Selfies – A Sign Of The Times

Have you ever wondered why so many people are taking ‘selfies’ (i.e. taking photos of oneself) these days? Is it just a fad or is there a higher explanation for this? From an Astrological point of view, experts who are adept in this field of study inform us that we have now moved into the Age of Aquarius. This new age carries with it the energy that propagates self-empowerment. In other words, the self-worth of people is being increased and people start to acknowledge the beauty in themselves. Taking selfies may seem narcissistic to some but if we were to ask the people who actually take them, they would say it’s something that is fun and spontaneous i.e. not because ego issues. The energy of self-empowerment is also the cause of the toppling of dictatorships around the world, through public demonstrations. The awakening of the masses is a clear sign that ordinary individuals have attained new found courage to rise and stand up for their rights. Gifted people who channel divine information from the Other Side have described these times as ‘The Great Shift in Human Consciousness’.

The preceding astrological cycle – Piscean Age, was a contrast of this current age. In the Age of Pisces, humanity was living in a paradigm that required leaders to guide them, be they leaders of nations, corporations or religion. However this new age is creating self-leadership in everyone. It is also an aptly time for people acknowledge the divinity within themselves – and to understand that they are powerful co-creators of the world’s reality. A couple of years ago, a clairvoyant gave me a profound reading. She literally passed information to me, from spiritual beings living in the invisible dimension. It was indeed an uplifting message and it ended with a powerful phrase – “All that you need lies within.” This statement, I believe also rings true for every human being. We ought to remember that we were not born as victims of life. Although karma is real, the shift in the energy of the planet is creating positive potentials that we’ve never experienced for a long time. As such, through self-empowerment, even the most challenging past life karma could be neutralized.

So, instead of being stuck in my previous mentality by saying –
… I can’t… I’m unable… I won’t ,
I now choose to adopt a different stance by affirming –


And so it is.

Minding Our Character

“Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.”

– wisdom from the late inspiring basketball coach, John Wooden.