Voice Of Spirit

“Hearing the Voice of Spirit or Hearing the Voice of God…. of course, is a metaphor. People who tune in spiritually don’t normally hear a voice from the sky. Hearing the voice of Spirit is a metaphor for being tuned in to the intuition from your own Higher-Self. The Higher-Self is that spiritual part of you that connects with your eternal soul. It is what most seekers strive to connect with and it gives you help with your own life, and in that, helps the planet.

The reason this intuition is so hard to hear or discern is that there’s a low, constant drone, you might say, which is a metaphor for a noise or rumble that seems to obfuscate, or cover up, the message. It’s like trying to hear something while there is a constant noise. It’s the best metaphor we can give of how massive darkness can cover light. But the noise level of this drone is starting to decrease. So, what happens when you get a better, clearer message? You change; the world changes; those around you also hear better and even those who don’t want to hear it will still know there is something different happening.

Again, this hearing is a metaphor. The meaning is really discerning the intuition of what has integrity or not, what’s going on with your own life, and the ability to enhance the feeling of coming potentials. All of that is hearing the voice of Spirit. It’s the Human Being starting to “grow up” and have a higher consciousness.”

– an excerpt of a divine message (Kryon) channeled by Lee Carroll.

Powerful Within

“Human potential is the same for all. Your feeling, “I am of no value”, is wrong. Absolutely wrong. You are deceiving yourself. We all have the power of thought – so what are you lacking? If you have willpower, then you can change anything.”

– Dalai Lama

Being Balanced


In my reiki healing work, I find that most of my clients have an imbalance in their masculine and feminine energies. Contrary to popular belief, males don’t just possess masculinity and the feminine quality doesn’t just exist in females. At the core of our being, we are actually souls … having a physical experience. Each has both masculine and feminine aspects and neither is more important than the other.

From my contact with Archangel Michael, I discovered a lot of cases whereby the masculine aspect is stronger than the feminine. That applies to both genders. Too much masculine energy results in people overemphasizing on trying to control situations or forcing their way through in life. They are also quick to offer advice or criticize but bad at listening or receiving guidance. Being too masculine cause them to be too logical and less intuitive. Sometimes , to obtain the best solution to our problems in life, it is better to be more feminine or feel with our heart. E.g. What does our heart say? How do we feel about certain matters? Sadly, many people choose to ignore or suppress their feelings and prefer to think their way through. It has been said, our brain is just a processor of information and it doesn’t have all the answers. Therefore, by letting go of the need of doing something or overanalyzing, we can ‘be’ in the present. In the state of being and allowing (which is the feminine aspect), we become more receptive to our intuitive thoughts.

When I asked Archangel Michael to scan Donald Trump, I was informed that his solar plexus chakra and his throat chakra were overactive. This is a sign of too much masculine energy. The solar plexus chakra is our energy vortice that represents self-worth, confidence and personal power whereas the throat chakra represents self-expression. Unsurprisingly, Mr. Trump appears to think too highly of himself and speaks very boldly. I suppose that is why many people voted for him to be the President of USA because he appears to be super confident and a ‘doer’ (a man of action). Whether or not he lives up to the expectation remains to be seen. But by being too masculine, he has also frightened a lot of people around the world. The feminine aspect of compassion that seems to be lacking in him has made certain people feel that they will be marginalized under his rule. And this brings me back to my point that many people tend to have a skewed ratio of masculine/feminine energies.

Over the years, we have seen many books/teachings appear about the power of ‘living in the now’ and the meaning of ‘Oneness’. Perhaps, instead of just thinking or trying to do something, we might attempt to look within and see if there is an imbalance within ourselves. When we are balanced within, i.e. confident yet compassionate, we start to allow and go with the flow of life. Our resentment of worldwide problems start to dissolve and our stress level goes down. No longer do we fret over the future or lament what has transpired, as our energy is not scattered in multiple diections. Instead, ALL focus is in being in the present moment. It is then we realize, all the happiness and peace that we seek, is actually found within our balanced state of being.

And so it is.

How To Compete

“Competition should not be about winning at all cost to the extent of degenerating others who lost.

Instead it should act as a template for others to improve themselves.”

The Awakening

“We come to you today to talk about an important subject. It is the understanding of your true power and the changing of your perception. We understand that this process has been difficult and many of you have toiled on for years. What you must know deep within your being is that there is no longer anything holding you back from achieving the peace within yourself that you so desperately crave. It is you who must now change all that you have come to know and believe.

The awakening process is not an easy one as each of you have had to come to the realization that life was not what it seemed. It is as if you have come out of a fog to realize that all is not what you believed. You looked around at your world and mourned for the people, the animals, and the earth. You were shocked to discover that mankind has gone so far out of balance that money controls all. You were shocked to learn that your food, air and water have been tampered with by the very people that you believed would protect you. You have mourned and raged and even become fearful. You desperately have wanted change and often feel mislead because you are unable to see the change reflected in the outer world. It has left you feeling helpless and miserable. These emotions are part of the process, but ones that must be left behind now.

It is time for each of you to reclaim your sovereignty, your power, your creation. Each of you are able to hold more light than you ever have before. This is an important distinction because this light from source that illuminates your being is your power. Understand that this light from source is your soul. You are not separate from source, you never have been and it was only the illusion that led you to believe so. This illusion has served you well, your soul was able to participate in learning that cannot be achieved anywhere else in the multiverse. Many of you have spent countless lifetimes on earth submerged in the veil of forgetfulness, exploring all the aspects of duality and all of what you are and what you are not. You have learned well from these experiences. That time has now come to an end, it is now time to come back home within yourself.”

– Message from Kwan Yin (Goddess of Mercy) as channeled by Jenny Schiltz.

The Gift Within

Everyone is unique,
And our uniqueness is our gift…
Our contribution to humanity
In our Earth’s journey.

Our presence
Is our present
To life right now.

Everyone is precious &
Every heart is a gem
From the creative Source.

Each has the ability,
To heal all situations with the power of Love &
The Light of knowledge
To dissolve all forms of fear and ignorance.

As such,
Our uniqueness,
Is the ray of hope,
For this world …. and beyond.

Free To Create!

To my knowledge,
Guilt holds us back.
It suppresses our expression,
And locks us in our self-imposed prison.

On the other hand,
Forgiveness of self,
Is the ‘Get Out Of Jail’ card,
That gifts us freedom,
To express freely again &
To be the creator,
Of our life’s experiences and more.

And I believe,
We didn’t just come to Earth
To be bystanders or observers.
It has been described “We are made in the image of the Creator”.
Therefore I strongly feel,
We carry powerful creative DNAs,
Empowering us the ability,
To create the many experiences in Life.

And life is for us to live without limits.
How high we can jump depends on …
How few limitations we create for ourselves.

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