Dead But Not Gone

People who have lost loved ones, may not be able to get over their grief so easily, for various reasons. Some wonder where these souls are or if they even still exist. Because, majority of the world’s populations are not clairvoyants, they don’t see the souls of the departed, even if they are standing right in front of them. World renowned clairvoyant, Doreen Virtue who can see and communicate with departed souls, as well as archangels, have said that it is possible for such souls to end up as people’s guardians or spirit guides.

Personally, I don’t doubt Doreen’s claim. As a reiki practitioner, interesting things do happen during my healing sessions. In one particular case, when I invoked a reiki symbol (i.e. activating a certain type of energy) to connect my client with her divine guide, my client almost immediately saw a flash of light, despite her eyes being closed at that time. In my contact with Archangel Michael, I was told that the lady’s guide has appeared and it is the soul of her deceased brother! When our session ended, my client then confided in me that on a few occasions, she actually sensed the presence of her departed brother, though she didn’t really see him as a live apparition. Her revelation indeed helped validate my angelic communication.

I opine that we as humans, are never alone as I believe we do have divine or heavenly guides around us. Often, we are told that there are many benefits in taking up meditation. While meditating, we indirectly cast aside our ‘mental blocks’ so that we can receive intuitive messages from our spirit guides. For certain people, they can even see their guides with their 3rd eye, during meditations. So, our invisible dimensions are not so empty as they seem. In our death, we merely shed our physical bodies to transition to the vibrations of the unseen dimensions. In that sense, we are eternal spiritual beings and don’t really die.

It Begins With Me

“Much there is in this world, that I am not happy with.

But then I realize I can’t use force to change it.

And that the only person I am qualified to change…

Is myself.

Since science has proven that for every action, there is a corresponding reaction,

I decided to change myself first.

And in the process, I drew a different reaction from others.

I avoided the stupidity of using the same approach but expecting a different outcome.

In the end, I noticed that people around me have changed for the better…

All because I decided to change myself.”