side. This spirit was the late husband of a friend of mine, whom I have not been in touch for some time.

To obtain more information about this predicament, I contacted a very intuitive lady who was closer to the wife of that spirit. This gifted lady confirmed that our common friend’s husband did pass away not too long ago. When I explained that the Archangel wanted me to assist the spirit, my intuitive friend said she sensed the spirit was reluctant to leave the human realm because the widow needed help. The wife misses the husband and was also worrying over certain issues. Apparently the spirit wanted to pass certain messages to his wife to help her before he leaves for the Spirit world. With this revelation, I subsequently explained to the said lady and she replied that it made sense. This is because she felt a ‘presence’ in her house was trying to get her attention lately but didn’t know its identity!

So the aforesaid lyrics “Just think of me, and I’ll be there” rings true in this particular case. And to those whom have lost loved ones and are missing them dearly, you may rest in comfort knowing that those souls STILL care for us and are just a thought away.

From A Distance

“From a distance, we all have enough,
And no one is in need.
And there are no guns, no bombs and no disease,
No hungry mouths to feed.
From a distance, we are instruments
Marching in a common band.
Playing songs of hope, playing songs of peace.
They are songs of every man.

From a distance, you look like my friend,
Even though we are at war.
From a distance, I just can’t comprehend,
What all this fighting is for.
From a distance, there is harmony,
And it echoes through the land.
And it’s the hope of hopes, it’s the love of loves.
It’s the heart of every man.”

– An extract of the lyrics from the song “From A Distance” as sung by Bette Midler.

[Songs which are meaningful can hold much wisdom and can stand the test of time. One of such songs, I opine is the aforementioned , which was very written. Words and rhythm of the song resonates with my soul.]


Now everyday ain’t gonna be no picnic
Life ain’t a walk in the park
All you can do is make the best of it now
Can’t be afraid of the dark

Just know that you’re not in this thing alone
There’s always a place… you can call home

Anything that’s worth having
Is sure enough, worth fighting for
Quitting’s out of the question
When it gets tough
Gotta fight some more

(The above is an edited version of the lyrics of Cheryl Cole’s morale boosting song, ‘Fight For This Love’.)

On A Night With A Sky Full Of Stars

Happiness requires no reason…
Just as Love needs no justification.
It’s real and palpable.
And that’s all that matters.

To be simply in awe with life &
At peace with Self,
In a sky full of stars.

And I don’t care if world events try to tear me apart,
‘Cause in my heart,
It’s such a heavenly view.
It gets lighter as the night gets darker,
In a sky full of stars.

Though apart,
I think I still see you…

*The above writing is dedicated to anyone who has lost loved ones and who is longing for them to make a connection. Though no longer in a corporeal body, the departed are just a thought away. Love is a tie that binds and never dies.
**Writing inspired by Coldplay’s hit song, ‘A Sky Full Of Stars.’ The energy of this song can heal deep seated wounds and lift one’s spirit.

Time To See Life Differently

And I used to opine :-

“The rain got me….
The Streets hushed me …
Events dazed me…
Time aged me…
The world overwhelmed me.”

Time and again, I realized …
That which I choose to see …
And that which I choose to believe…
Becomes my reality.

But in the end…
Only Love saved me …
Thus when Faith brushed me …
The clouds faded before me …
To help me see …
That I can be …
As strong as I choose to be …

And that’s the Time …
When Life truly touched me …
And never again,
Will I lose sight …
Of the great central Sun –
That is the Light within me …
As radiant as Love can ever be …

And now,
I shall always see …
The beauty in Life …
That has always been there …
For all to see … externally.

And that was how …
I made peace …
With my Reality –
The Unconditional Love …
That has always resided …
Within you and me …
And that which lasts …
An eternity.

With an open heart …
I now see differently :

“The rain actually cleansed me …
The Streets taught me …
Events amazed me …
Timed graced me …
The world enlightened me.”

(Note : The writing above was inspired by the touching song called “Time & Again” by the pop group , A-ha.)

What Makes A Good Life?

What makes a good chef is the willingness to savor all types of taste, without being judgmental. Only then can the chef conjure the finest cuisine, by his mastery in tastes.

In the same manner, what makes a good life, is the variety of flavors that underpin the experiences.

Sweet moments create fond memories,
Bitter experiences test resilience,
Sour relationship teaches tolerance, and
Spicy times excite life.

When such wisdom colors my understanding,
Who am I to belittle our existence in this unique world,
That provides all the diverse ingredients?

And so… with clarity I ask a rhetoric question-
“What’s there to complain about?”
For this could really be a good life,
A good … Good Life!

(Writing inspired by One Republic’s song called ‘A Good Life’.)

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