The Way Of The Master

“Each of you has the ability to contribute something personal and unique to the Divine Blueprint now being designed for the future of humanity and the Earth. You have been given an extraordinary gift by the Creator, the unprecedented privilege of participating in the creation of your own destiny…. You are multi-faceted and have consciousness on many more levels than you can comprehend at this time. You are an Immortal Soul with a mortal mind and body. You are in a process of Soul expansion and Light infusion.

It is time for each of you to step to the fore, take a stand and be heard. Begin where you are, at your highest level of understanding, seeing through eyes filtered by love, feeling with a heart filled with compassion and functioning with a mind that is not clouded by guilt, fear or judgment. That is the way you will find your truth, beloved ones. That is the way that your world and reality will be filled to overflowing with love, joy and abundance. That is the way of the master, the way of truth, the way back Home.”

– The above is an excerpt of Archangel Michael’s message for humanity, as channeled by Ronna Herman.

Love & Laughter

“All you need in the world is love and laughter.

That’s all anybody needs.

To have love in one hand and laughter in the other.”

– August Wilson, an American Playwright.

A Glimmer Of Hope

Saw a glimmer of hope,
Passing my view,
In the midst of a busy street.
It had beautiful hues of blue,
Like the great blue sky.

As I pondered its meaning,
A soft and kind voice uttered,
‘Have you loved yourself lately?’
Strange that it spoke,
But familiar was the tone.
And it continued..

‘You love gazing beautiful sights..
and we love you for that.’
‘You have walked far and ..
have learnt much.’
‘You have looked everywhere for hope,
wishing to touch the sky.’
‘But we can see it in your eyes,
the many sparks of love,
which emanate from within.’
‘The long winter of life,
has seen snow covering your tracks.’

‘Have you lost your way, dear one?’,it asked.
‘Many times before’, I replied in my mind.
‘When you reflect upon your life,
see all the good you have shared.’
‘When you acknowledge this,
the snow will start to melt..
and show the amazing paths,
your benevolent soul has paved for others.’
‘When you touch people’s lives,
you are touching the sky.’
‘You are drawing Heavenly love,
from above to the plane on Earth.’

So comforting was the message,
That my heart glowed with warmth.
‘Was the voice real?’, I asked.
Silence was the answer.
When I looked at the busy streets once more,
I saw not lifeless ones,
But instead…beautiful angels in disguise.
Each reflecting the light of beauty,
In their own special way.

And so I continued my walk,
On the streets of Life,
But with a difference.
This time …
With my head held high,
Knowing that others and I,
Are really on the same side,
Keeping the flame of love…

Affirmation For Happiness

“I accept all aspects of myself and through this I acknowledge myself in totality. I see myself as a unique and special person who deserves happiness. I will not continually castigate myself for what I haven’t done but congratulate myself for what I have achieved. I know that as I work at being happier within myself so I make those around me happier too.”

– A daily affirmation as suggested by a gifted healer and author, Anne Jones.

Avoiding Double Injury

In the many days of our lives,
We are bound to be hurt by others.
Hurt by their action, hurt by their stinging words.
Deep can be the injury.
Bitter our hearts can turn.
But all the wise teachers and the compassionate gurus,
Have taught us to avoid subjecting ourselves,
To the second round of hurt.
Hurt that comes from our holding onto hatred-
Propagating a destructive energy,
Eating into our soul.

We know the Past cannot be changed.
So past events cannot be reversed.
But we also know,
The future is yet to be determined.
Healing comes from self,
By wanting to move on,
And dropping the drama.

To love self enough,
Is to present self with a better picture,
Of a healthier body and mind.
Detachment is the key ingredient of the cure-
The wonderful medicine of a healing heart.
Everyone deserves a second chance in life,
But unnecessary is the second round of hurt.

And so…
Be healed, dear ones.
It is done.

The Avengers’ Interview (..almost)

In conjunction with the frenzy surrounding Marvel’s The Avengers movie, my hyper brain cells drifted me into an illusion of what seemed like a very real interview with the heroes:-

Me: I can’t help but notice that you, The Hulk, seems to be very composed in this interview.
Hulk : Uh huh. Hulk is now attending meditation classes. Nick Fury recommended a great teacher. But fees are steep!
Me : So, how could you afford to pay? Are you working now?
Hulk : Hulk helps to renovate teacher’s spiritual center in return. Hulk smashes down existing walls for expansion. Hulk likes the job and may go into demolition business soon.
Me : Ok….. Guess you found your niche market. Good for you! So, Captain America, what do you do during your spare time?
Captain : I don’t have much spare time. I’m constantly asked to give talks on patriotism. But when I do have a break, I take the opportunity to polish my shield. It’s taken quite a bashing in the filming of the Avengers movie.
Me : Hey, Iron Man, what’s the greatest moment being in your suit?
Iron Man : Oh, that must be when I’m blasting up the skies,penetrating the clouds! Up there, I feel like an Ascended Master!
Me : And what’s the worst moment?
Iron Man : Er… That would be when I’m up there but realize I hadn’t recharged my suit fully the night before. Man, when my juice runs out, it’s free falling!
Me : Ouch…! That must hurt! As for you, Thor, how have you been spending your free time on Earth?
Thor : Oh, I just love checking out the New Age section of the many bookstores here. Occasionally, customers would walk up to me and ask questions about the Gods and heavenly realms. So, I would just hammer the message that despite differences, we are One.
Me : Aah… so kind of you to do that! Last but not least, is there anything you would like to say, Nick Fury?
Nick : Yes, all information revealed just now is classified confidential. So, I am afraid I will have to confiscate your digital recorder! Ideally, I should also be erasing your memory.
Me : What?! Like what the Men In Black do with their flash thingy?
Nick : Exactly! But damn, they patented the device first , so if I were to use that technology, they would sue the pants off the S.H.I.E.L.D organization! So, consider yourself lucky.

Wisdom Of John Lennon

“There are two basic motivating forces: fear and love. When we are afraid, we pull back from life. When we are in love, we open to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement, and acceptance. We need to learn to love ourselves first, in all our glory and our imperfections. If we cannot love ourselves, we cannot fully open to our ability to love others or our potential to create. Evolution and all hopes for a better world rest in the fearlessness and open-hearted vision of people who embrace life.”

― John Lennon (of the legendary band, The Beatles)