Finding Love In Life

“The heart is an incredible instrument–it can grow to find love even when we think it’s empty.

Taking chances on the Earth is what our journey is all about, and if we allow ourselves to enjoy the good while understanding and accepting the bad, we’ll find that love beats out fear every time.”

– a quote about Life on Earth by renowned medium, George Anderson

Spirituality – Balancing of Energies

The Ascension process on Earth is gaining momentum every day.

Much Divine information has already been disseminated to our environment via the electro-magnetic field of the planet which in turn induces the magnetics of our multi-dimensional DNAs.

One of the core messages delivered is the balancing of the predominant Masculine energy (e.g. Dictatorial and Authoritative traits) with Feminine energy (e.g. Consultative and Compassionate traits). As such, there have been many firsts in recent times.

In 2010, Australia elected their fist ever female Prime Minister. In the beginning of 2011, Brazilians voted in their first female President. Months later, history was again created when Thailand received their first female Prime Minister. In October 2011, the first female President of Argentina won by a landslide victory and again made history by her re-election into power.

The balancing of the Yang with Yin energies is an integral process of the Great Shift in human consciousness.

It announces the emergence of equality in spirit i.e. Spirituality at it’s highest level of non-discrimination!

Spirits Pretending To Be Human Beings

Time and again, Divine entities residing on the Other Side laugh at us for failing to discern our true nature.

All along we think we are just mere mortals walking on a solitary winding path called Life.

Much have been revealed about our origins in the past and such reminders have been delivered in religions, meditations, psychic readings and past life hypnotic regressions.

Therefore the pertinent question is … ‘ When will we listen?’

Everyone who walks the surface of Earth is an actor, playing out his role as agreed upon prior to incarnation.

More often than not, people do not remember. Yet there are others who choose not to remember.

Those who love the three dimensional world including its material trappings and human drama are the ones who excel in pretending to be human beings.

However, those who feel that there is more to life than just surviving are taking their first step in remembering.

Nevertheless, the ‘awakened’ and the ‘sleepwalkers’ are never judged as each person’s free will is honored by the Divine.

As time moves closer to 2012, the veil of forgetfulness thins out.

Great opportunities arise for us to look beyond.

The Game that we have been playing for so long is finally yielding a new paradigm.

One which speaks of Unity …. in consciousness of the outer and inner worlds.

A remembrance to help us replicate our Home …. on this planet.

Interesting times, these are.

Power of Perspective

Our reality is shaped by our perspective.

As every individual may have his own perspective,

Life as such means different things to different people.

A person could be lonely despite living in a city of millions.

An individual could also be joyful in the company of a few.

Thus there are multiple realities existing in the very same world .

But such realities are truly illusions … of the mind.

For our thoughts are the precursor to realities manifested in the world.

Hence the world changes when we shift our perspective in life.

The greatest teacher understands…

The shortest path to contentment and happiness is seeing life differently.

Judging not imperfection as a flaw of the Divine but as a perfect seed for growth…

Of the Soul , who has the freedom of choice.


Few people who live in fast paced societies remember that Joy is their birthright.

Even fewer remember that they do NOT need to work insanely hard to find this ‘elusive’ wonderful feeling.

Though many teachers have come and left the Earth plane after sharing their secret to Joyous living, not many are living this path.

So the question is not whether such a way of life has been revealed, but rather who will actually listen!

Joy comes from the heart – the seat of the Soul.

It is a high resonance of emotion which requires no justification.

All it takes is a shift – an inner shift of thought that reminds us that we truly deserve Joy and can move into it effortlessly.

No matter how the world is faring, Joy is always attainable for it is a state of ‘being’ and not of ‘doing’.

BE joyful!

The Present

Thoughts of tomorrow ,
Worry the present Self.

Letting go fixation,
Grants us a vacation,
From the burden of worry.

Seemingly so,
Our minds wander,
Our hearts desire,
A future called Tomorrow,
Hopefully free from sorrow.

But alas,
We know,
The only freedom,
Actually comes before tomorrow.
Our present is truly …. our present,
The gift of now!

A Message From Beyond

Here is a reminder from the Divine entities residing in the other realm, for humanity ~

“There is so much that is taking place, dear ones. We wish that we could tell you about all the pieces that are happening. We wish we could tell you exactly what it will be like when you step into 2013, 2014 and 2015, but the truth is that you have not yet decided your destiny. We are not creators that create your world and tell you about it. We are only reflecting what you have created, for you are the greatest teachers, healers and angels that have ever walked this planet. There is a collection of masters walking in physical bodies and most of you do not have a clue. It is about to be evident very quickly, and when it does own your mastery. There is a reason you were given those gifts. You have probably developed them many different lifetimes and worked very hard at them. When you discover them, you will all have a tendency to deny them and to think that it is someone else, not you. When you find that piece you are really good at, own it and make it yours uniquely. Own your mastery, for yours is needed now more than ever before.

