Ego – The Human Variable

Human Judgment…. When I contemplate about human behaviors, that’s probably what all of us do. We judge people by what they say and do including how they look and their possessions. I wonder who hasn’t judged the other via their perception of the others. Over the years, I have learned a lot from the Masters, past and present. They helped made me aware that the aspect of Ego is embedded into us upon our Earthly incarnation. This Ego stays with us for life and at best, we can only keep it in check. As such, I realize I need to move away from assigning people permanent labels. I still discern people’s action or inaction and classify it as ‘bad’ , ‘good’, ‘appropriate’ or ‘inappropriate’ based upon my own values and belief system. However, thanks to the shared wisdom of the Masters, an inner voice now reminds me not to idolize a person just because majority of that person’s traits are likable (e.g. if the person has 8 out 10 habits that are admirable). Likewise, I shall not hate a person for life, just because most of that person’s attributes disgust me. In so doing, I find that I am capable of admiring the person when he/she does a good deed.

Since Ego is the Human Variable, this flexible method allows me to evaluate a person’s action on a moment to moment basis. Permanent labelling is discarded and in the process, I understand how the Masters can have the compassion to love the ‘horrible people’ for they knew that these people have their own redeeming qualities too. The soul behind every physical human is beautiful and all of us are family as we came from the same Source. Through free choice on planet Earth, and the introduction of the Ego, we create the living conditions and cultures that exist today. Self-awareness and discipline, I believe, are the qualities that can turn a disciple into a Master. Through channeled messages from the Other Side over our long span of human history, we have been told that we were Masters before. The introduction of the Ego is the challenge that is preventing us from cognizing. And that is why Earth is considered the most challenging planet in our Galaxy right now, by the spiritual beings living on the other side of the veil. They admonish us to go deep within to remember…who we truly are…and why we came. The appearance of 11:11 that many people see on their clocks/watches/receipts,etc is one of those promptings to get us to remember. And so… are we just Egos in a human body or are we something more? Truly blessed, are those who have awakened. Life then can be seen as purposeful and fair.

And so it is.

True Greatness

“Making others happy, through kindness of speech and sincerity of right advice, is a sign of true greatness.

To hurt another soul by sarcastic words, looks, or suggestions, is despicable.”

― the late Indian yogi, Paramahansa Yogananda.

The Story Behind Climate Change?

The weather pattern of Earth in recent years has caused havoc all around the world. Severe impact from typhoons, hurricanes as well as drought have made many people live in fear. All kinds of theory have been offered to explain the weather anomalies including the blaming on the masses for contributing to the perceived Global Warming through fossil fuel burning,etc.. Certain religious naysayers have even warned that God is angry with us and that we are heading towards doomsday. However a few metaphysicians as well researchers who actually study the history of Earth’s weather patterns , came to a totally different conclusion. Their conclusion is that our weather is cyclical by nature and our world goes through processes of warming and cooling. Shorter cycles are the noticeable yearly 4-season cycle. What we have entered now is part of a larger cycle and as such, will last for many years.

Lee Carroll, who has been channeling messages from the Other Side, brought forth an angelic warning more than two decades ago – humans should watch out for a shift in global weather pattern. He advised people staying on the coastlines to build their houses on stilts because of impending flooding and rising of sea level. Also we were told that those places where crops were grown will become barren one day, whilst those areas not suitable for farming presently, would in the future, be fertile. He added that Earth/Gaia goes through ‘Ice to Water’ (warming) and ‘Water to Ice’ (cooling) cycles and our planet has gone through many Ice Ages before. Apparently we are now in the former period of time where polar caps start to melt and a redistribution of water takes place. This redistribution of weight causes the cracking of the soft mantle of the planet which then leads to Earthquakes. The angelic (Kryon) message insists that human beings are not responsible for the perceived Global Warming but instead are the ones who expedited these cycles through a change in humanity’s vibrations. We are told that Mother Earth/Gaia responds to human consciousness. It seems the indigenous people are more cognizant of human’s close relationship to Earth than the majority of us -the modern thinking people! That explains why the indigenous people honor Gaia in their ceremonies whereas most people take Mother Nature for granted.

Slowly we are moving into the phase called Global Cooling which would then lead us to a mini Ice Age in the distant future. Incidentally, independent groups of researchers in their own analysis also came to the same conclusion – that Global Cooling is taking place and a new Ice Age is forthcoming. In addition, Lee Carroll’s messages explained that the shift in human’s consciousness has invalidated the Armageddon prophecy of Nostradamus i.e. there would not be Doomsday. True enough, the much dreaded/speculated catalysmic Year 2012 has come and gone and our population has remained intact. Instead, the opposite scenario is at hand…Earth is ascending in vibrations hence the term “Ascension” is used very often these days by spiritual people to describe our present times. The advancement of the weather cycle isn’t just the only thing that is noticeable. Do you have this feeling that time has speeded up? All my family members and friends (including those not spiritual) answered ‘Yes’ when I posed them that question. As we are truly multi-dimensional beings and not just corporeal ones, we do indeed sense shifts in vibrations around us. It has also been said- Time is not linear. Instead it is in a circle. Some of our scientists are now even talking about time fractals and Astrologers are most aware of the cycles of our galaxy. Through our collective shift in consciousness, we have changed our personal vibrations and that of Earth itself. That is the power of divinity within.

And so it is.

The Need To Believe In Self

All that we can be starts from our personal belief,
Because DNAs respond to our consciousness.

That has always been the teaching of the Masters from the past.
We were reminded that what they could do, so could we.
And it commences with self-belief.

To doubt is Human,
To know , Divine.
And to remember …
Is the key..
To self-mastery.