The Right Perspective Of ‘Wrong’ ?

“Things don’t go wrong and break your heart so you can become bitter and give up.”

“They happen to break you down and build you up so you can be all that you were intended to be.”

– Charlie Jones

The Many Reasons For Our Lives

Past-life regressions via hypnosis have uncovered many reasons for the way people live their lives. Truly, all the revelations shared by different hypnotherapists from around the world, including world famous Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Michael Newton and Dolores Cannon indicate that our life paths are not accidental. Indeed, there are benevolent reasons for us being here in this life time, and these include karma, soul lessons and divine objectives.

For example, even within the same group of people called ‘the disabled’ or ‘the disadvantaged’ , different reasons may underpin their incarnation. People who have a shallow knowledge of reincarnation and karma, might quickly attribute present disabilities to ‘bad karma’ of one’s past life. Though this is not an invalid reason, past-life regressions have shown that it is just one of many possible explanations.

Some souls do not necessarily come into the world to ‘repay their karmic debt’. Instead, they could be souls who had agreed to have these disabilities to evoke a sense of compassion from the masses. In other words, they help create opportunities for an outpouring of love from others.

In other cases, souls may have planned their disabilities to prevent them from falling back to their past aggressive traits of their previous incarnations. These are the ones who were involved in battles in many of their past lives. With such disabilities, they would be prevented from joining armed forces to engage in battles, in their present lives.

Yet another scenario could be this- some disabled people maybe courageous and determined souls who would eventually attain great success against all odds. Their mission in life is to inspire other similar people to move away from self-pity and be independent. As such, they are the great teachers of self-empowerment.

Hence, there is always a higher purpose for our existence. Though world events may display chaos, it does not imply there is an absence of a divine plan. As such, we have been reminded time and again by the wise ones not to be quick to judge. Through playing our roles on Earth, life lessons are learnt , experiences are had, and in that process, the energy of this planet itself, is changed.

And blessed are those who remember.

Guidance For Life

“Just as treasures are uncovered from the earth, so virtue appears from good deeds,
and wisdom appears from a pure and peaceful mind.”

“To walk safely through the maze of human life, one needs the light of wisdom,
and the guidance of virtue.”

– The enlightened one, Buddha.

Scriptwriter … I AM.

Today is as good as any other day,
To rewrite my life story in a wonderful way.
And so I choose the following script which says…

“I hold kind thoughts about myself and open my compassionate heart to others.

I claim my own individuality and respect the uniqueness of others.

I feel grateful for all that I have received and I look forward to future blessings.

I rejoice in the success of others in the same fashion as I celebrate my victories.

I accept that there are many paths to Home, and mine is one of them.

I cherish peace so I practice peaceful resolutions.

I value life as I value love.

I am indeed a powerful creator as my thoughts are my own creations.

And destiny is my final product.

In the end,

I AM that I AM … and always will be.”

Our Life Purpose

“The angels remind you that every situation or person is placed upon your path with a purpose. It may strengthen you, offer you an opportunity to resolve or forgive the past, release old patterns, or for enjoyment.

Your life purpose is ultimately to do that which brings joy, satisfaction and fulfillment. Seeking these soul qualities will place you on the path of your destiny. Once on your life path, allow nothing and no one to deflect you from your mission.”

– An excerpt of a message from Diana Cooper’s Angels of Light Cards , about our life purpose.

Significance Of Venus Transit

A rare event called the Venus Transit has been calculated to arrive in June 2012. From Earth’s vantage point, it represents the passing of the planet Venus in front of the Sun, creating an alignment of the three. The last Venus Transit took place eight years ago ( i.e. 2004) but the Transit after 2012 will only appear more than 100 years from now. In mythology, the name Venus is associated with a Roman Goddess. In current times, there has been consistent information channeled from the Other Side explaining the event’s significance.

The Transit is supposed to deliver divine ‘Feminine’ energy to humanity. However, this energy should not be confused with gender as it actually represents the quality of love, compassion and beauty. For a very long time, the prevalent energy on the planet has been masculine i.e. traits of aggression, brute strength and domination. The infusion of feminine energy helps to rebalance the abundance of masculine energy on the planet. Truly, Earth has been seeing this adjustment take place over the recent years, where old authoritative ways have been slowly giving way to the new consultative approaches in many aspects of life, especially in the governance of countries.

A great number of diplomatic females have already assumed the top posts of governments and corporations alike, bringing about a more peaceful way of resolving issues. Existing male leaders are also beginning to adopt a softer stance in their communication with the masses. Thus, seeds of cooperation are being planted in the many levels of society leading to a great shift in the human consciousness. Nevertheless , they are still those who are hanging on to the old ways of manipulation and deceit, to maintain their power. These are the ones who will fight till the end to ensure status quo. As such, the transition in political, economical and social norms will be challenging- something akin to taking two steps forward and one step backward. To expedite the positive shift, sources of metaphysics have advised us to look no further than within – the divine wisdom, to guide our daily thoughts, words and deeds. Out of that collective effort, comes the birth of a new reality – one which speaks of peace and equality. It’s a new journey which humanity has taken ages to embark upon- the ascension of a new way of life.

And so it is.