It is with the greatest of honor that we leave you with three little reminders. Treat each other with the greatest respect. Nurture one another every chance you get and re-member that it is a beautiful game. Play well together.”

(Note: The above is an excerpt of a channeling via Mr. Steve Rother)

The Ride Of One’s Life!

There was once a bespectacled man named Pity Pete who lived on Lonely Lane.

For many years , he worked as a private investigator for the firm called Finding Fault.

His favorite eatery was a place called Depression Diner.

On one sunny day, a visiting Carnival opened its gate for business.

Pete was reluctant to go there, but his only friend Nudging Ned persuaded him to do so.

At the entrance, a lovely host by the name of Wonderful Wendy, welcomed Pity Pete.

She insisted that he try their famous Turnaround Roller-coaster.

While at the queue of the Roller-coaster ride, his body language suggested that he wanted to skip the ride.

Noticing Pete’s behavior, the on-duty Taunting TicketMaster, shouted at him “Too chicken for the ride, mister?”

That jibe and the thought of having paid the rather expensive ride, compelled Pete to have a go after all.

During the ride, Pity Pete screamed at the top of his voice as he shivered!

He literally saw his life flashed before his very eyes.

Very clearly he saw himself in his first job as a production worker at Fear Factory.

This was followed by his next occupation as a concierge at Heartbreak Hotel.

Incredibly, he even saw himself on his off-days cycling on his Raging Racer, wearing his favorite Temperamental T-shirt.

At some time during the fast paced ride, his spectacles fell off. He knew his glasses would not survive the fall.

When the roller-coaster stopped, Pity Pete got off, expecting his vision to be blurry especially without his glasses.

Much to his amazement, not only could he see clearly , he even noticed the vibrant colors of the Carnival-colors which did not seem to exist during his entrance!

As he turned his head, he saw smiling faces everywhere . Even a nearby little kid who was pestering his Dad to buy him an ice-cream seemed cute to him.

While making his way to the exit, Wonderful Wendy chased after him.

“Dear Sir, something just fell from your pocket. Here it is.”, said Wendy.

Holding the small object (which opened doors) in his palm, Pity Pete exclaimed “Oh my, this is what I have been searching for a very long time! I thought I had lost it for good.”

Inscribed on that small object were the words ” Key to Liberation”.

In his thoughts,Pity Pete told himself “Had I dug deep into my pocket, I would have found the key much earlier.”

From that day onwards, he shortened his name by dropping the word Pity, and was simply named Pete.

Leaving A Legacy Behind

A spirit’s life is eternal but that of a human body has an expiry date.

In a fast paced world, we lose ourselves so easily in the drama that plays out everyday – not knowing where the stream of life will take us.

In most cases, we allow the flow of the masses to chart our lives.

And in doing so, we give up our divine free will to express our true gifts and to manifest our dreams and our goals.

We lose sight of the power within. We dim the fire of our passion. We leave things to chance.

On the other hand, Successful people take charge of their lives.

Drawing courage from within is their mastery at work.

Facing challenges head-on despite the daunting odds and seeing past failures as lessons for improvement, become their philosophy in life.

A philosophy worth emulating.

And in the end, when our body is laid to rest… all that truly matters is how we have made a difference in the lives of others.

To leave this world in a better condition than when we came in…

Is to leave a legacy behind.

– (This post was written in honor of Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple co.)

Year 2011 -The energetic potentials

The numbers of each Year reveal the potentials behind it and Year 2011 carries the energies of ’11’ and ‘4’ (2+0+1+1).

The number 11 awakens the unconscious minds to the situation at hand and compels people to look at the underlying reasons for the occurrence of events. The great Tsunami on 11th March 2011 uncovers the danger of drawing energy from nuclear plants. Much free energy is available in Nature via sunlight, wind, tidal waves and heat energy from the ground. Lessons are very often disguised as disasters for these create the biggest impact on humanity. A wake -up call…so to speak. 9/11 too was a call…… one which spoke of peace not war. It was a call to the masses for reconciliation on a global basis. The energy of hate and dominance serve not humanity well. It is through understanding and acceptance that faith is build upon warring nations.

The number ‘4’ represents justice and Gaia ( Earth energy ). It is for this reason, many scandals and street demos are surfacing which eventually unseat unscrupulous leaders of nations, corporations and other groupings. Those who lack integrity find it hard to survive in the new paradigm which places importance on justice. Dictators fall one by one. In this year of Gaia, the Earth energy rejuvenates and expands. The water redistribution which is taking place on this planet is causing it to wobble. The inhabitants of Earth will have to make adjustments for the physical changes and some may need to relocate. Such an event does not imply retribution from the Divine forces. In the long history of Earth, such weather anomalies have taken place before. It is a cycle of nature… the in-breath and exhalation of Gaia.

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