And after all is said and done…

Who really knows if there is a right or wrong?

I guess life is like a cup…

Where we just fill it up..and up

With experiences of being sober and sometimes feeling drunk.

And isn’t that why we find ourselves here again?

To quench our thirst for life.

We just love to mix it up…and fill it up.

Like a bartender’s cocktail.

And so, to our love for LIFE..

Let’s drink it up!

(Note: The above writing was inspired by James Blunt’s song called “Bartender”.)

Just Quit Complaining!

“What you have or what you don’t have is not caused by others.
You are responsible for it.”

“If you don’t like a particular experience, then choose another.”

The above messages channeled from the Other Side by intuitive people resonate with me especially in my present healing work. Quite often, upon mediation I realize that the problems my clients face are attributable to themselves in some way. This reminds me of the basis of Law of Attraction. A common scenario would be a client complaining how bad his situation is but who ironically refuses to change his attitude/approach towards resolving the matter. Hence, I can see the person is stuck in a time loop of self-fulfilling prophecy. Many of my clients don’t seem to understand that the more they complain about life, the more issues there will be for them to complain about in the future. It’s because of the vibrations they are exuding and the Universe just responds accordingly by sending them back similar ones.

Years ago, the same scenario happened to me when I frequently lamented about the never ending list of problems I had to solve in my previous employment. At that time, my work problems kept piling up despite my all the effort to solve them. Then one day, a thought just came to me which said ” Stop complaining. Just focus on solving the issues at hand.” I had no idea where it came from but my gut feeling then was just to adhere to it. As I focussed on solving the issues diligently while resisting the temptation to complain about them, I then noticed the outstanding list became shorter. Fewer and fewer complications arose and I then found my workload much more manageable. It was indeed a huge lesson for me. It is as though the world is a huge mirror reflecting back to us the picture we project on it.

With the above knowledge, I understand why spiritual people insist that life is fair. To complain is just to misuse our personal power, thereby perpetuating unpleasant scenarios. On the hand, if we expand our consciousness to happiness, then that is what we will draw into our lives. However I am not implying that challenges will totally cease to surface in the future if we do so, because our souls did choose certain lessons to learn while incarnating. Projecting positive thoughts merely paves the way for solutions to arrive instead of attracting more complications. As I am finishing this blog post, a thought just came and it goes something like this…

“Move out of human drama… and you will drop your negative karma.”

Life’s Journey

Life can be such a mystery,
Much seems hidden like there is no destiny,
Sometimes it’s like an emergency,
With all the noise,
That has no congruency,
Just like a fallacy,
But when my mind has made up,
I just want to be,
Who I choose to be,
With none of the hypocrisy,
That permeates society,
And that shall end up,
In the annals of history,
As my personal legacy.

..And Nothing But The Truth.

“The best news is one that speaks of truth.
Though sometimes it won’t be pleasant to our ears,
It is something that will always …
Resonate with our conscience.
And those who allow their conscience to surface,
See the least reasons to be angry,
With a world that is always changing.
For change is the constant,
And denial is the resistance.”

Time For Clearing

Gripped by fear of insecurity,
Frozen in thoughts of violence,
Paralyzed by moments of disaster.

Indeed, how does one proceed under such circumstances? As time goes by, more and more issues will surface to compel us to face our present day worries and concerns. We live not in an age that persuades us to skirt around the pressing matters. Instead, we have moved into the times of clearance (Ascension of Earth). In order to clear the mental and emotional baggage, many intuitive and spiritual teachers agree that the moment is ripe for us to “Deal With It”. Concerns about income , random killings, failing relationships , loss of trust for leaders and weather anomalies rank very high on this ‘To Clear’ list. However the clearance is not about the removal of the events per se. Instead it has more to do with clearing repetitive pattern of our thoughts and beliefs.

Lee Harris, an intuitive coach has this to say :-

“… if you catch yourself having lots and lots of thoughts, you can either stay in a thought cycle that could last hours and could keep you in a fairly low vibration, or you can catch it, see what’s happening and re-pattern both the thoughts and also work with the feeling in the body….

So for example, if fear was the feeling, you would say, ‘There is nothing to be afraid of. I do not need to be afraid. I release this fear.’ Whatever words feel right to you. The reason it’s important to verbalize something … is that through doing this, you reprogram the other words that are going round your head.”

Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of the bestselling Biology of Belief also advocates the re-programming of our sub-conscious minds. In addition, the late Franklin Roosevelt has said, “Men are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own minds.” When we acknowledge that we are truly spiritual beings having a human experience, we will remember that we have actually agreed to be born in this lifetime of major shifts. The experience of the current times allows us to learn far quicker than before. It is the springboard to our growth and the facilitator which will assist us, in our ascension to the next level of consciousness.

In the face of difficulties, I remind myself of the saying, “And This Too … Shall Pass.”

The Magnificence Within

Peace within,
Is the shield against external discordance.

Wisdom within,
Is the navigator of life’s journey.

Faith within,
Is the strength to soldier on.

Inside I find,
All the tools I ever need.

I understand-
Creating a life that I desire,
Starts from within.
Looking inward to find the resources,
To live in the outer world.

Hence I attach…
No blame to others,
For what I didn’t achieve.
And I give credit to myself,
For my personal accomplishments.

In doing so,
I acknowledge myself…
As an artist,
Who illustrates my own destiny,
On this planet of free will,
In the moment of Now.

I honor the divinity in me,
As I honor the same in others.
All is … as it should be.
And so it is.

The Greatest Achievement

“The greatest investment one can ever make is the investment into humanity, for an achievement based on positive influence into people’s life can stand the test of time, survive through the mortality of men and resound endlessly through posterity.”

― Uzoma Ezeson, author & poet.

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