Our Soul Mates

” Soul mates, like divine complementary mirrors, perfectly reflect your consciousness in every moment. Sometimes the reflection may express as the opposite polarity from the one that you are consciously experiencing, but what you perceive is still mirroring your energy , which is expressing throughout the same resonance….

Soul mates are not limited to sexually intimate relationships. They can be relatives, teachers, friends, and even enemies. Always they come into your life, and you into theirs , at the perfect time when your soul desires accelerated growth and healing of separation consciousness. Because there is so much love between you on a soul level, your souls agree before you incarnate that you will find one another and that you will play the most appropriate roles in your life’s drama. ”

– excerpt from the book ‘Anna, A Message of Wisdom & Love’ by Claire Heartsong.

To Be Brave Enough

” The truest form of bravery and courage is to wake up every single day … and to be ourselves.”

– quote from actress Shailene Woodley, whilst receiving a Teen Choice award.

Balancing Of Chaotic Times

“The news on TV is becoming increasingly distressing. Disasters and wars seem to be more prevalent than ever before. As we have written in our books, we believe that the earth is going through an immense transformation process as we struggle to find a balance between masculine and feminine energies on the planet.

When these energies are out of balance they become destructive. The effect is a culture which perpetuates the extreme aggressive—seemingly apocalyptic—events we are seeing play out on the world stage now. An overly male or macho energy causes a world out of balance with the natural stasis. The result is war and terrorism, sexual abuse, hate crimes and bullying. Tyrannical governments and corporations control and manipulate people to be dependent and powerless. Our children are raised watching horrifically violent movies and playing killer video games. Mass school shootings by teenage boys are on the rise.

In the new Aquarian age, our true power as humans will come from our efforts to bring more of a feminine, compassionate, creative energy to counterbalance the hard, resisting patriarchal consciousness that has dominated our world for so many centuries…

We have been programmed to think in a certain way…raised to honor and respect only the masculine expression of power in society—the sports heroes, the soldiers who fight and defend, living and dying by the sword, the male superheroes of Marvel comics who fight the forces of evil. We have come to accept a warlike mentality as the new normal. Up until now, feminine qualities have been looked upon as ‘weak’ and dismissed as less important…less valuable. With our intention and prayer, this distorted paradigm can shift. But it will take time.

According to Shakti Gawain, author of Reflections in the Light, ‘as we are becoming aware of both male and female qualities within us, a deep sense of wholeness can emerge for each individual.’ In this new era, we are witnessing a reawakening of the ‘divine feminine’ power that has been suppressed for generations. As a result, we are shifting from a polarizing position of control, fear, and separation to a more compassionate, trusting, harmonious, and intuitive way of living that is more in alignment with who we really are.”

– psychic twins, Linda & Terry Jamison, authors of the best selling book, ‘Psychic Intelligence’.

The Enlightenment Discourse?

Master: And so… we begin the day with a different approach to our teachings in life.
Disciple: Oh wow. I’m lost for words!
Master: (Smiles) Interesting, it will be, dear one.
Disciple: What preparations do I need to make?
Master: Ha..ha.. None at all… In fact you are ready as you are.
Disciple: Really?
Master: Doubt not … and calm your mind. Spontaneity will be the topic of today. Tell me… what do you see?
Disciple: Er…I see your face.
Master: (With a grin) And how is my expression, dear one?
Disciple: One full of grace…
Master: Aah…and how do you feel?
Disciple: Very privileged, actually.
Master: Do you see this in yourself?
Disciple: Huh?! I am….not sure.
Master: Well..how would you like to see yourself?
Disciple: I would love to be a wise man like you, Master. As you know, I have given up a lot of my physical possessions, to be in this monastery to learn more about enlightenment.
Master: And how long have you been here?
Disciple: Well…I think it has been a year or so.
Master: (Frowns) The lesson is over…I have failed you.
Disciple: (Surprised) What do you mean? I don’t understand….
Master: After all my teachings, your self-doubt still permeates. (Sighs) You can’t even see the grace in yourself that you see so clearly in me.
Disciple: I’m so sorry…I’m so sorry.
Master: Don’t be…for the apology should be due from me to you, dear one. Even after a year of teachings, I have failed to instil a sense of self worth within you. Enlightenment means seeing clearly the divinity & magnificence in oneself …and understanding that salvation that one seeks is within all along. The role of the Master is just to be the catalyst, for a true Master is not someone who has the most number of disciples but…one who can help create the most number of Masters.
Disciple: Oh no… I feel so bad.
Masters: That may be…still you are reminded to pay your fees for this month!
Disciple: (Shocked)Huh….what?!… I thought….
Master: Ha..ha.. you should see the surprised look on your face! Dear one, the path to Mastery involves humor as well. At present, you take your life far too seriously … A true Master will not avoid mistakes at all cost but instead will laugh at oneself for not seeing the solution earlier, and vow to do better. Mastery is progression. The belief in onself and the will to progress with grace is the key, dear one.
Disciple: Oh..wow. I just felt I have learnt so much more today than I ever did over the past year, Master! Thank you! Thank you!
Master: No…thank you. It was your spontaneous reaction that finally helped me see what you truly needed. In so doing, the final chapter of our discourse was revealed. Ha..ha…The lesson….. is indeed over, dear one.